[Cauliflower Alley Club: Omar Atlas]
Wrestler: Omar Atlas
Real Name: Omar Mijares
Birthday: April 22, 1938
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
San Antonio, Texas
Marital Status: Married to Charlotte
Height & Weight: 5'10" - 240 lbs
Trained by: Jene Howard (Sao Palo, Brazil)
Debut: 1958 in Spain
Previous Gimmicks: Omar Negro
Buddy Silver Wolf (Australia)
Mr. Excitment (Kansas City)
Super Gladiator (Puerto Rico)
Buddy Moreno (Southwest)
Finishing Move: The Airplane Spin
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Abdullah the Butcher
Harley Race
Gil Hayes (Calgary)
The Sheepherders (Southwest)
Ray Vilmer
The Interns
Gil Hayes
Archie "Stomper" Gouldie

  • (Calgary) North American Heavyweight title;
  • Texas Heavyweight title (in San Antonio);
  • Central States Heavyweight title (in Kansas City);
  • SCW (Southwest Championship Wrestling) Texas Tag Team titles w/Al Perez;
  • SCW (Southwest Championship Wrestling) Texas Tag Team titles w/Bobby Jaggers;
  • Florida Tag Team titles w/Cyclone Negro;
  • Arizona Tag Team titles w/Tito Montez;
  • Puerto Rico Heavyweight Tag Team titles w/Invader 1;

  • Omar Atlas competed at the 1958 Central America/Caribbean Games and went to Spain later that year to train as a pro..
  • Omar Atlas was a top face in the Bob Geigel's Central States territory..
  • 1963: Omar Atlas also wrestled at one time as "Omar Negro" - ficticious brother of Cyclone Negro in Morris Sigel's Houston..
  • ~~~Omar Atlas became a hot commodity throughout the United States as her worked for numerous promotions from coast to coast..
  • 1970: Omar Atlas worked for Stu Hart up in the Stampede Wrestling territory and won the North American Heavyweight title..
  • ~~~Omar Atlas also made stops outside the US, working for both Baba & Inoki in Japan, as well as Carlos Colon in Peurto Rico..
  • 1974: Omar Atlas worked in Australia with a Mohawk as an indian named Buddy Silver Wolf..
  • 1983: Omar Atlas (as Buddy Moreno) formed a tag team with Bobby Jaggers to feud with the Sheepherders in the Southwest area..
  • 1984: Omar Atlas worked as a preliminary wrestler in Vince McMahon Jr's World Wrestling Federation as it was expanding..
  • 1993: Omar Atlas officially retired from the ring and became a probation officer..

  • Want to say thank you to Charlotte Mijares, the wife of Omar Atlas, for helping with the completion of this profile!