Faction: nWo Reunion
Members: Hollywood Hogan
Kevin Nash
Lex Luger
Scott Stiener
Buff Bagwell
Debut: January 4, 1999
Titles: WCW Heavyweight Title
WCW United States title
Previous Identities: nWo Wolfpac & nWo Hollywood
Notable Feuds: Bill Goldberg

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  • It all started when Hulk Hogan showed up at Nitro ready to challange the WCW Champ, Kevin Nash to a Title Match.. There was a big build up, and when the match happened, Hogan tapped Nash with one finger and Nash dropped and was pinned.. The nWo was reformed..
  • Prior to this, the nWo had been split into two entities, Hollywood & Wolfpac, this was the reunion of the two groups..