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Team: Minnesota Wrecking Crew
Members: Gene Anderson
Ole Anderson
Arn Anderson
Debut: 1960
Titles: NWA Tag Team Titles
Other Identities: Four Horsemen
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Thunderbolt Patterson
Dusty Rhodes
Magnum TA
Gary Hart International
Official Website: http://www.arnanderson4ever.com

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The Original Minnesota Wrecking Crew:
  • Ole Anderson teamed with his 'brother' Gene Anderson to form the orginal Minnesota Wrestling Crew..
  • Ole & Gene Anderson were only billed as brothers because of their resemblence, the were not related in real life..
  • April 1970: Ole & Gene Anderson captured the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team titles..
  • 1973: Ole & Gene Anderson recaptured the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team titles..
  • May 31, 1974: Ole & Gene Anderson beat Robert Fuller & "Bullet" Bob Armstrong for the Georgia Tag Team titles..
  • 1973: Ole & Gene Anderson beat Tim Woods & Harley Race to win the Georgia Tag Team titles again..
  • 1975: Ole & Gene Anderson became the first NWA (Mid-Atlantic) World Tag Team champions..
  • Ole & Gene Anderson continued to bounce back and forth between Georgia and the Mid-Atlantic areas..
  • December 25, 1976: Ric Flair & Greg Valentine defeated Ole & Gene Anderson for the Mid-Atlantic titles in a Steel Cage match..
  • 1977: Ole & Gene Anderson were suddenly transformed into "fan favorites"..
  • Ole, Gene & Wahoo McDaniel feuded with Ric Flair, Greg Valentine & Blackjack Mulligan..
  • Ole & Gene Anderson returned to Georgia and went on to win four more Georgia Tag Team championships..
  • May, 1977: Ole & Gene Anderson defeated Ric Flair & Greg Valentine to win their 4th World Tag Team title..
  • ~~~Ric Flair & Greg Valentine eventually regained the title belts by defeating The Andersons..
  • Gene Anderson's health problems led to his retirement..

    Minnesota Wrecking Crew Reunion:
  • Ole Anderson & Dusty Rhodes took on The Assassins in a Cage match with Gene Anderson & Ivan Koloff as special guest referees..
  • ~~~Ole & Gene BOTH turned on Dusty leaving him open to a 5-1 beating inside the cage in one of the biggest swerves in history!
  • May 1, 1981: Ole & Gene (out of retirement) went back to the Carolinas and won one more World Tag Team Championship together..
  • Gene Anderson went into permanent retirement soon after, thus vacating the titles..

    The NEW Minnesota Wrecking Crew:
  • July 6, 1985 - Great American Bash: Ole & Arn Anderson defeated Buzz Sawyer & Dick Slater..
  • November 28, 1985 - Starrcade: Ole & Arn Anderson defeated Wahoo McDaniel & Billy Jack Haynes..
  • July 5, 1986 - Great American Bash: Ole & Arn Anderson defeated Sam Houston & Nelson Royal..
  • July 26, 1986 - Great American Bash: The RockNRoll Express vs Ole & Arn Anderson ended in a DRAW..
  • November 27, 1986 - Starrcade: The RockNRoll Express defeated Ole & Arn Anderson in a Steel Cage match to retain the Tag titles..
  • The Andersons became members of the original version of the Four Horsemen with Ole eventually being replaced by Tully Blanchard..
  • 1989: Ole Anderson returns as the manager and spokesperson for the Four Horsemen..
  • February 6, 1990 - The Clash: Ric Flair & Arn & Ole Anderson defeated Dragon Master & Buzz Sawyer & Great Muta in a CAGE..