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Wrestler/Trainer: Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff
Real Name: Paul Parlette Orndorff Jr.
Hometown: Brandon, Florida
Marital Status: Married
w/2 Sons (Taylor & Tylor)
w/7 Grandchildren
Height & Weight: 6' -
Trained by: Hiro Matsuda
Bob Backlund
Eddie Graham
Jack Brisco
Debut: 1976
Previous Gimmicks: The Brandon Bull
Mr. Wonderful
Finishing Move: The Piledriver
Favorite Moves: The Forearm Clothesline
The Armbar
Notable Feuds:
Ken Mantell (Mid-South)
Junk Yard Dog (Mid-South)
Buzz Sawyer (Georgia)
Ivan Koloff (Georgia)
Larry Zbyszko (Georgia)
Ted DiBiase (Continental)
Tito Santana (WWF)
Rodddy Piper (WWF)
Bob Orton (WWF)
Mr. T (WWF)
Big John Studd (WWF)
Adrian Adonis (WWF)
Hulk Hogan (WWF)
Rick Rude (WWF)
Hercules (WWF)
Four Horsemen (NWA)
Steve Williams (UWF)
Colonel DeBeers (UWF)
Buddy Landell (NWF)
Brian Lee (SMW)
Hector Guererro (SMW)
Ronnie Garvin (SMW)
Cactus Jack (WCW)
Ricky Steamboat (WCW)
Dustin Rhodes (WCW)
Kevin Sullivan (WCW)
Too Cold Scorpio (WCW)
Stars & Stripes (WCW)
Vince Russo (WCW)
Natural Born Thrillers (WCW)

  • North American title ();
  • NWA World Tag Team titles w/Jimmy Snuka ();
  • Mid-South Tag Team titles w/Terry Orndorff ();
  • Southeast Continental Tag Team titles w/Norvell Austin ();
  • National title ();
  • WCW Television title ();
  • WCW Tag Team titles w/Paul Roma ();

  • In The Beginning
  • Paul Orndorff & Shane Douglas are cousins..
  • Paul was trained by Hiro Matsuda at the same time as Hulk Hogan..

  • 1978: Paul won the North American Championship twice, winning and losing to and from "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd..

  • 1978: Paul competed in the Mid-Atlantic area..
  • December 1978: Paul teamed with Jimmy Snuka to win NWA World Tag Team Titles from Greg Valentine & Baron Von Raschke..
  • ~~~April 28, 1979: They lost the belts to Baron Von Raschke & Paul Jones..

    Mid-South Return
  • July 21, 1979: Paul was defeated by Angelo Mosca Sr at a Superdome event..
  • October 1979: Paul teamed with Dick Slater to win the Southeastern Tag Team Titles..
  • Summer 1980: Paul began a feud with Ken Mantell in Mid-South..
  • ~~~Mantell had a tradition of cutting opponents' hair..
  • ~~~Mantell even managed to give Orndorff an unwanted haircut..
  • ~~~Paul defeated Mantell and was awarded the right to use the infamous Freebird Hair-Removal Creme on Mantell's scalp..
  • ~~~August 1980 - Mid-South Superdome Extravaganza: Paul continued his success by defeating Mantell in a rematch..
  • November 1980: Ernie Ladd & Leroy Brown injured Paul's brother Terry Orndorff while winning the Mid-South Tag Team Titles..
  • ~~~Nov/1980 - Mid-South Superdome Extravaganza: Big brother Paul sought revenge, but he lost to Ladd in a "Lights out" match..
  • Paul later returned to the Southeast Continental Area where he teamed up with Norvell Austin..
  • ~~~They defeated Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose for the Southeast Continental Tag Team Titles..
  • Paul came back to Mid-South yet again..
  • Paul overslept on the day of his title shot against North American Champion The Grappler..
  • ~~~When substitute Jake Roberts took the belt from The Grappler, Orndorff went berzerk..
  • ~~~Paul's obession with the belt cost him his popularity with the fans..
  • ~~~July 4, 1981 - Superdome: Paul Orndorff defeated Jake Roberts for the Mid-South North American Heavyweight title..
  • ~~~~~~Paul later lost a "lights out" match to The Junkyard Dog that same night..
  • Paul entered feuds with JYD, Ted DiBiase, Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdoch while aligned with Bob Roop & Bob Orton Jr..
  • November 1, 1981: Paul lost his North American Title to Ted DiBiase..

  • June 20, 1982: Paul beat Buzz Sawyer for the National Title..
  • Paul vacated it that summer to concentrate on an unsuccessful World Title chase against NWA World Champion Ric Flair..
  • Paul, acting as a sort of American patriot, feuded with Ivan Koloff..
  • October 1982: Paul later defeated The Super Destroyer (Scott Irwin) to recapture the National Title..
  • ~~~Paul also traded the National Title with The Masked Superstar (Bill Eadie)..
  • ~~~When Larry Zbyszko failed to win the title from Orndorff, he paid Killer Tim Brooks $25,000 to take him out..
  • ~~~Brooks clobbered Orndorff with a chair to win the title but the decision was overturned..

    World Wrestling Federation
  • Paul signed with the WWF and aligned himself with "Rowdy" Roddy Piper as a heel..
  • January 1984 - Madison Square Garden: Paul beat Salvatore Bellomo with his trademark piledriver..
  • Paul was granted several title shots at WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan, with no success..
  • ~~~February 1984: Paul faced Hulk Hogan in Hogan's first New York City title defense..
  • Paul & Roddy Piper with David Shultz, matched muscles with Ivan Putski, Tony Atlas, & Rocky Johnson in a six-man war..
  • Brawl To Settle It All: Paul polished off Cheif Jay Strongbow in an untelevised match..
  • Paul was also a frequent challenger to Intercontinental Champion Tito Santana..
  • Paul joined Roddy Piper (w/Bob Orton) to feud with Jimmy Snuka & The Tonga Kid..
  • Paul also did Piper a favor by injuring The Junkyard Dog just prior to JYD's scheduled appearance on Piper's Pit..
  • ~~~Without JYD around, Piper, Orton, and Orndorff all started to harass Salvadore Bellomo in his place..
  • ~~~However, JYD emerged from the back, along with bloody bandages and a steel chair..
  • Paul had a brief rivalry with young David Sammartino, with Roddy Piper & Bruno Sammartino getting involved..
  • ~~~Bruno & David Sammartino beat Paul & Roddy Piper as punishment for their behavior..
  • Late 1984: Paul was drawn into Roddy Piper sudden feud with several Hollywood Celebrities..
  • ~~~Piper went as far as to attack Lou Albano and Cyndi Lauper ignited a feud..
  • War To Settle The Score: Paul defeated Tony Atlas..
  • In the Main Event, Paul interfered on Piper's behalf causing a DQ, until Mr T hit the ring to make the save!
  • Wrestlemania 1: Paul Orndorff & Roddy Piper (w/Bob Orton) were defeated by Hulk Hogan & Mr.T (w/Jimmy Snuka)..
  • ~~~After being the victim of the pinfall, Paul was left in the ring by his partners..
  • Saturday Night's Main Event: Paul shook Hulk Hogan's hand after failing to defeat him in a title match..
  • Paul was a guest on Piper's Pit and Piper labeled Orndorff as a "loser" and blamed him for the Wrestlemania blunder..
  • ~~~Paul was well aware that the verbal insults were all a distraction for something else..
  • ~~~Paul caught Orton trying to attack him from behind and decked the Cowboy and refocused on Piper..
  • ~~~Paul attempted his piledriver on Piper but was clocked from behind by Orton's cast..
  • ~~~Before a two-on-one could occur, Mr T rushed to rescue Orndorff a second time..
  • Hulk Hogan & Paul Ordorff then feuded with Roddy Piper & Bob Orton..
  • King of the Ring 1985: Paul faced Bob Orton in the first round, ending with a double DQ..
  • July 1985 - MSG: Paul Orndorff defeated Roddy Piper in the "Match Of Honor" by DQ when Orton interfered..
  • ~~~Piper/Orton beat Paul down until the British Bulldogs ran in and made the save..
  • Ohio State Fair: Paul Orndorff defeated The Iron Sheik..
  • Madison Square Garden: Paul & Andre The Giant defeated Roddy Piper & Bob Orton..
  • Late 1985: Bobby Heenan placed a $50,000 bounty on the head of Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff....
  • Wrestling Classic: Paul defeated Bob Orton by DQ in the 1st round, then fought to a double DO with Tito Santana in the 2nd round..
  • Paul then started a feud with Bobby Heenan & Big John Studd..
  • Paul was mocked by Adrian Adonis, who claimed Paul was merely Hulk Hogan's sidekick..
  • Paul and Hulk reunited in a tag match against The Moondogs, where was visibly upset with Hogan..
  • ~~~Paul nearly wrestled the entire match by himself, in an attempt to upstage his partner..
  • Paul and Hulk defeated Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy by DQ when Ordorff turned on Hulk Hogan and joined the Heenan Family..
  • ~~~Paul nailed Hulk with a devastating piledriver, then mocked Hogan by cupping his hands to his ear to listen to the crowd boos..
  • ~~~Paul then embraced Heenan, Bundy, Studd and even Adrian Adonis, who kept repeating "You were WONDERFUL!"

    World Wrestling Federation - The Heenan Family
  • Paul Ordorff steals Hulk Hogan's "Real American" entrance music to get under the skin of the World champ..
  • The Big Event: Hulk Hogan defeated Paul Ordorff by DQ to retain the WWF title when Bobby Heenan hit Hulk with a wooden stool..
  • ~~~Paul covered Hogan and the referee tapped (Paul's shoulder) three times to signify a disqualification..
  • ~~~Paul celebrated anyway, thinking he had won the prized title..
  • ~~~The referee informed us all that Hogan had won the match upon a disqualification, therefor no title change..
  • November 24, 1986: Roddy Piper & Hulk Hogan defeated Paul Orndorff & Harley Race..
  • ~~~Piper pinned Race and stormed out of the ring, leaving Hogan to battle off Heenan, Race, and Orndorff..
  • Saturday Night's Main Event: Hulk Hogan defeated Paul Orndorff in one of the greatest cage matches of all time..
  • ~~~With two referees focused on each man, the competitors dropped to the floor at the same time!
  • ~~~Morella declared Hogan the winner, while Davis tried to give the match and title to Orndorff..
  • ~~~Hogan rushed to attack Orndorff again, and he wiped out Davis in the process..
  • ~~~Marella decided that, in fairness, the match must be restarted..
  • ~~~This time, Hogan endured all of Orndorff's offense and delivered his legdrop and go on to win..
  • MSG: Paul Orndorff defeated George "the Animal" Steele..
  • June 1987: Paul Ordorff defeated The Junk Yard Dog..
  • Paul fired Bobby Heenan as his manager and introduced his new manager, the popular Oliver Humperdink..

    World Wrestling Federation - The Good Guy
  • Paul began feuding with Bobby Heenan's newest Heenan Family addition, Ravishing Rick Rude..
  • Madison Square Garden: Paul Orndorff was defeated by Rude in two consecutive MSG events..
  • Survivor Series 1987: Hulk Hogan put Paul on his Hulkamaniacs Team losing to Andre The Giant's Team..

    Stepping Back
  • Paul left the wrestling world for several years, there were rumors circulating that Orndorff had passed away..
  • Paul, in reality, actually ran a popular Bowling Ally near Atlanta..

    Indy Circuit
  • 1990: Paul Orndorff was wrestling in some lesser-known promotions..
  • Paul took on the popular Kerry Von Erich in a series of matches..

    National Wrestling Alliance
  • Summer 1990: Paul resurfaced in NWA as part of Sting's "The Dudes With Attitudes"..
  • ~~~This group included Sting, Steiner Brothers, Lex Luger, Junk Yard Dog, and of course Paul Orndorff..
  • ~~~The "Dudes With Attitude" feuded with the heel Four Horsemen..
  • Paul Orndorff eventually disappeared from the NWA..

    Herb Abrams' UWF Promotion
  • 1991: Paul Orndorff was one of the wrestlers to participate in Herb Abrams' UWF promotion..
  • Paul began an intense rivalry with Steve Williams and later reignited his feud with Cowboy Bob Orton..
  • Beach Brawl: Paul met and defeated Colonel DeBeers in a strap match..
  • Paul would periodically show up in the UWF over the course of the early 1990's..

  • Paul also wrestled for the NWF, which operated in what used to be the old Mid-South area..
  • Paul was an occasional tag team partner of Chris Adams, as they battled the likes of Bob Orton and Buddy Landel..

    Smokey Mountain Wrestling
  • 1992: Smokey Mountain Wrestling opened its doors and held a tournament for its heavyweight title..
  • ~~~The Dirty White Boy (Tony Anthony), Buddy Landel, and "Prime Time" Brian Lee were all invited to participate..
  • ~~~Paul Orndorff's name was there too, but as "an alternate!"
  • ~~~This insult was enough to swing the pendulum of Orndorff's mood in a nasty direction..
  • ~~~Paul started ranting about having had victories over Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair..
  • ~~~Paul then destroyed Hector Guerrero ... and anyone else who dared to step in the ring..
  • ~~~At the Volunteer Slam Event: Paul steamrolled through Tim Horner & Robert Gibson to meet Brian Lee in the finals..
  • ~~~~~SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong tried to award the title to Orndorff due an injury Lee had suffered..
  • ~~~~~Instead, Lee demanded the match, Orndorff's temper erupted, and Lee won the title by Disqualification!
  • Paul Orndorff started an alliance with The Dirty White Boy, and they relished in attacking Lee at will..
  • ~~~Paul even used a suitcase to bash Lee in the face, while "DWB" hung Hector Guererro by his necktie..
  • ~~~Lee responded by acquiring Ronnie Garvin as his tag team partner against Orndorff and DWB..
  • August 1992 - Fire On The Mountain: Paul Orndorff was defeated by Ronnie Garvin in a special "Piledriver Match"..
  • Ater losing a match to Tracey Smothers, Orndorff decided to deliver one more piledriver -- to the referee!
  • ~~~This incident caused him to be evicted from Smokey Mountain..

    World Championship Wrestling
  • Paul made a contraversial return to WCW..
  • ~~~Harley Race held a special "tough man's" match between Cactus Jack & Paul Orndorff..
  • ~~~The winner replacing Rick Rude in the Thunderdome Cage match at Clash of Champions..
  • ~~~For some reason, Race tried to assist Orndorff, which Cactus did not appreciate..
  • ~~~Cactus Jack belted Race from the ring apron but Vader and Orndorff double-teamed Orndorff!
  • ~~~Race announced Paul Orndorff as his selection!
  • Clash of the Champions: Sting/Rhodes/Cactus defeated Vader/Windham/Ornforff in a Thunderdome Cage match..
  • ~~~Simmons, Hammer, and Barbarian were all taken out due to injuries..
  • ~~~Although it was a cage match, that did not stop Cactus Jack from entering the fray..
  • ~~~Although he wasn't supposed to be a contestant at all, Cactus Jack gained the winning pinfall on Orndorff!
  • SuperBrawl III: Cactus Jack defeated Paul Orndorff in a "falls count anywhere" match using a snow shovel!
  • Paul entered a 16-man tournament to crown a new WCW TV Champion..
  • ~~~Too Cold Scorpio, Cactus Jack, Johnny B Badd, and Erik Watts all fell to the abilities of Mr Wonderful..
  • ~~~Paul Orndorff finally held a major title again, the WCW Television title..
  • Slamboree 1993: Paul & Rick Rude defeated Dustin Rhodes & Kensuke Sasaki..
  • Paul suffered a hamstring injury which caused him to miss his scheduled match with Ron Simmons at CotC..
  • Beach Blast 1993: Ron Simmons defeated Paul Orndorff by DQ when Paul through Simmons over the top rope intentionally..
  • August 1993 - Clash of the Champions: Ricky Steamboat defeated Paul Orndorff to win the Television title..
  • Fall Brawl 1993: Paul Orndorff & Equalizer (Dave Sullivan) were defeated by Marc Bagwell & Too Cold Scorpio..
  • October 1993 - Halloween Havoc: Paul Orndorff (sub for Yoshi Kwan) defeated Ricky Steamboat by Count Out..
  • Slamboree 1994 - Clash of Champions: Dustin Rhodes w/Dusty Rhodes defeated Paul Orndorff w/Assassin to retain the US title..
  • Battle Bowl Lethal Lottery: Paul Orndorff was paired with the embarrassing Shockmaster in the lottery..
  • ~~~Paul & Shockmaster defeated Ricky Steamboat & Lord Steven Regal in the first round..
  • ~~~Paul & Shockmaster went into the final battle royal, which was won by Big Van Vader..

    World Championship Wrestling - Pretty Wonderful
  • Late 1993 - WCW Saturday Night: Paul Orndorff & Steve Austin defeated Arn Anderson & Paul Roma..
  • ~~~Roma then adopted Erik Watts as a partner to do battle against Paul Orndorff and Steve Austin..
  • ~~~This time, Roma blatantly turned against Watts and announced a new partnership -- with Paul Orndorff!
  • ~~~ "Pretty" Paul Roma & Paul "Mr Wonderful" Orndorff became known as "Pretty Wonderful", managed by the Assassin..
  • December 27, 1993 - Starrcade: Pretty Wonderful w/The Assassin defeated Marcus Bagwell & Too Cold Scorpio..
  • January 27, 1994 - The Clash: Marcus Bagwell & Too Cold Scorpio defeated Pretty Wonderful w/The Assassin..

    World Championship Wrestling - Pretty Wonderful II
  • May 1994: Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma reunited but without Assassin as their manager..
  • May 22, 1994 - Slamboree: Pretty Wonderful (Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma) defeated Brad & Brian Armstrong in a dark match..
  • Summer 1994: Pretty Wonderful attacked Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan (Tag Champs) using Dave Sullivan's crutch..
  • July 17, 1994 - Bash at the Beach: Pretty Wonderful defeated Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan to win the Tag Team titles!
  • August 28, 1994 - The Clash: The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags) defeated Pretty Wonderful in a Non Title match..
  • September 18, 1994 - Fall Brawl: Pretty Wonderful defeated Marcus Bagwell & The Patriot to retain the Tag Team titles..
  • September 25, 1994 - WCW: Marcus Bagwell & The Patriot defeated Pretty Wonderful to win the Tag Team titles...
  • October 23, 1994 - Halloween Havoc: Pretty Wonderful defeated Marcus Bagwell & The Patriot to recapture the Tag Team titles!
  • November 16, 1994 - The Clash: Marcus Bagwell & The Patriot defeated Pretty Wonderful to win the Tag Team titles..
  • ~~~The matched ended with two simultaneous pinfalls, but was match was awarded to Stars & Stripes..
  • Pretty Wonderful split up shortly thereafter..

    World Championship Wrestling - Last Run
  • SuperBrawl V: Paul Orndorff defeated Brad Armstrong in a non-televised match..
  • US Title Tourniment: Paul defeated Johnny B Badd in the 1st round, but lost to Sting in the 2nd round..
  • Slamboree 1995: The Great Muta defeated Paul Orndorff to retain the IWGP World Heavyweight title..
  • June 1995 - TV Title Tourniment: Paul pinned Brian Pillman..
  • Bash At The Beach 1995: The Renegade defeated Paul Orndorff in the finals to win the Television title..
  • WCW TV 1995: Paul Orndorff was soundly trounced by Randy Savage..
  • ~~~After the match, there was a mysterious visitor to Orndorff's dressing room, Gary Spivey of the Psychic Network!
  • ~~~Gary Spivey flooded Orndorff's head with positive encouragement..
  • ~~~The "Mr Wonderful" gimmick was reborn and exagerated more than it had ever been..
  • ~~~Mr Wonderful brought a mirror to the ring so he could admire himself before and after his match..
  • August 29, 1995: Paul & Vader are involved in a locker room altercation which ultimately lead to Vader's dismissal from WCW..
  • Halloween Havoc 1995: Paul Orndorff defeated the Renegade (who had lost the TV title by then) in a non-televised match..
  • World War III 1995: Paul Orndorff competed in the 60-man battle royal and was eliminated by non-other than Hulk Hogan!
  • December 11, 1995 - Nitro: Paul Orndorff defeats Disco Inferno but is brutally attacked by The Four Horsemen!
  • ~~~Brian Pillman insulted Orndorff's allegance with Gary Spivey..
  • ~~~Arn Anderson & Ric Flair executed a spiked piledriver on Paul Orndorff off the Nitro stage..
  • ~~~Orndorff emerged weeks later sporting a neckbrace and made several non-wrestling appearances..
  • Starrcade 1995: Ric Flair vs Randy Savage was made more interesting by Paul Orndorff appearance but he did not get involved..
  • Clash of the Champions: Paul Orndorff gave an interview about the extent of his injuries..
  • February 5, 1996 - Nitro: Brian Pillman & Arn Anderson had a backstage brawl with Kevin Sullivan & Hugh Morrus..
  • ~~~Pillman was struck from behind by a broom handle!
  • ~~~Moments later, Orndorff made a brief appearance at the announcers' booth, carrying a broken broom handle!
  • 1996-2000: Paul Orndorff became a trainer at the WCW Power Plant facility in Altanta, GA..
  • ~~~Orndorff trained such wrestlers as Goldberg, O'Haire, Jindrak, Sanders, Palumbo, Midnight and others..
  • 2000: The "Powers that Be" decided to punish Orndorff for being such a successful teacher..
  • ~~~They demanded that he come out of retirement and wrestle in a handicap match against Creative Control (Harris Twins)..
  • ~~~Paul Orndorff was defeated by Creative Control by DQ when Arn Anderson and Larry Zbyszko interfered..
  • Fall Brawl 2000: Paul Orndorff & the Filthy Animals vs The Natural Born Thrillers was ruled a NO CONTES..
  • ~~~Paul used his piledriver on several of the NBT, but suffered a serious (legitimate) injury on the last one..
  • ~~~Paul was diagnosed with a temporary nerve injury (aka a "stinger") and recovered in time..
  • April 2, 2005 - Hall of Fame Ceremony: Paul Orndorff was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame along with 6 others in Los Angeles..
  • February 25, 2006--Conneticut Championship Wrestling: Paul Roma & Paul Orndorff (aka Pretty Wonderful) had a public reunion..
  • November 17, 2006--National Wrestling Superstars: The TV Clown w/Paul Orndorff defeated Salvatore Sincere.