Wrestler: The Missing Link
Real Name: Byron James John Robertson
Hometown: Born in Kitchener, Ontario
Moved to Hamilton, Ontario
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 6'2" - 255lbs
Trained by: Whipper Watson
Previous Gimmicks: Dewey Robertson
Crusader -masked-
Finishing Move: Figure Four Leg Lock
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds:

[Missing Link Gallery]

  • (Oklahoma) United States Tag Team titles (1973);
  • (Toronto) International Tag Team titles (1974-78) (3);
  • NWA (Toronto) Canadian Heavyweight title (1979-80);
  • NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team titles (1980-81) (2);
  • NWA Central States Television title (1981);
  • NWA Central States Tag Team titles (1981-83) (4);
  • NWA Central States Heavywieght title (1983) (2);

  • Mid-1960s: Byron Robertson began wrestling on the Hamilton TV show..
  • Byron Robertson became very popular in Toronto as babyface under the name "Dewey Robertson"..
  • Dewey Robertson had an excellent physique and good mat skills, although he was never particularly charismatic..
  • 1973: Dewey Robertson left Toronto to wrestle in the United States and Internationally..
  • 1974: Dewey Robertson came back as the Masked Crusader (with manager John St. John)..
  • ~~~The Crusader gimmick was that he was on a crusade for clean, "scientific" wrestling..
  • ~~~The Crusader wore an all-white costume and was soon unmasked after losing a match by countout to The Sheik..
  • April 7, 1974: The Sheik defeated The Crusader by COUNT OUT and unmasked the Crusader as Dewey Robertson..
  • 1974: Dewey Robertson was joined by Billy "Red" Lyons, as the tag team The Crusaders (often wrestling under masks)..
  • Dewey Robertson owned a gym in Burlington for a few years in the 70s and appeared on a TV commercial tearing up a phone book..
  • 1979: Dewey Robertson briefly wrestled as a heel in the Mid-Atlantic area, managed by former world champion Buddy Rogers..
  • ~~~During his association with Rogers, Robertson used the Nature Boy's trademark figure-four leglock as his finisher..
  • 1984: Dewey Robertson shaved most of his head, painted his face green, acted nuts, and became a big in the US as the Missing Link..
  • 1985: Dewey Robertson briefly wrestled in the WWF, and got a full-page photo in Sports Illustrated..
  • Late 1980s: Dewey Robertson overcame a battle with drugs..
  • 1990s: Dewey Robertson served on the board of directors of the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA)..
  • Dewey Robertson's son Jason Stirling has wrestled on independent shows in Ontario..
  • ~~~Jason briefly wrestled in the UWF and in Florida in 1987 along with brother Mark Stirling..
  • May 7, 2004--World of Hurt Wrestling: The Missing Link defeated Doink the Clown..
  • May 14, 2004: Dewey Robertson wrestled Quinson Valentino in a match for the CIWA promotion, result was a double DQ..
  • June 12, 2004--WWSA: The Missing Link defeated Skinhead Ivan..
  • September 18, 2004--Twin Wrestling Entertainment: The Missing Link defeated Flesh Gordon..
  • ~~~Later on they had a Legends Ceremony for Sweet Daddy Siki, Waldo von Erich, Missing Link & Baron Scicluna..
  • January 29, 2005 - WrestleReunion: The Missing Link (Dewey Robertson) defeated George South..
  • March 18, 2005--NWS: The Missing Link (at 66 years old) defeated John Cabbie..
  • November 5, 2005--MWF/AWA New England: Gino Martino vs Missing Link (66-years-old) ended in a No Contest..
  • May 19, 2006--World of Hurt Wrestling: The Missing Link defeated Max Moon ....