Announcer/Interviewer: Mike Tenay
Real Name:
Marital Status:
Notable Feuds: Vince Russo
Tony Schiavone
Jeff Jarrett

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World Championship Wrestling:
  • Mike Tenay is known as "the Professor" due to his vast knowledge of the history of Wrestling..
  • Mike Tenay was the lead announcer for one of the greatest pay per views of all time, a show known as "When World's Collide"..
  • Mike Tenay was often seen on WCW TV, adding his unique commentary during matches involving Mexican or Japanese wrestlers..

    NWA: Total Nonstop Action:
  • Mike Tenay joined the Jerry Jarrett's NWA: Total Non-stop Action promotion as its lead broadcast announcer..
  • January 14, 2004 - NWA^TNA: Mike Tenay gets involved in a tag team match directly affecting Jeff Jarrett..
  • January 21, 2004 - NWA^TNA: Mike Tenay is confronted by Don West before the show and told that he crossed the line last week..
  • February 11, 2004 - NWA^TNA: Mike Tenay gets fired by Jeff Jarrett right in the middle of the ring!