Wrestler: Paul Roma
Real Name: Paul Centopani
Birthday: April 29
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Previous Gimmicks: Glory
"Pretty" Paul Roma
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves: Top Rope Elbow Drop
Notable Feuds: Hart Foundation
Jim Powers
Too Cold Scorpio
Marcus Bagwell
The Patriot

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  • WCW World Tag Team titles w/Arn Anderson defeating Steve Austin & Steven Regal (August 18, 1993);
  • WCW World Tag Team titles w/Paul Orndorff defeating Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan (July 17, 1994);
  • WCW World Tag Team titles w/Paul Orndorff defeating Marcus Bagwell & The Patriot (October 23, 1994);

  • World Wrestling Federation:
  • Paul Roma was initially a run-of-the-mill jobber-to-the-stars week-after-week..

    World Wrestling Federation - The Young Stallions:
  • Paul Roma was paired with fellow jobber Jim Powers as "The Young Stallions" in the WWF..
  • The Young Stallions finally got their first win as a team against Kamala and Sika via count out..
  • ~~~But after the match, Kamala ended up doing a top rope splash to both Paul Roma and Jim Powers..
  • The Young Stallions used the song "Crank It Up" by Jimmy Hart for their entrance music..
  • October 3, 1987 - SNME: The Young Stallions defeated WWF Tag Team champions, the Hart Foundation, in a non-title match!
  • November 26, 1987 - Survivor Series: The Young Stallions were survivors along with the Killer Bees in their match..
  • ~~~Team #1: The British Bulldogs, The Rougeau Brothers, The Young Stallions, The Killer Bees and Strike Force..
  • ~~~Team #2: Demolition, The Hart Foundation, The Bolshiviks, The Islanders, The Dream Team II..
  • ~~~Jimmy Hart claimed they stole it from him, since he had plans to let the Hart Foundation use it as THEIR entrance..
  • January 24, 1988 - Royal Rumble: The Islanders (Haku & Tama) defeated The Young Stallions in 2 straight falls..
  • March 27, 1988 - Wrestlemania 4: Paul Roma & Jim Powers both participated in the 20-Man Invitational Battle Royal..
  • November 24, 1988 - Survivor Series: The Powers of Pain Team defeated The Demolition Team in a Survivor Series match..
  • ~~~Team #1: The Powers of Pain, The Young Stallions, The Rockers, The British Bulldogs, The Hart Foundation..
  • ~~~Team #2: Demolition, The Brain Busters, The Bolshiviks, The Rougeau Brothers, The Conquitadors..
  • November 26, 1988 - SNME: The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (Jacques & Raymond) defeated The Young Stallions..
  • Late 1988: The Young Stallions started having problems after being defeated by Demolition..
  • The Young Stallions eventually split up, briefly feuded, Jim Powers went back to jobbing, and Paul Roma turned heel..

    World Wrestling Federation - Power & Glory:
  • August 1990: Dino Bravo defeated Paul Roma (After the match: The Rockers came down and tried to console Paul Roma)..
  • ~~~Paul Roma started shoving the Rockers away, Hercules Hernandez ran down and got between Roma and the Rosters..
  • ~~~Hercules punched out Marty Jannetty and Paul Roma punched out Shawn Michaels and they had a brief brawl..
  • Paul Roma formed a heel tag team with Hercules as "Power & Glory", managed by Slick in the WWF..
  • August 27, 1990 - Summerslam: Power & Glory w/Slick defeated The Rockers (Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels)..
  • November 22, 1990 - Survivor Series: Rick Martel/Warlord/Hercules/Roma defeated Roberts/Snuka/Michaels/Jannetty..
  • March 24, 1991 - Wrestlemania 7: The Legion of Doom defeated Power & Glory in 59 seconds..
  • August 26, 1991 - Summerslam: British Bulldog & Kerry von Erich & Ricky Steamboat beat Warlord & Hercules & Paul Roma w/Slick..
  • October 3, 1991 - Royal Albert Hall: The Legion of Doom defeated Power & Glory to retain the Tag Team titles..

    Short Boxing Career:
  • March of 1992: Paul Roma's first, and possibly only, BOXING fight ended in a 4th Round TKO loss to Jerry Arentzen..

    World Championship Wrestling - The Unlikely Horsemen:
  • Paul Roma was a member of the Four Horsemen for a short time in World Championship Wrestling..
  • August 18, 1993 - The Clash: Arn Anderson & Paul Roma defeated Steve Austin & Steven Regal to win the Tag Team titles!
  • September 19, 1993: The Nasty Boys defeated Arn Anderson & Paul Roma to capture the Tag Team titles..

    World Championship Wrestling - Pretty Wonderful:
  • Paul Roma formed a successful tag team with Paul Orndorff known as Pretty Wonderful in WCW..
  • Late 1993 - WCW Saturday Night: Paul Orndorff & Steve Austin defeated Arn Anderson & Paul Roma..
  • ~~~Roma then adopted Erik Watts as a partner to do battle against Paul Orndorff and Steve Austin..
  • ~~~This time, Roma blatantly turned against Watts and announced a new partnership -- with Paul Orndorff!
  • ~~~ "Pretty" Paul Roma & Paul "Mr Wonderful" Orndorff became known as "Pretty Wonderful", managed by the Assassin..
  • December 27, 1993 - Starrcade: Pretty Wonderful w/The Assassin defeated Marcus Bagwell & Too Cold Scorpio..
  • January 27, 1994 - The Clash: Marcus Bagwell & Too Cold Scorpio defeated Pretty Wonderful w/The Assassin..

    World Championship Wrestling - Pretty Wonderful II:
  • May 1994: Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma reunited but without Assassin as their manager..
  • May 22, 1994 - Slamboree: Pretty Wonderful (Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma) defeated Brad & Brian Armstrong in a dark match..
  • Summer 1994: Pretty Wonderful attacked Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan (Tag Champs) using Dave Sullivan's crutch..
  • July 17, 1994 - Bash at the Beach: Pretty Wonderful defeated Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan to win the Tag Team titles!
  • August 28, 1994 - The Clash: The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags) defeated Pretty Wonderful in a Non Title match..
  • September 18, 1994 - Fall Brawl: Pretty Wonderful defeated Marcus Bagwell & The Patriot to retain the Tag Team titles..
  • September 25, 1994 - WCW: Marcus Bagwell & The Patriot defeated Pretty Wonderful to win the Tag Team titles...
  • October 23, 1994 - Halloween Havoc: Pretty Wonderful defeated Marcus Bagwell & The Patriot to recapture the Tag Team titles!
  • November 16, 1994 - The Clash: Marcus Bagwell & The Patriot defeated Pretty Wonderful to win the Tag Team titles..
  • ~~~The matched ended with two simultaneous pinfalls, but was match was awarded to Stars & Stripes..
  • February 19, 1995 - Superbrawl V: Alex Wright defeated Paul Roma..
  • ~~~Roma was fired from WCW after his performance in a match with Alex Wright..
  • ~~~Roma no-sold Wright's offense, mocked his dance and generally went out of his way to make Wright look bad..
  • ~~~Wright won with a flukey rollup, Roma kicked out of it, but the ref counted three anyway..

    In The Meantime:
  • Paul Roma was religated to the independant wrestling scene after that..
  • 1997: Rumors circulate that Paul & his brother Alex were trying to get into the WWF, but nothing ever happened..
  • 2006: Paul Roma resurfaced and was named the "commissioner" of Connecticut Championship Wrestling..
  • February 25, 2006--Conneticut Championship Wrestling: Paul Roma & Paul Orndorff (aka Pretty Wonderful) had a public reunion..
  • July 8, 2006--IAW Clash at the Cove 8: Paul Roma defeated Brian Costello in a Chain match to win the IWA Heavyweight title.
    David Magowan (Northern Ireland) wrote in: I wanted to personally send you some details about Paul Roma's boxing career. Roma's overall record in boxing was 3 fights, 2 wins, 2 ko's, 1 loss, 0 draws. His first fight was a defeat to Jerry Arentzen (his last ever win as he went on to lose 16 of his last 17 fight, the other was a no-contest), then his 2 wins came against Norman Fortini on April 1st 1992 (1st round knockout) and against Norman Shink on May 22nd 1992 (2nd round TKO), both fighters were debutants and were their only fights. The date of Roma first fight was March 6th 1992. I hope this information is useful to you. The following source comes from http://www.boxrec.com/boxer_display.php?boxer_id=054015