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Faction: Nation of Domination
USWA Version: PG-13
Kareem Olajuwon
Sir Mohammad
Akeem Muhammad
Shaquille Ali
Randy X
Queen Moisha
WWF Version 1: Farooq
Savio Vega
Clarence Mason
DLo Brown
WWF Version 2: Farooq
DLo Brown
Kama Mustafa
Ahmed Johnson
Mark Henry
The Rock
Owen Hart
Debut: 1997
Titles: European title (DLo)
Intercontinental title (The Rock)
Previous Identities: Kama Mustafa=Papa Shango
Kama Mustafa=Godfather
Crush = Brian Adams
Notable Feuds: Truth Commission (USWA)
The Dream Team (USWA)
Ahmed Johnson
Disciples of Apocalypes
Los Boricuas

The Nation of Domination in USWA
  • There was a version of the Nation of Domination in the United States Wrestling Association..

    The Original Nation of Domination
  • Farooq dropped his goofy costume and formed the Nation of Domination with Crush, Savio Vega & Clarence Mason..
  • Wrestlemania 13: Legion of Doom & Ahmed Johnson beat Nation of Domination (Farooq/Crush/Vega) in a Chicago Street Fight..
  • May 11, 1997 - A Cold Day in Hell: Farooq defeated Ahmed Johnson after Johnson had already defeated Crush & Savio Vega..
  • King of the Ring 1997: The Undertaker defeats Farooq to retain the WWF Federation title..
  • September 7, 1997 - Ground Zero: Savio Vega defeated Farooq & Crush in a triple threat Louisville Street fight..
  • The Nation dispanded into three sperate groups; The Nation, Los Boricuas & Disciples of Apocalypse..

    The New Nation of Domination
  • The NEW Nation of Domination consisted of DLo Brown, Kama Mustafa & The Rock..
  • Survivor Series 1997: Ahmed Johnson, Ken Shamrock and LOD defeated the Nation of Domination..
  • February 15, 1998 - No Way Out: Ken Shamrock, Ahmed Johnson, & DOA beat The Nation of Domination..
  • Farooq was kicked out of the Nation when The Rock took over and organized a mutiny..
  • April 26, 1998 - Unforgiven: Ken Shamrock/Faarooq/Steve Blackmen d The Nation of Domination..
  • May 2, 1998 - Over the Edge: Rocky Miavia defeated Farooq to retain the Intercontinental title..
  • They added Owen Hart & Mark Henry to the group..