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Owen Hart: Wrestling With Angels
Wrestler: Owen Hart (1965-1999)
Real Name: Owen Hart
Birthday: May 7, 1965
Died: May 23, 1999
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Marital Status: Married, Martha;
Two kids.
Height & Weight: 5'10" - 227 lbs
Trained by: Stu Hart
Debut: May 30, 1986
Previous Gimmicks: Owen James (WWF)
The Blue Blazer (WWF)
"The Rocket"
"Slammy Award Winning"
"The King of Harts"
"The Black Hart"
Finishing Move: Sharpshooter
The Ensiguri
Favorite Moves: Cresent Kick
Spinning heel kick
Leg grapvine
Notable Feuds: Bret Hart
Triple H
Shawn Michaels
Steve Austin
Ken Shamrock

  • Stampede International Tag Team title w/Ben Bassarab defeating Duke Myers & Kerry Brown (August 9, 1986);
  • British Commonwealth Mid Heavyweight title defeating Les Thornton (October 25, 1986);
  • North American Heavyweight title defeating Makhan Singh (January 19, 1987);
  • North American Heavyweight title defeating Makhan Singh (April 10, 1987);
  • IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title defeating Hiroshi Hase (May 27, 1988);
  • USWA Unified World Heavyweight title defeating Papa Shango (June 21, 1993);
  • WWF King of the Ring 1994;
  • WWF Tag Team titles w/Yokozuna (April 2, 1995);
  • WWF Tag Team titles w/Davey Boy Smith (September 22, 1996);
  • WWF Intercontinental title defeating Rocky Maivia (April 28, 1997);
  • WWF Intercontinental title defeating Farooq -tourniment- (October 5, 1997);
  • WWF European title defeating Goldust (January 26, 1998);
  • WWF Tag Team titles w/Jeff Jarrett (January 25, 1999);

  • Young Owen Hart
  • Owen Hart was the youngest child of legendary Stu Hart, and his wife Helen Hart..
  • Owen Hart was trained by his father in the infamous Dungeon in the basement of the Hart Mansion in Calgary..
  • 1986: Owen Hart actually wrestled as early as 16 years of age under a mask in small towns in Western Canada filling in for no-shows..

    Stampede Wrestling
  • May 30, 1986: Owen Hart officially debuted in his father's Stampede Wrestling promotion..
  • August 9, 1986: Owen Hart & Ben Bassarab defeated Duke Myers & Kerry Brown for the International Tag Team title..
  • October 3, 1986: The Viet Cong Express defeated Owen Hart & Ben Bassarab for the International Tag Team titles..
  • October 25, 1986: Owen Hart defeated Les Thornton to win the British Commonwealth Mid Heavyweight title..
  • August 7, 1987: Gama Singh defeated Owen Hart to win the British Commonwealth Mid Heavyweight title..
  • January 19, 1987: Owen Hart defeated Makhan Singh for the North American Heavyweight title..
  • January 30, 1987: Makhan Singh defeated Owen Hart to recapture the North American Heavyweight title..
  • April 10, 1987: Owen Hart defeated Makhan Singh to once again capture the North American Heavyweight title..
  • May 6, 1988: Makhan Singh defeated Owen Hart to win back the North American Heavyweight title..

    New Japan Pro-Wrestling
  • 1988: Owen Hart went on a tour with Antonio Inoki's New Japan Pro Wrestling promotion..
  • May 27, 1988: Owen Hart defeated Hiroshi Hase for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight title..
  • ~~~Owen Hart becomes the first western-based wrestler to hold that particular title..
  • June 24, 1988: Shiro Koshinaka defeated Owen Hart for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight title in Osaka, Japan..

    The WWF & The Blue Blazer
  • Owen Hart returned to North America where the World Wrestling Federation showed interest in him..
  • Owen Hart signed with the WWF and wrestled under a mask as The Blue Blazer to protect his identity as a "Hart"..
  • ~~~Owen did not want to be associated with his brother, WWF Champion Bret Hart, choosing to make a name for himself..
  • April 2, 1989 - WrestleMania V: Mr. Perfect defeated The Blue Blazer..
  • Owen Hart eventually departed the WWF after growing frustrated with his lack of push..

    On the Road Again
  • Owen Hart then hit the road, wrestling in Mexico, Canada, Japan, Europe..
  • While wrestling in Mexico, Owen Hart lost the mask of The Blue Blazer to El Canek..

    World Championship Wrestling
  • March/April 1991: Owen Hart worked several Television tapings with World Championship Wrestling..
  • March 14, 1991: Owen Hart & Brian Pillman & Junk Yard Dog beat Michael Hayes, Jimmy Garvin & Dan Spivey..
  • March 16, 1991: Brian Pillman & Owen Hart defeated Freebirds (Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin)..
  • March 18, 1991: Brad Armstrong & Owen Hart defeated Mr. X & Kevin Sullivan..
  • March 22, 1991: Owen Hart defeated Bobby Eaton..
  • April 4, 1991: Owen Hart defeated El Cubano..
  • April 6, 1991: Owen Hart defeated Joe Cruz..

    The World Wrestling Federation
  • October 1991: Owen Hart returned to the WWF, and formed a tag team with Jim Neidhart, known as "The New Foundation"..
  • ~~~Due to constant comparisons to the original Hart Foundation, the New Foundation never got a break..
  • ~~~Niedhart left the WWF, and Owen joined forces with Koko B Ware as the team "High Energy"..
  • November 24, 1992 - Survivor Series: The Headshrinkers defeated High Energy..
  • 1992: Owen Hart suffered a knee injury, and when he returned, his tag team partner was gone..

    United States Wrestling Association
  • "The Rocket" was born when Owen Hart was sent to the United States Wrestling Association in Memphis..
  • June 21, 1993: Owen Hart defeated Papa Shango for the Unified World Heavyweight title in Memphis..
  • July 5, 1993: Jerry Lawler defeated Owen Hart to capture the USWA Unified Heavyweight title in Memphis..

    Hart Family Feud
  • November 24, 1993 - Survivor Series: Bret, Owen, Keith & Bruce Hart took on Shawn Michaels & his Knights..
  • ~~~Owen Hart scored three out of the four pinfall eliminations before getting eliminated himself..
  • ~~~The remaining Harts went on to win the match, but a jealous Owen came back to the ring to confront his brother, Bret..
  • December 1993: Owen worked things out with his brother Bret and they decided to form a tag team shortly after..
  • January 22, 1994 - Royal Rumble: The Quebecers defeated Bret & Owen Hart by referee stoppage to retain the Tag Team titles..
  • ~~~The match ended due to an injury by Bret Hart | Owen snapped and attacked Bret's injured knee!
  • ~~~Bret Hart miraculously went on to win the Royal Rumble much to the jealousy of brother Owen Hart..
  • Owen Hart claimed that it was Bret who wanted him to wrestle under a mask in the WWF so he wouldn't steal the spotlight!
  • Owen Hart began a campaign to get Bret to wrestle him one-on-one, but Bret consistantly refused to fight his brother..
  • March 20, 1994 - WrestleMania X: Owen Hart defeated Bret Hart in one of the classic matches in WWF history..
  • ~~~Later that night, Bret Hart defeated Yokozuna to capture the WWF Heavyweight championship..
  • ~~~Owen rightfully thought it should have been him, since he defeated Bret earlier in the night..
  • June 16, 1994 - King of the Ring: Owen Hart beat Tatanka, 1-2-3 Kid & Razor Ramon to win the King of the Ring!
  • ~~~Jim Neidhart made his return to the WWF helping Bret Hart defeat Deisel and retain his WWF title..
  • ~~~Jim Neidhart later showed up and assisted Owen in defeating Razor Ramon in the finals of teh KotR..
  • ~~~It became clear that Niedhart was working for Owen, making sure Bret kept the title so Owen would get his shot..
  • August 29, 1994 - Summer Slam: Bret Hart defeated Owen Hart in an intense "Steel Cage" match..
  • ~~~Davey Boy Smith, Jim Niedhart and several Hart brothers got involved at the end of the match..
  • ~~~This sparked a series of fantastic Owen & Niedhart vs Bret & Bulldog tag matches..
  • Owen Hart beat Bret Hart in a Lumberjack match after Niedhart attacked Bret, but a 2nd referee reversed the decision..
  • 1995: The family feud finally died out and Owen Hart looked for other competition in the tag team division..

    Owen Hart & Yokozuna
  • April 2, 1995 - Wrestlemania XI: Owen and Yokuzuna (mystery partner) defeat the Smoking Gunns for the WWF Tag Team titles..
  • In Your House III: Owen & Yokozuna lose the Tag Titles to Diesel & Shawn Michaels..
  • ~~~The decision is reversed because the Bulldog was subbing for Owen and Owen was pinned..
  • 1996 - Monday Night Raw: Owen Hart vs Shawn Michaels..
  • ~~~Owen hit Michaels with a kick to the back of the head, causing him to collapse and was stretchered out..

    Owen Hart & British Bulldog
  • 1996: Owen joined forces with his brother-in-law, Davey Boy Smith and was managed by Jim Cornette..
  • September 22, 1996 - In Your House X: Owen/Bulldog defeat the Smoking Gunns for the WWF Tag Team Titles..
  • ~~~May 26, 1997: Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels defeat Owen/Bulldog to win the tag titles..
  • At this point Clarence Mason became the manager of the Owen & the Bulldog..
  • ~~~Bulldog got more and more popular among the fans, while Owen got more unpopular..
  • Royal Rumble 97: Owen "accidentally" eliminated the British Bulldog from the royal rumble match..
  • Bulldog fired Clarence Mason after he lost a match to Crush, who was also managed by Mason..
  • ~~~Owen tried to convince Bulldog that it was wrong, but he couldn't..
  • February 1997: Davey Boy Smith defeated Owen Hart in the finals of a tourniment to crown the FIRST European champion!
  • 1997: Owen was defeated by Tiger Ali Singh in the finals of the Kuwait Tourniment..
  • Slammy Awards 1997: Owen "won" another Slammy..
  • The tension between Owen & The Bulldog continued to build..
  • March 24, 1997 - Raw is War: Owen and Bulldog had to fight the Headbangers for the titles..
  • ~~~Bulldog and Owen got in a fight at the end of the match..
  • ~~~Owen demanded a shot at the Bulldog's European title at the following Raw is War..
  • March 31, 1997 - Raw is War: Owen and Bulldog fight to a No Contest..
  • ~~~Bulldog was about to use a chair on Owen, and Bret Hart appears and pleads with the two not fight any more..
  • ~~~Bret says that their Family has feuded for the amusement of the fans for too long..
  • ~~~The trio embrace inside the ring..

    The Hart Foundation
  • The Hart Foundation is reborn! Bret, Owen & Bulldog were eventually joined by Jim Niedhart & Brian Pillman..
  • The Hart Foundation targeted top babyfaces Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels..
  • April 28, 1997 - Raw is War: Owen Hart defeats Rocky Maivia for the WWF Intercontinental Title..
  • Summerslam 1997: Steve Austin defeated Owen for the Intercontinental title..
  • May 26, 1997 - Raw is War: Owen & Bulldog are defeated by Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels for the WWF Tag Team Titles..
  • June 23, 1997 - Raw is War: Owen defeats Hunter Heurst Helmsley & Goldust in a three-way-dance..
  • Canadian Stampede: Hart Foundation defeated Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, Goldust & The Legion of Doom..
  • ~~~Owen pinned Steve Austin and this ingnited a major feud between the two..
  • Summer Slam 1997: Steve Austin defeated Owen for the Intercontinental Championship..
  • ~~~Owen botched a pile-driver, dropping Austin right on his head, and injuring his neck in the process..
  • ~~~Austin struggled to his feet where Owen allowed him to roll him up for the pin to complete the planned finish..
  • ~~~Austin was later stripped of the title due to his injury..
  • October 5, 1997 - Badd Blood: Owen Hart defeated Faarooq to win the vacant WWF Intercontinental Title..
  • Survivor Series 1997: Steve Austin defeated Owen AGAIN to win the Intercontinental title..
  • ~~~After the Montreal Screwjob, Owen was unhappy and tried to get out of his contract..

    The Black Hart
  • Degeneration X: Owen returned attacking WWF Champion Shawn Michaels at the conclusion of the event..
  • Royal Rumble 1998: Owen was attacked by Jeff Jarrett on his way to the ring, Owen later attacked Jarrett..
  • January 26, 1998: Owen defeated Goldust (disgused as Hunter Helmsley) and was awarded the WWF European Title..
  • March 17, 1998: Hunter defeated Owen to recapture the belt with help from Chyna..
  • WresteMania 14: Owen is defeated by Hunter Helmsley for the European title with help from Chyna..
  • April 20, 1998 - Raw is War: Hunter Helmsley and The New Age Outlaws defeated LOD 2000 and Owen Hart..
  • In Your House - Unforgiven: Owen is defeated by Hunter Helmsley with Chyna suspended above the ring in a cage..
  • ~~~After the match, Owen looked straight into the camera and shouted "Enough is Enough, and it's Time for a Change!"

    Enough is Enough and it's Time for a Change
  • April 27, 1998 - Raw is War: Owen & Shamrock vs Rock & DLo ended when Owen joined the Nation of Domination..
  • ~~~Owen turned on Shamrock and put him in the Sharpshooter..
  • ~~~When officials talked Owen into releasing the hold, he jumped on Shamrock and bit him in his ear!
  • ~~~When the officials pulled him off, Owen's face was smeared in blood.
  • Owen Hart & Rocky Maivia became co-leaders of the Nation of Domination and began a bitter feud with Degeneration X..
  • June 2nd, 1998 - Raw is War: The Nation fought DX in a elimination match, when suddenly Ken Shamrock appeared and attacked Owen..
  • June 8th, 1998 - Raw is War: Owen defeats Too Cold Scorpio to qualify for the King of the ring..
  • ~~~Also on the show, the Nation attacked Shamrock only to be stopped by Dan Severn..
  • June 15th, 1998 - Raw is War: Owen & Mark Henry vs Dan Severn & Ken Shamrock was a NO CONTEST when DX interfered..
  • June 22nd, 1998 - Raw is War: Owen was defeated by Dan Severn in a KotR qualifying match when X-Pac used a chair on Owen..
  • ~~~Owen had seven staples put into his head, which was used as a setup for their match at King of the Ring..
  • King of the Ring 1998: XPac defeated Owen Hart after Chyna delivered a DDT on Owen..
  • June 29, 1998 - Raw is War: Ken Shamrock defeats Hunter Helmsley & Owen in a three way..
  • ~~~After the match, Owen puts the figure four around the ringpost on Shamrock..
  • July 13, 1998 - Raw is War: Owen and Rocky Maivia are defeated by Hunter Helmsley and X-Pac..
  • Fully Loaded 1998: Owen defeated Shamrock in a Submission match that took place in the Stu Hart's Dungeon in Calgary..
  • July 27, 1998 - Raw is War: Owen is confronted by Dan Sevren & Ken Shamrock, but Severn ends up attacking Shamrock!
  • Sunday Night Heat - Owen & Rocky Maivia defeated Kane and Mankind to earn a shot at the WWF Tag Team Champions..
  • August 17, 1998 - Raw is War: Owen vs Ken Shamrock vs Dan Severn in a triple threat match ended in a NO CONTEST..
  • ~~~Shamrock had Owen in the Ankle Lock Toe Hold, Severn put on a choke on Shamrock, the referee ruled a NO CONTEST..
  • ~~~Owen & Dan Severn left together..
  • Summerslam 1998 - Owen was defeated by Ken Shamrock in a Lion's Den Match..
  • ~~~Dan Severn appeared to abandon Owen during this match..
  • September 14, 1998 - Raw is War: Owen was defeated by Hunter Heurst Helmsley (IC Champ)..
  • Breakdown 1998: Owen defeats Edge..
  • September 28, 1998 - Raw is War: Owen had a match with Dan Severn..
  • ~~~During the match, Owen botched a tombstone piledriver and injured Severn's neck (a worked storyline)..
  • October 5, 1998 - Raw is War: Owen comes to the ring in street clothes and apologizes for the incident with Severn and then leaves..
  • ~~~Later Michael Cole caught up with Owen, who stated that it was over..

    The Return of the Blue Blazer
  • October 12, 1998 - Raw is War: Owen made a return as the Blue Blazer, attacking Ken Shamrock & Steve Blackman..
  • October 19, 1998 - Raw is War: The Blue Blazer once again attacked Steve Blackman..
  • November 2, 1998 - Raw is War: Dan Severn wanted to confront Owen, who claimed that he had retired..
  • ~~~Severn wanted to know who Owen thought he's fooling by parading around as the Blue Blazer..
  • ~~~The two men got into an altercation, which brought down Steve Blackman, ran off Owen..
  • ~~~Later Blackman attacked Owen again, but this time the Blue Blazer appeared to make the save!
  • November 16, 1998 - Raw is War: Blue Blazer & Jeff Jarrett were defeated by Goldust & Steve Blackman by DQ..
  • ~~~After the match, Blackman tried to remove the Blazer's mask but failed..
  • November 30, 1998 - Raw is War: Owen attacked Goldust, the Blue Blazer showed up and attacked Owen?
  • ~~~The Blazer then unmasked and revealed himself to be Steve Blackman!
  • December 6, 1998 - Sunday Night Heat: Owen stated that he was coming out of retirement to fight Steve Blackman..
  • December 13, 1998 - Rock Bottom: Steve Blackman defeats Owen Hart by Countout when Owen walks backstage..
  • December 14, 1998 - Raw is War: Blue Blazer took on Goldust, during the match Jeff Jarrett ran down to help the Blue Blazer..
  • ~~~Steve Blackman also interfered and revealed that Owen was infact the Blue Blazer (at least that night)..
  • ~~~Owen got his revenge as he later blasted Blackman with a guitar during a match with Jeff Jarrett..
  • December 21, 1998 - Raw is War: Owen hart did commentary during a Blue Blazer/Steve Blackman match..
  • ~~~Goldust ran down and unmasked the Blazer revealing Jeff Jarrett!

    Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett
  • Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett formed a tag team after this..
  • January 3, 1999 - Sunday Night Heat: Owen & Jeff defeated tag champs Shamrock & Bossman in a non-title match..
  • January 10, 1999 - Sunday Night Heat: Owen took on Blackman in a Lion's Den Match refereed by Dan Severn..
  • ~~~During the match, Severn ripped off his neck brace and attacked Blackman!
  • January 11, 1991 - Raw is War: Owen & Jeff Jarrett defeated the New Age Outlaws to gain a shot at the WWF Tag Team Titles..
  • January 25, 1999 - RAW IS WAR: Owen & Jeff Jarrett defeated Ken Shamrock & Big Bossman to win the WWF Tag Team Titles..
  • ~~~Owen & Jeff were helped by an "african american" blue blazer! (it was actually koko b ware)..
  • February 14, 1999 - St. Valentine's Day Massacre: Owen and Jeff Jarrett def D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry to retain..
  • March 8, 1999 - Raw is War: Owen was defeated by DLo Brown in a Steel City Street Fight..
  • March 15, 1999 - Raw is War: Owen and Jeff defended their titles against the Public Enemy with success.
  • WrestleMania 15 - Owen and Jeff defeated Test and D-Lo to retain..
  • March 29, 1999 - Raw is War: Owen & Jeff defeated the Legion of Doom to retain..
  • April 5, 1999 - Raw is War: X-Pac and Kane defeated Owen and Jeff for the WWF Tag Team titles..
  • April 12, 1999 - Raw is War: Owen and Jeff vs The Acolytes was ruled a NO CONTEST when The Ministry interfered..
  • April 25, 1999 - Backlash: Owen and Jarrett lost a number one contenders match to the New Age Outlaws..
  • April 29, 1999 - Smackdown!: Owen was supposed to take on Val Venis, but instead it was the Blue Blazer, who took on Venis..
  • ~~~With Jarrett and Debra at ringside the Blazer was able to get the win..
  • ~~~After the match the Godfather wanted to induct Debra into his ho stable, but the Blazer and Jarrett beat him down..
  • ~~~Later in the interview the Blue Blazer claimed that the WWF needed a hero..
  • ~~~The Blazer reminded everyone to say their prayers, eat their vitamins and drink their milk!
  • May 17, 1999 - Raw is War: Val Venis & The Godfather defeated Blue Blazer & Jeff Jarrett..
  • May 23, 1999 - Over the Edge: The Blue Blazer (Owen Hart) was scheduled to win the Intercontinental Title from the Godfather..
  • ~~~That never happened..
  • ~~~The Blazer was supposed to make a super-hero entrance being lowered from the ceiling..
  • ~~~However, something went terribly wrong and Owen fell from the roof and plunged to his unfortunate death..
  • ~~~Owen landed on the corner of the ring head first.. RIP

    The Life & Death of Owen Hart
  • May 24, 1999 - WWF RAW IS OWEN - The WWF dedicated an entire show to the memory of Owen Hart..
  • ~~~Including comments from WWF Superstars (out of character) and shared Owen stories..
  • ~~~Every wrestler wore a black arm band with the initials "OH" on it..
  • ~~~Even over on WCW Nitro, wrestlers such as Chris Benoit paid tribute to his friend by wearing the arm band..

  • May 31, 1999 - Owen's funeral at Mcinnis and Holloway Funeraln Chapel in Calgary..
  • ~~~In attendance: Members of the Hart Family, Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, The Funks, and dozens of WWF & WCW wrestlers..
  • ~~~Thousands of fans gathered outside the chapel to pay tribute to their fallen hero..
  • ~~~Owen was laid to rest at the Queens Park Cemetery..
  • ~~~Owen is survived by his wife Martha and two children.
  • Written by Martha Hart: I am a lighthouse, lonely but strong, I reach out to help people, weather the storm, some are lost souls, some in dismay, my lights helts to guide them, out of harms way..

  • October 2002: Martha Hart publishes a book about the life of Owen Hart -- Broken Harts in Canada..