Team: Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett
Manager: Debra
Titles: WWF Tag Team titles
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Steve Blackman

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  • November 16, 1998 - Raw is War: Blue Blazer & Jeff Jarrett were defeated by Goldust & Steve Blackman by DQ..
  • December 14, 1998 - Raw is War: Blue Blazer took on Goldust, during the match Jeff Jarrett ran down to help the Blue Blazer..
  • January 3, 1999 - Sunday Night Heat: Owen & Jeff defeated tag champs Shamrock & Bossman in a non-title match..
  • January 10, 1999 - Sunday Night Heat: Owen took on Blackman in a Lion's Den Match refereed by Dan Severn..
  • ~~~During the match, Severn ripped off his neck brace and attacked Blackman!
  • January 11, 1991 - Raw is War: Owen & Jeff Jarrett defeated the New Age Outlaws to gain a shot at the WWF Tag Team Titles..
  • January 25, 1999 - RAW IS WAR: Owen & Jeff Jarrett defeated Ken Shamrock & Big Bossman to win the WWF Tag Team Titles..
  • ~~~Owen & Jeff were helped by an "african american" blue blazer! (it was actually koko b ware)..
  • February 14, 1999 - St. Valentine's Day Massacre: Owen and Jeff Jarrett def D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry to retain..
  • March 8, 1999 - Raw is War: Owen was defeated by DLo Brown in a Steel City Street Fight..
  • March 15, 1999 - Raw is War: Owen and Jeff defended their titles against the Public Enemy with success.
  • WrestleMania 15 - Owen and Jeff defeated Test and D-Lo to retain..
  • March 29, 1999 - Raw is War: Owen & Jeff defeated the Legion of Doom to retain..
  • April 5, 1999 - Raw is War: X-Pac and Kane defeated Owen and Jeff for the WWF Tag Team titles..
  • April 12, 1999 - Raw is War: Owen and Jeff vs The Acolytes was ruled a NO CONTEST when The Ministry interfered..
  • April 25, 1999 - Backlash: Owen and Jarrett lost a number one contenders match to the New Age Outlaws..
  • April 29, 1999 - Smackdown!: Owen was supposed to take on Val Venis, but instead it was the Blue Blazer, who took on Venis..
  • ~~~With Jarrett and Debra at ringside the Blazer was able to get the win..
  • ~~~After the match the Godfather wanted to induct Debra into his ho stable, but the Blazer and Jarrett beat him down..
  • ~~~Later in the interview the Blue Blazer claimed that the WWF needed a hero..
  • ~~~The Blazer reminded everyone to say their prayers, eat their vitamins and drink their milk!
  • May 17, 1999 - Raw is War: Val Venis & The Godfather defeated Blue Blazer & Jeff Jarrett..
  • May 23, 1999 - Over the Edge: The Blue Blazer (Owen Hart) was scheduled to win the Intercontinental Title from the Godfather..
  • ~~~That never happened..
  • ~~~The Blazer was supposed to make a super-hero entrance being lowered from the cieling..
  • ~~~However, something went terribly wrong and Owen fell from the roof and plunged to his unfortunate death..
  • ~~~Owen landed on the corner of the ring head first.. RIP