Wrestler: "Iron" Mike Dibiase
Real Name: Michael Dibiase
Birthday: December 24, 1923
Hometown: Nebraska
Marital Status: Married to Helen Hilde
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Previous Gimmicks:
Finishing Move: Top Rope Kneedrop
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: John Tolos
Henry Pilusso
Bob Hamby
Danny Miller
Reggie Parks
Bob Boyer
Doug Gilbert Sr.
Mike Clancy
Dory Funk Sr.
Dory Funk Jr
Eddie Graham

  • World Junior Heavyweight title defeating Ed Francis (1956 in Oklahoma City);
  • ~~~Lost the title in 1957 to Boston's "Irish" Mike Clancy;
  • Western States Tag Team titles w/Danny Pleches;

  • Mike DiBiase was a National collegiate wrestling champion at The University of Nebraska..
  • Mike DiBiase was the adopted father of wrestling legend "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase..
  • Mike DiBiase once had a 1 hour, 44 minute Texas Death Match with Dory Funk Sr. (with 16 falls)..

  • July 2, 1969: Mike DiBiase tragically passed away due to a heart attack in the ring (near Amarillo)..
  • ~~~His heart attack was NOT related to the match; he had a huge cholesterol build-up;
  • ~~~(before his death, he had been wrestling against pro-wrestler Man Mountain Mike);
  • July 15, 2006: Mike DiBiase was inducted into the International Wrestling Museum Hall of Fame by Ted DiBiase..

    Josh Kimm wrote: On March 15, 1963 Archie Moore (Boxing All-Time KO King with 134 KO's and an overall record of 186-24-10-134 KOs) defeated Mike Dibiase via TKO in Round 3. This match was Moore's last boxing match and by all accounts and Dibiase's also. The fight was also a huge disappointment by promoter standards, it was thought with the hate wrestling fans in Phoenix, Arizona had for wrestler Dibiase and with the fame Moore had gained as a light-heavyweight champion from 1953-1956 that this would draw a sellout. Well when the time came only 800 people showed up to watch. The fight was a rather short one only lasting three rounds. The first round saw Archie bust open Dibiase's eye with a left hook . The match wasn't much, Dibiase tried to turn it into a wrestling match until the ref stopped the one sided assault in the third round. The winner was Archie Moore by TKO.