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Wrestler: Ole Anderson
Real Name: Al Rogowski
Birthday: September 22, 1942
Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesoda
Marital Status: Married w/Children
Height & Weight: 6'1" - 256 lbs
Trained by: Verne Gagne
Gene Anderson
Debut: August 19, 1967
Previous Gimmicks: Rock Rogowski
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Jerry Brisco
Ron Garvin
Harley Race
Bob Armstrong
Robert Fuller
Ric Flair
Greg Valentine
Blackjack Mulligan
Thunderbolt Patterson
Dusty Rhodes
Ernie Ladd
The Russians
The Assassins
Tommy Rich
Tony Atlas
Road Warriors

  • NWA Tag Team titles;

  • In The Beginning:
  • Al Rogowski spent several years in the Army before discovering professional wrestling through the legendary Verne Gagne..
  • August 18, 1967: Al Rogowski debuted in Verne Gagne's Minnesoda-based promotion under the name "Rock Rogowski"..
  • September 1967: Verne Gagne sent Rock Rogowski to work for the Dusek's Omaha promotion..

    Minnesoda Wrecking Crew (Original):
  • Ole Anderson joined Gene Anderson & Lars Anderson to form the orginal Minnesoda Wrestling Crew, (aka the Anderson Brothers)..
  • June 10, 1968: Lars & Gene & Ole (teaming for the first time ever) beat Paul Demarco & Amazing Zuma & Les Thatcher..
  • ~~~The Anderson Brother trio were only billed as brother because of their uncanny resemblence, they were not related in real life..

    Minnesoda Wrecking Crew (Gene & Ole Anderson):
  • April 1970: Ole & Gene Anderson captured the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team titles..
  • 1971: Ole Anderson won the Florida Tag Team title with Ronnie Garvin..
  • 1971: Ole Anderson defeated NWA World Champion Jack Brisco for the Florida TV title..
  • 1973: Ole Anderson won the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title from Jerry Brisco..
  • 1973: Ole & Gene Anderson recaptured the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team titles..
  • 1973: Ole Anderson defeated James J. Dillon in the finals of a tournament for the first Mid-Atlantic TV Champion..
  • May 31, 1974: Ole & Gene Anderson beat Robert Fuller & "Bullet" Bob Armstrong for the Georgia Tag Team titles..
  • 1973: Ole & Gene Anderson beat Tim Woods & Harley Race to win the Georgia Tag Team titles again..
  • 1975: Ole & Gene Anderson became the first NWA (Mid-Atlantic) World Tag Team champions..
  • 1975: Ole Anderson was defeated by Paul Jones in the first round of a tournament for the United States Heavyweight title..
  • Ole & Gene Anderson continued to bounce back and forth between Georgia and the Mid-Atlantic areas..
  • December 25, 1976: Ole & Gene Anderson were defeated by Ric Flair & Greg Valentine for the titles in a steel cage match..
  • 1977: Ole & Gene Anderson were suddenly "fan favorites"..
  • Ole, Gene & Wahoo McDaniel feuded with Ric Flair, Greg Valentine & Blackjack Mulligan..
  • Ole & Gene Anderson returned to Georgia and went on to win four more Georgia Tag Team championships..
  • May, 1977: Ole & Gene Anderson got a win over Ric Flair & Greg Valentine to win their 4th World Tag Team title..
  • ~~~Ric Flair & Greg Valentine eventually reagined the belts..
  • Gene Anderson's health problems led to his retirement..

    Ole Anderson on his own:
  • Ole Anderson teamed with Jacques Goulet, Lars Anderson (ficticious "relitive"), Ernie Ladd to each win the Georgia Tag Team titles..
  • Ole Anderson teamed with Ivan Koloff and they became five-time Georgia Tag Team champions between 1978-79..
  • Ole Anderson travelled to the Alabama area where he had two reigns as the Southeast Heavyweight Champion..
  • Ole & Lars Anderson returned to Georgia as "The Masked Avengers" to feud with the Russians, Ivan Koloff & Alexis Smirnoff..
  • Ole Anderson later teamed with Dusty Rhodes to take on "The Assassins"..
  • Ole Anderson & Dusty Rhodes took on The Assassins in a cage match with Gene Anderson & Ivan Koloff as special guest referees..
  • ~~~Ole & Gene BOTH turned on Dusty leaving him open to a 5-1 beating inside the cage!
  • May 1, 1981: Ole & Gene Anderson (out of retirement) went back to the Carolinas and won one more World Tag Team Championship..
  • ~~~Gene Anderson went into permanent retirement soon after, vacating the titles..
  • 1982: Ole Anderson won another World Tag Team Title with the dangerous cowboy, Stan Hansen in a tournament..

    The Four Horsemen:
  • 1984: Ole Anderson began teaming regularly with Thunderbolt Patterson..
  • 1985: Ole Anderson & Thunderbolt Patterson started a feud with Arn Anderson in Georgia..
  • Ole Anderson ended up turning on Thunderbolt and joining forces with his 'family', Arn Anderson..
  • Ole & Arn Anderson immediately joined Ric Flair & Tully Blanchard in the first version of the famous Four Horsemen!