Wrestler: Mr Wrestling II
Real Name: Johnny Walker
Hometown: Born in Charleston, South Carolina
Lived in Rossville, Georgia
Currently Lives in Hawaii
Marital Status: Married to Olivia (RIP)
Height & Weight:
Trained by: Tony Morelli
Pat O'Connor
Debut: 1956
Previous Gimmicks: "Rubber Man" Johnny Walker
Gentleman Johnnie
Walker Grappler
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves: Kneelift
Notable Feuds: Magnum TA
Larry Zbyszko
Andersen brothers

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  • NWA North American (Tri-State) Heavyweight title;
  • NWA Southern (Florida) Heavyweight title;
  • NWA Wildside (Georgia) Heavyweight title;
  • NWA Wildside (Georgia) Tag Team titles;
  • NWA (Florida) Heavyweight title;
  • NWA (Alabama) Heavyweight title;
  • NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight title;
  • NWA U.S. (Mid-Atlantic) Junior Heavyweight title;
  • NWA U.S. (Mid-Atlantic) Tag Team Title;
  • NWA (Florida) Tag Team titles;
  • NWA (Mid-Atlantic) Tag Team titles;
  • NWA Southern (Mid-Atlantic) Tag Team titles (8);
  • NWA Texas Tag Team titles;
  • Louisiana/Oklahoma Mid-South Tag Team titles;
  • Alabama Continental Heavyweight title;
  • Mid South Wrestling Association North American Heavyweight title;

  • Mid-50s: Johnny Walker debuted in wrestling and by 1958 was a regular peformer for Frank Tunney in Toronto..
  • June 5, 1983: Larry Zbyszko defeated Mr. Wrestling II in a tournament final for the Georgia National Heavyweight title
  • Mr. Wrestling II wrestled in the Mid-South Wrestling territory where he often teamed with Mr Wrestling I..
  • Mr. Wrestling II was the favorite wrestler of the former president Jimmy Carter..
  • Mr. Wrestling II was inducted into the WCW Hall of Fame..
  • August 10, 2004--GCW - Fred Ward Tribute Show: Johnny "Mr Wrestling II" Walker presented the GCW title to Jason Cross..
  • 2006: Johnny Walker is now the head trainer at Hawaii Championship Wrestling on the island of Hawaii..

    George Ashburn wrote: Mr. Wrestling II's wife was a talented seamstress & costume maker. Many of her clients were Counrty Music Performers including Porter Waggoner. In an interview that Ric Flair gave, he says that a lot of his robes were made by her. Thanks.