Wrestler: Misty Blue Simmes
Real Name: Diane Syms
Birthday: February 8, 1962
Hometown: Glen Falls, New York
Marital Status: Married: John Simmes
Height & Weight: 5'6" - 125 lbs
Trained by: Killer Kowalski
Previous Gimmicks: Misty Blue Simms
Finishing Move: The Superfly
Favorite Moves: Slingshot Suplex
Notable Feuds: Susan Sexton
Linda Dallas
Kat LeRoux
Lelani Kai
Judy Martin
Candi Divine
Jim Cornette

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  • ICW/IWCCW (New England) Women's title defeating Michele Paris (1985);
  • IWF (Massachusetts) Women's title defeating Michele Paris (1985);
  • NWA Women's United States title [Awarded] (September 10, 1986);
  • NWA Women's World title defeating Liz Chase (1989);
  • LPWA Tag Team titles w/Heidi Lee Morgan defeating The Glamour Girls ();
  • WWWA (Pennsylvania) Women's title defeating Linda Dallas ();
  • BBP (Vermont) Women's title defeating Linda Dallas ();
  • European title defeating Olympia ();
  • Puerto Rican title defeating Monster Ripper ();
  • NCW/IWA Intercontinental Women's title ();
  • NCW/IWA United States Women's title defeating Jean Kirkland ();

  • Misty Blue Simmes formed a successful Woman's tag team with a female wrestler named Kat Laroux..
  • March 31, 1990--Tri State (Spring Spectacular): Misty Blue Simmes defeated Kat LeRoux.....
  • Misty Blue Simmes often teamed with Heidi Lee Morgan and were known as "Team America"..

  • BIG Special thank you to Misty Blue Simmes for writing in and help us out with some of the content on her own profile

    Misty Blue Simmes wrote: My first match was against a girl named Michele Paris and got me the ICW and IWF belts, just outside of Boston. -- NWA belt was won in a match against Liz Chase, which was only two months later -- I wrestled for twelve years, just shy of 1000 matches,never lost a singles match. (one time I was pinned in the LPWA, but they overturned the decision because of outside interference)I managed to be in the top ten Lady Wrestlers list for the first 11 years straight. -- Heidi and I won the LPWA tag titles from the Glamour Girls -- PS...two years in the LPWA and they never paid my contract! They still owe me over 50 thousand dollars -- I was a Boxer for three years before I trained under Killer Kowalski. I was a member of the Saratoga Boxing club in Upstate NY. I was hired as a bodyguard for the Prime Minister of Pakistan and her mother in '91 as they toured NYC -- I won the US title from Jean Kirkland in Boloxi Miss. -- The Vermont and Penns. titles were both won from Linda Dallas -- I also won the European title from Olympia...and the Puerto Rican title from Monster Ripper -- My favorite finish move was a Superfly..(.and THAT'S why I still wake up every morning with a sore shoulder and back!) -- My favorite move was a slingshot suplex -- All in all, Wrestling was GREAT to me, and I would recommend anybody who likes to travel (and still get paid) to try it. Who knows?