Wrestler: Pampero Firpo
Real Name: Juan Kachmanian
Birthday: April 6, 1930
Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Currently: San Jose, California
Marital Status: Divorced w/3 Kids
Height & Weight:
Trained by: Rudy Dusek (Vanka Zelesniak)
Debut: 1953
Previous Gimmicks: Ervan the Armenian
Ivan the Terrible
The Missing Link (Hawaii)
The Great Pampero (SF)
Wild Bull of the Pampas
Finishing Move: Crush Bearhug
Favorite Moves: "El Garfio" (face claw)
Notable Feuds: The Sheik
Nick Bockwinkel
Al Madril
Apollo Jalisco

[Pampero Firpo Gallery]

  • Texas Heavyweight title (August 30,1957);
  • WWC Heavyweight title defeating Abdullah The Butcher;
  • NWA Hawaii Heavyweight title (twice 1969 & 1970);
  • NWA (Detroit) United States Heavyweight title;

  • Though originally a heel in the Michigan-Ohio area, Firpo became a popular baby after being fireballed by The Sheik.
  • Pampero Firpo used the drawn out, "ooooohhhhh yyyyyeaaaahhhhhh" long before Randy Savage
  • October 17, 1986: Pampero Firpo wrestled his last match..
  • Pampero Firpo wrestled on 5 different continents; 21 foreign countries; all 50 states; and had 6,881 bouts..
  • Pampero Firpo created the very famous catchphrase "Ohhhh Yeah!!"
  • Juan Kachmanian retired from wrestling and worked for the post office until retiring from that profession as well..
  • October 2003: Juan Kachmanian works at one of the US Post Office branches in San Jose. He doesn't plan to retire until he turns 75..