Wrestler: Mighty Milo
Real Name: Milo ?
Hometown: Samoa
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 5'4" - 200 lbs
Trained by: Peter Maivia
Previous Gimmicks: Dynamo Milo
Finishing Move: Top Rope Dropkick
Favorite Moves: Dropkick
Notable Feuds: Farmer John

  • NWA Hawaii Tag Team titles ();
  • Polynesican Pacific Junior Heavyweight title defeating Mr. Z (June 1985);
  • Polynesican Pacific Tag Team titles w/Mighty Tao defeating The Samoan Connection (May 17, 1988);

  • February 10, 1982: Dynamo Milo defeated Mike Allen
  • June 1985: Mighty Milo defeated Mr. Z to win the Polynesican Pacific Junior Heavyweight Title
  • August 3, 1985 - Polynesian Hot Summer Night: Mighty Milo defeated "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal
  • December 18, 1985: Mighty Milo defeated Clint Terrel
  • 1986 - Rockamania: Mighty Milo & BC Croft defeated Hawaiian Warrior Jay & Farmer John
  • May 17, 1988: Mighty Milo & Mighty Tao defeated The Samoan Connection to win the Polynesican Pacific Tag Team Titles
  • After retiring from wresting, Mighty Milo joined the construction business..