[Mike Shaw Gallery]
Wrestler: Mike Shaw
Real Name: Mike Shaw
Birthday: May 9, 1957
Hometown: Born in Marquette, Michigan
Moved to Ontario, Canada
Moved to Skandia, Michigan
Marital Status: Married to Kelly
w/Son: Joshua
w/Daughter: Amanda
Height & Weight: 6'1" - 360 lbs
Trained by: 'Killer' Kowalski
Debut: 1980
Previous Gimmicks: Klondike Mike (Vancouver)
Mike Striker (WWWF)
Mukhan Singh (Stampede)
Big Ben Sharpe (South Africa)
Aaron Grundy (Mexico)
Cousin Mike
Man Moutain Mike (Maritimes)
Trucker Norm (WCW)
Norman the Lunitic (WCW)
The Mad Monk
Friar Ferguson (WWF)
Bastian Booger (WWF)
Finishing Move: Sit-down on face
Favorite Moves: The Stinkface
Notable Feuds: Owen Hart
Bret Hart
Bruce Hart
Chris Benoit
Brian Pillman

In The Beginning
  • Mike Shaw was an amateur star in Michigan and later a wrestling coach in late 1970's..
  • Mike Shaw also played professional softball for a Milwaukee team, and was in Florida when the league went bankrupt..
  • Mike Shaw stayed in Florida, and met wrestler Farmer Bill, who encouraged him to get into the wrestling business..
  • 1979: Mike Shaw went to Massachussetes to get trained by the legendary Wladek 'Killer' Kowalski..
  • Mike Shaw debuted in Vancouver, for Gene Kiniski & Al Tomko's Northwest Championship Wrestling -- wrestling as Klondike Mike..
  • Mike Shaw went overseas and worked in South Africa and wrestled as Big Ben Sharpe..

    Stu Hart's Stampede Wrestling in Calgary
  • Mike Shaw joined Stu Hart's Stampede Wrestling, a territory he would compete in for the next seven years!
  • Mike wrestled as "Big Mike Shaw" for two years before becoming a member of the famous Karachi Vice with Gama & Akam Singh..
  • ~~~Mike Shaw was converted to the evil ways of the Karachi Vice, and was known as Mukhan Singh..
  • Mukhan Singh often doubled as a broadcast announcer along side Ed Whalan or Jim Davies..
  • Mukhan Singh exchanged the North American championship numerous times with Owen Hart..

    World Championship Wrestling
  • Mike Shaw caught the eye of WCW's Jim Ross and they signed Shaw to wrestle under the name "Norman"..
  • Norman began recieving teddy bears from fans because of the lovable character, he ended up donating them to Children's Hospitals..

    Keeping Busy
  • Mike Shaw left World Championship Wrestling and opened a wrestling school in Michigan..
  • Mike Shaw spent a stint in Mexico wrestling as Aaron Grundy, brother of Solomon Grundy..

    Global Wrestling Federation - The Cartel
  • Mike Shaw (as Mukhan Singh) was a member of the evil Cartel in Global Wrestling Federation..

    World Wrestling Federation
  • Mike Shaw recieved a call from the WWF's JJ Dillon, who offered a try-out match with the World Wrestling Federation..
  • Mike Shaw was well-recieved by WWF management and they signed him up and put him in the hands of the creative team..
  • Mike Shaw was saddled with the "Friar Ferguson" religous monk gimmick, which didn't last very long..
  • Mike Shaw was then given the very interesting and creative gimmick of Bastian Booger..
  • Bastian Booger was supposed to be a sewer creature character, but just came off as a slob, which worked in the end..

  • Mike Shaw has taken on many gimmick over his career, but his most successful was playing Mukhan Singh..