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Wrestler: Matt Morgan
Real Name: Matt Morgan
Birthday: September 10, 1976
Hometown: Fairfield, Connecticut
Marital Status: Engaged
Height & Weight: 6'10" - 330 lbs
Trained by: Al Snow
Chavo Guerrero
Debut: 2002
Previous Gimmicks: The Blueprint -masked- (OVW)
Gomora (Japan/HUSTLE)
Finishing Move: Verticle Lift STO
The F5 (Smackdown!)
Favorite Moves: Double Hand Choke Toss
Sitout Powerbomb
The Powerbomb
The Chokeslam
The Big Boot
The Clothesline
Notable Feuds: Brock Lesnar
Bolin Services (OVW)
Team Angle (WWE)
Shannon Moore
Johnny Jeter
The Big Show

  • OVW Heavyweight title ();
  • FNW (Far North Wrestling) Heavyweight title defeating Calvin Mcgrath (November 10, 2006);

  • Tough Enough & Ohio Valley Wrestling:
  • Matt Morgan was part of Tough Enough II but left the show due to injury..
  • April 2002: Matt Morgan signs a developmental deal with the World Wrestling Federation and is assigned to OVW..
  • October 2, 2002 - OVW TV Taping: Mark Jindrak & Matt Morgan defeat Bane & Lance Cade..
  • January 29, 2003 - OVW Taping: Matt Morgan defeats Mark Magnus & Chris Cage in a handicap match..
  • February 26, 2003 - OVW Taping: Rene Dupree & Lance Cade defeat BJ Payne & Matt Morgan..
  • March 2003: Matt Morgan declines an invitation to join Kenny Bolin's Bolin Services..
  • March 12, 2003 - OVW Taping: Matt Morgan defeats Mark Magnus & Chris Cage in a "handicap" match..
  • April 11, 2003 - OVW Spring Breakout: Kane defeated Matt Morgan, then helped Morgan fend off Bolin Services..

    World Wrestling Entertainment:
  • October 30, 2003 - Smackdown!: Matt Morgan debuts as a member of the biggest team in wrestling history -- TEAM LESNAR!
  • November 6, 2003 - Smackdown!: Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit vs Brock Lesnar/A-Train/Matt Morgan/Nathan Jones (NO CONTEST)..
  • November 16, 2003 - Survivor Series: Team Angle defeated Team Lesnar with Chris Benoit & John Cena coming out as Survivors!
  • November 20, 2003 - Smackdown!: Matt Morgan destroys Shannon Moore (Punishment for Matt Hardy jumping to RAW)..
  • December 18, 2003 - Smackdown!: Hardcore Holly & Shannon Moore defeated A-Train & Matt Morgan to reinstate Hardcore Holly!!
  • January 22, 2004 - Smackdown!: Chris Benoit & John Cena managed to defeat Rhyno & Matt Morgan & Big Show & Brock Lesnar!

    Ohio Valley Wrestling:
  • Late 2004: Chris Cage beat Matt Morgan to win the OVW title (Morgan stated if he lost he'd never show his face in OVW again)..
  • Matt Morgan begins wrestling in OVW under a mask as "The Blueprint" (kind of a Midnight Rider type deal)..
  • January 27, 2005--OVW: The Blue Print & Vengeance beat Johnny Jeter & Matt Cappotelli and The Heartbreakers in a 3-WAY..
  • February 9, 2005--Ohio Valley Wrestling: Elijah Burke & Mark Henry beat The Blue Print & Vengeance after Lance Storm did a run-in!
  • February 19, 2005--Ohio Valley Wrestling: Elijah Burke & Mark Henry defeated The Blue Print & Vengeance..
  • February 23, 2005--OVW: Elijah Burke defeated The Blue Print (Matt Morgan) to retain the Heavyweight title..
  • March 2, 2005--Ohio Valley Wrestling: The Blue Print (Matt Morgan) defeated Nick Nehmeth..

    World Wrestling Entertainment:
  • April 21, 2005 - Smackdown!: Matt Morgan redebuted with a "Studdering" gimmick and squashed an unknown jobber..
  • April 28, 2005 - Smackdown!: Matt Morgan defeated Mikey Whiplash..
  • May 5, 2005 - Smackdown!: Matt Morgan defeated Rob Eckos..
  • May 12, 2005 - Smackdown!: Matt Morgan destroyed Sho Funaki..
  • May 19, 2005 - Smackdown!: Carlito Cool introduced his new 'back up' --- in the form of 7' Matt Morgan!
  • May 22, 2005 - Judgment Day: Carlito Cool defeated The Big Show after Matt Morgan F5'd The Big Show behind the refs back!
  • May 26, 2005 - SD!: The Big Show defeated Carlito Cool (Matt Morgan came down and F5'd Big Show through the announce table!)
  • June 2, 2005 - Smackdown!: John Cena & The Big Show (taped shoulder and ribs) defeated Carlito Cool & Matt Morgan..
  • June 12, 2005 - ECW One Night Stand: Carlito & Matt Morgan sat in the balcony as part of an anti-ECW crusade led by Eric Bischoff..
  • ~~~Bischoff's boys were shocked when Steve Austin showed up after the main event to throw a beer bash in honor of ECW..
  • ~~~Steve Austin, surrounded by ECW, challenegd the anti-ECW crusaders sitting in the balcony to come to the right for a fight!
  • ~~~The anti-ECW crusaders came down and squared off with ECW in a huge brawl which ended with ECW standing TALL!!
  • June 16, 2005 - Smackdown!: The Big Show defeated Matt Morgan by Disqualification when Carlito Cool whacked him with a chair!
  • ~~~After the match, Matt Morgan tried to F5 Big Show, but it was reversed and Big Show chokeslammed Morgan through the table!!!
  • July 1, 2005--Live Event in Japan: The Big Show defeated Carlito Cool (Akebono prevented Matt Morgan from interfering..
  • July 2, 2005--Live Event in Japan: The Big Show & Akebono defeated Carlito Cool & Matt Morgan in a tag team match..
  • July 4, 2005 - Smackdown!: Matt Morgan vs William Regal was interrupted by the lucha-trio of The Mexicools..
  • July 6, 2005: Matt Morgan was released from his WWE contract along with a dozen or so others..

    New Japan Pro Wrestling:
  • August 27, 2006--Ballpark Brawl: Monty Brown defeated Matt Morgan w/Hellcat in Buffalo, New York..
  • October 8, 2005--New Japan PPV: Matt Morgan defeated Yuji Nagata (Former IWGP Champion)..
  • October 15, 2005--Christian Wrestling Entertainment: Matt Morgan (managed by Jim Cornette) squashed Timmy J and Jet Asher..
  • December 3 2005--NJPW: Mark Jindrak & Matt Morgan defeated Manabu Nakanishi & Takashi Iizuka..
  • December 4, 2005--NJPW: Yuji Nagata & Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Mark Jindrak & Matt Morgan..
  • December 6, 2005--NJPW: Manabu Nakanishi & Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Mark Jindrak & Matt Morgan..
  • December 7, 2005--NJPW: Mark Jindrak & Matt Morgan defeated Osamu Nishimura & Yutaka Yoshie..
  • December 8, 2005--NJPW: Mark Jindrak & Matt Morgan defeated Manabu Nakanishi & Hiroshi Nagao..
  • December 9, 2005--NJPW: Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Tatsutoshi Goto defeated Mark Jindrak & Matt Morgan..
  • December 10, 2005--NJPW: Mark Jindrak & Matt Morgan defeated Osamu Nishimura & Toru Yano..
  • December 11, 2005--NJPW: Manabu Nakanishi & Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Matt Morgan & Mark Jindrak..
  • January 29, 2006--Nu-Wrestling Evolution: Andrew "Test" Martin defeated Matt Morgan in a "Lumberjack match"..
  • October 28, 2006--Rings of Europe: Matt Morgan took part in a 20 Man Over the Top Rope Royal Rumble Match...
  • ~~~Matt Morgan, Joe E. Legend and Big Van Walter were the remaining three in this Main Event Match..
  • November 10, 2006--Far North Wrestling: Matt Morgan defeated Calvin Mcgrath to win the FNW Heavyweight title..

    Total Non-Stop Action:
  • August 9, 2007 - TNA IMPACT: Matt Morgan debuted with TNA as the bodyguard for Jim Cornette...