Team: The Medics
Members (Florida): Dick Dunn & Don Carson
~~Managed by Ken Ramey
Members ('69): Jim Starr & Billy Garrett
Members: Jim Starr & Tom Andrews ('77)
Australia Version ('73): Bob Griffin & Dale Lewis
Debut: 1969
Previous Identities: The Interns
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Ray Gunkle & Enrique Torres

  • The Medics were in Leroy McGuirk's area in 1969 & they were Jim Starr & Billy Garrett, managed by Dr. Ken Ramey..
  • January 1970: The Medics moved to Memphis, Tennesse where they became known as the Interns..
  • 1971: Tom Andrews replaced Billy Garrett in the Interns..
  • 1977: Tom Andrews & Jim Starr came back to Leroy McGurk's area (as the Medics) this time managed by Skandor Akbar..
  • August 2006: Donald Lortie [age 75] (wrestled with Tony Gonzales in Alabama in the 60s as The Masked Medics) passed away..