Team: Owen Hart & British Bulldog
Manager: Jim Cornette
Debut: 1996
Titles: WWF Tag Team Titles
WWF European Title
WWF IC Title
Finishing Move: Sharpshooter (Owen)
Powerslam (Bulldog)
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Ahmed Johnson
Jake Roberts
Shawn Michaels
Smoking Gunns
The Roadwarriors
Official Website: http://www.stampedewrestling.com

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  • March 31, 1996 - Wrestlemania 12: Owen/Bulldog/Vader defeat Yokozuna/Ahmed Johnson/Jake Roberts..
  • April 27, 1996 - In Your House 7: Owen Hart & Davey Boy defeated Ahmed Johnson & Jake Roberts..
  • July 21, 1996 - In Your House 9: Owen/Bulldog/Vader defeated Michaels/Sid/Ahmed Johnson..
  • September 22, 1996 - In Your House 10: Owen/Bulldog defeat the Smoking Gunns for the WWF Tag Team Titles..
  • October 20, 1996 - In Your House 11: Owen/Bulldog defeat the Smoking Gunns to retain..
  • December 15, 1996 - In Your House 12: Owen/Bulldog defeat Fake Deisel & Fake Razor to retain..
  • At this point Clarence Mason became the manager of the Owen & the Bulldog..
  • Royal Rumble 1997: Owen "accidentally" eliminated the British Bulldog from the battle royal.
  • Bulldog fired Clarence Mason when he lost a match to Crush, also managed by Mason..
  • ~~~Owen tried to convince Bulldog that it was wrong to fire Mason, but the decision stood..
  • Bulldog got more and more popular among the fans, while Owen got more unpopular, it seemed like a team split was unavoidable..
  • February 16, 1997 - In Your House 13: Furnace/Lafon defeat Owen/Bulldog by DQ..
  • February 26, 1997: Davey defeats Owen Hart in a tourniment to crown the first WWF European Champion..
  • The tension between Owen & The Bulldog began to build..
  • March 24, 1997 - Raw is War: Owen and Bulldog had to fight the Headbangers for the titles.
  • ~~~Bulldog & Owen got in a fight at the end of the match, Owen said that he demanded a shot at the Bulldog's European title..
  • March 23, 1997 - Wrestlemania 13: Owen/Bulldog DOUBLE CO Vader/Mankind..
  • March 31, 1997 - Raw is War: Owen and Bulldog fight to a No Contest when the Bulldog was about to use a chair on Owen..
  • ~~~Bret Hart appears and pleads with the two not fight any more..
  • ~~~Bret says that their Family has feuded for the amusement of the fans for too long..
  • ~~~The trio embrace inside the ring..
  • The Hart Foundation was reborn! Bret, Owen & Bulldog were eventually joined by Jim Niedhart & Brian Pillman..
  • The Hart Foundation targeted Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels..
  • May 26, 1997 - Raw is War: Owen & Bulldog are defeated by Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels for the WWF Tag Team Titles..
  • June 9, 1997 - King of the Ring: Owen/Bulldog/Neidhart defeat Roadwarriors & Sid..
  • WWF Canadian Stampede PPV: Hart Foundation defeated Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, Goldust & The Legion of Doom..
  • ~~~Owen pinned Steve Austin and this began a feud between Owen and Austin..
  • Survivor Series 1997: Bret is screwed out of the Federation title, and Owen loses the IC title to Steve Austin..
  • ~~~Bret, Bulldog & Niedhart depart the WWF for WCW, but Owen sticks around to feud with Shawn Michaels..