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Manager: Sir Oliver Humperdink
Real Name: John Sutton
Birthday: January 16, 1949
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesoda
Marital Status: Single (Auditioning future Mrs. Humperdink's)
Height & Weight:
Trained by: 1965 (Involved in business)
Spring of 1973 (Official)
Debut: 1981
Previous Gimmicks: Red Sutton
The Big Kahuna
Sir Oliver Humperdink
Rooster Humperdink
Big Daddy Dink
Notable Feuds: Jake Roberts
Eddie Gilbert
Dusty Rhodes
Jimmy Valiant

  • Florida Heavyweight title;
  • Central States Television title;
  • Manager of the Year 1984;

  • Oliver Humperdink (as Red Sutton) was a security guard and an usher in Minneapolis before he broke into the business..
  • Sir Oliver Humperdink is best known for his long run in the Florida territory..
  • 1982-83: Sir Oliver Humperdink also made a major impact on the Mid-Atlantic promotion..
  • 1985: Sir Oliver Humperdink had a very brief stint in Mid-South Wrestling..
  • Sir Oliver was the leader of the House of Humperdink faction in Central States in Kansas City..
  • ~~~One of the main residents of the House of Humperdink was Lord Humongous, who was played by Sid Vicious..
  • ~~~May 1985: Oliver led the Masked Nightmare to a three-month reign as North American Champion..
  • Sir Oliver Humperdink worked for the WWF in the 80s and managed Bam Bam Bigelow & Paul Orndorff..

  • I'd like to say thank you very much to Sir Oliver Humperink for personally providing potions of the information found on his profile..