[Nathan Jones Gallery]
Wrestler: Nathan Jones
Real Name: Nathan Jones
Birthday: August 21, 1970
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 6'10" - 340lbs
Trained by: U.P.W
Debut: October 11, 1997
Previous Gimmicks: "The Front Row"
Finishing Move: Chokeslam
Favorite Moves: Big Boot
Bodyslam Lift into Inverted DDT
Catapult Lariat
Gutwrench Slam
Notable Feuds: Jeff Jarrett (WWA)
Scott Steiner (WWA)
Big Show
Full Blooded Italians

  • NWA Intercontinental Tag Team titles w/John Heidenrich;
  • WWA Heavyweight title;

  • In The Beginning:
  • Nathan Jones represented Australia in the strongest man in the world competition in the USA..
  • Nathan Jones played Rugby League in his early years for the team Brisbane Norths in Australia..
  • Nathan Jones starred in Tony Jaa’s movie “Tom Yum Goong” where he had one of the greatest fight scenes ever..
  • Nathan Jones was a former bodyguard to entrepreneur and money man Rene Rivkin..
  • ~~~Rene Rivkin on the verge of going to prison for insider trading..
  • ~~~Rene Rivkin was already in prison for one whole day until he collapsed from a convenient life threatening illness..
  • October 11, 1997: Nathan Jones competed in the first ever Pride FC (Mixed Martial Arts event in Japan)..
  • ~~~Nathan Jones faced off against Japanese sumo wrestler Koji Kitao, who made Jones tap out to an Armbar submission..
  • ~~~That was Nathan’s first and only Mixed Martial Arts match. Nathan’s MMA record is 0-1..
  • Nathan Jones appeared in the movies including "Jackie Chan’s First Strike" as the big Russian Hitman (filmed in Australia)..

    NWA: Zero One:
  • Nathan Jones worked for the NWA Zero-One promotion in Japan and teamed with John Heidenreich as "The Ultimate Army"..
  • October 20, 2002: John Heidenreich & Nathan Jones beat Shinjiro Ohtani & Masato Tanaka for the NWA Intercontinental Tag titles..

    World Wrestling All-Stars:
  • April 7, 2002 - WWA: Nathan Jones defeated Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett & Brian Christopher to win the WWA Heavyweight Title..
  • April 10, 2002 - WWA: Nathan Jones defeated Scott Steiner to retain the WWA Heavyweight title..
  • April 14, 2002 - WWA: Nathan Jones is defeated by Scott Steiner for the WWA Heavyweight title..

    World Wrestling Federation:
  • Nathan was enrolled in the WWF training school but didn't work out due to green-card issues..
  • November 2002: Nathan Jones recieves several try-out matches with the WWE..
  • November 2, 2002 - WWF Live Event: Nathan Jones defeats Val Venis..
  • November 3, 2002 - WWF Live Event: Nathan Jones defeats Val Venis, again..
  • November 4, 2002 - RAW: Nathan Jones defeats Arch Kincaid in a "dark" match..
  • November 7, 2002 - Smackdown!: Nathan Jones defeats Doug Basham in a "dark" match..
  • November 9, 2002 - WWF Live Event: Nathan Jones defeats Val Venis, again..
  • November 10, 2002 - WWF Live Event: Nathan Jones defeats Crash..
  • November 11, 2002 - RAW: Nathan Jones defeats Rob Conway in a "dark" match..

    World Wrestling Entertainment:
  • November 28, 2002 - WWA European Tour: Nathan Jones joins the World Wrestling All-Stars European Tour..
  • February 20, 2003 - Smackdown!: Nathan Jones makes his first appearance saying he is ready to put his past behind him and wrestle..
  • February 27, 2003 - Smackdown!: Undertaker gets attacked by Big Show & A-Train but is saved by Nathan Jones..
  • Mar 6, 2003 - Smackdown!: Nathan Jones & Undertaker go through a "training" session, as Taker has agreed to show him the ropes..
  • ~~~In a match, Undertaker vs A-Train goes to a no contest with Nathan Jones & Big Show interfer..
  • March 27, 2003 - Smackdown!: Big Show & A-Train defeat Chris Benoit & Rhyno when Nathan Jones interfers..
  • March 30, 2003 - Wrestlemania 19: Undertaker defeats Big Show & A-Train in a handicap match with help from Nathan Jones (11-0)..
  • ~~~Jones WAS scheduled to be Undertaker's partner but Big Show & A-Train attacked him before the event..
  • April 10, 2003 - Smackdown!: Nathan Jones finally makes his in-ring debut defeating Bill DeMott..
  • April 17, 2003 - Smackdown!: Nathan Jones beats Nunzio by DQ when Palumbo/Stamboli interfere and smash Jones ankle on the steps..
  • May 2003: Nathan Jones will be heading down to Ohio Valley Wrestling for shaping up..
  • August 2003: Nathan Jones is currently in Mexico working on one of the biggest budget movies in history, "Troy," starring Brad Pitt..
  • October 30, 2003 - Smackdown!: Nathan Jones returns as a member of the biggest team in wrestling history -- TEAM LESNAR!
  • November 6, 2003 - Smackdown!: Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit vs Brock Lesnar/A-Train/Matt Morgan/Nathan Jones (NO CONTEST)..
  • November 13, 2003 - Smackdown!: Kurt Angle defeated Nathan Jones by DQ when Matt Morgan ran in, Bob Holly makes the save!
  • November 16, 2003 - Survivor Series: Team Angle defeated Team Lesnar with Chris Benoit & John Cena coming out as Survivors!
  • November 20, 2003 - Smackdown!: Chris Benoit defeated Nathan Jones when he tapped out to the crippler crossface!
  • December 6, 2003: Nathan Jones has apparantly decided to "quit" the business during a Smackdown! tour of Asia & Australia..

    Nathan Jones:
  • October 5, 2005--World Series Wrestling: Nathan Jones defeated Lee Star in a short match in Melbourne, Australia ..
  • October 7, 2005--World Series Wrestling: Nathan Jones defeated Mark Hilton..
  • October 8, 2005--World Series Wrestling: Nathan Jones defeated Mark Hilton..
  • 2006: Nathan Jones has a bit part in what is billed as Jet Li's last kung fu movie called "Fearless," which is opening in Asia
  • According to IMDB.com, Nathan Jones is Scheduled to star in Stone Cold Steve Austin's 2007 film The Condemned..