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Wrestler: Muhammad Hassan
Real Name: Mark Copani
Birthday: November 7, 1981
Hometown: Born in Amman, Jordan
Raised in Syracuse, New York
Resides in Detroit, Michigan
Moved to Los Angeles, California
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 6'2" - 230 lbs
Trained by: Nick Dinsmore
Danny Davis
Debut: February 2003 (OVW)
Previous Gimmicks: Mark Magnus (OVW)
This Year's Model
Finishing Move: The Complete Shot
The Finishing Touch
Favorite Moves: The Camel Clutch
Blue Thunder Backbreaker
Notable Feuds: Johnny Jeter
Jim Cornette
Matt Morgan
Seth Skyfire
Jerry Lawler
Sgt Slaughter
Chris Benoit
Shawn Michaels
Chris Jericho
Shelton Benjamin
The Undertaker

  • OVW Heavyweight title (October 17, 2003);

  • Ohio Velley Wrestling:
  • Mark Magnus was a member of Revolution in Ohio Valley Wrestling while under developmental contract with the WWE..
  • September 24-26, 2004: Mark Magnus & Shawn Daivari go on the road with WWE, testing out their new "arabian" gimmick..
  • October 19, 2004 - Taboo Tuesday: Sgt Slaughter defeated Muhammad Hassan w/Shawn Daivari by DQ in a DARK match..

    World Wrestling Entertainment - Muhammad Hassan RAW:
  • November 1, 2004 - RAW: Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari debut through a taped interview..
  • December 13, 2004 - RAW: Mick Foley announces he'll tour Iraq with Smackdown! and then was interrupted by Muhammad Hassan..
  • December 27, 2004 - RAW: Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari accuse Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler of broadcasting propaganda!
  • January 3, 2005 - RAW: Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari attacked Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler during a political debate!
  • January 9, 2005 - New Year's Revolution: Muhammad Hassan w/Khosrow Daivari defeated Jerry "The King" Lawler w/Jim Ross..
  • January 10, 2005 - RAW: Muhammad Hassan w/Khosrow Daivari defeated The Hurricane w/Rosey..
  • January 17, 2005 - RAW: Muhammad Hassan was a guest on The Highlight Reel and attacked Chris Jericho (Benoit made the save)..
  • January 24, 2005 - RAW: Muhammad Hassan defeated Val Venis in a Royal Rumble Qualifying match..
  • January 30, 2005 - Royal Rumble: Muhammad Hassan entered at #13 but was ganged up on and eliminated by EIGHT other wrestlers!
  • January 31, 2005 - RAW: Muhammad Hassan w/Khosrow Daivari defeated Sgt. Slaughter in a Special Challenge match..
  • February 14, 2005 - RAW: Muhammad Hassan w/Khosrow Daivari defeated Chris Jericho..
  • February 21, 2005 - RAW: Muhammad Hassan comes out and insults America and President's Day and then brawls with Chris Benoit..
  • February 28, 2005 - RAW: Chris Benoit vs Muhammad Hassan w/Khosrow Daivari by DQ when Muhammad low-blowed Benoit..
  • ~~~Muhammad had the ring bell and was supposed to roll over as Benoit delivered the diving headbutt but he failed to roll in time..
  • ~~~The finish to this match was botched, it was originally to end with Benoit hitting the ring bell and pinned..
  • March 7, 2005 - RAW: Muhammad Hassan complains and says he deserves to present his abilities on the biggest stage of them all!
  • March 28, 2005 - RAW: Shawn Michaels defeated Muhammad Hassan by DQ after Kurt Angle showed up to interfere!
  • April 3, 2005 - Wrestlemania 21: Eugene made an appearance but was interrupted by Muhammad Hassan & Khrosrow Daivari..
  • ~~~Muhammad Hassan cut a promo complaining about being denied a "wrestlemania moment" so he'll make one for himself!
  • ~~~Muhammad Hassan & Daivari viciously attacked Eugene until Hulk Hogan made his return to save Eugene from the beating!
  • April 4, 2005 - RAW: Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari assaulted Shawn Michaels leaving him unconsious in the ring..
  • April 11, 2005 - RAW: Khosrow Daivari (debut) defeated Shawn Michaels after interference from Muhammad Hassan..
  • April 18, 2005 - RAW: Shawn Michaels defeated Muhammad Hassan by DQ after Daivari interfered and double-teamed HBK..
  • ~~~Suddenly "Real American" music came over the loud speaker and Hollywood Hulk Hogan came down to make the save for HBK!
  • April 25, 2005 - RAW: Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari defeated William Regal & Tajiri in a NON TITLE match..
  • May 1, 2005 - Backlash: Hulk Hogan & Shawn Michaels defeated Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari..
  • May 2, 2005 - RAW: Muhammad Hassan blames Khosrow Daivari for losing at Backlash and beats him up in the ring..
  • ~~~Khosrow Daivari takes the beating like a man and then limps out behind Muhammad Hassan remaining loyal to him..
  • May 9, 2005 - RAW: Chris Jericho defeated Khosrow Daivari w/Muhammad Hassan with the Walls of Jericho..
  • ~~~Muhammad Hassan attacked Chris Jericho after the match and put him in the Camel Clutch until Shelton Benjamin made the save!
  • ~~~Later: Hassan & Daivari attacked Shelton Benjamin and choked him with a scarf but Chris Jericho was nowhere to be found..
  • May 16, 2005 - RAW: Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari defeated Chris Jericho & Shelton Benjamin..
  • May 23, 2005 - RAW: Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari defeated Shelton Benjamin in a Handicap match (Jericho no-showed)..
  • May 30, 2005 - RAW: Muhammad Hassan defeated Batista by DQ after Batista "took his frustrations out" on Hassan & Daivari..
  • June 6, 2005 - RAW: Shelton Benjamin defeated Hassan & Daivari in a Handicap match to retain the IC title (Daivari pinned)..
  • June 13, 2005 - RAW: Steve Austin appears as a WWE representative to hear Muhammad Hassan's grievances and give a solution..
  • ~~~Austin grants Hassan an IC title shot vs Shelton Benjamin, which Hassan wins by DQ when Austin stunned Hassan!
  • June 20, 2005 - RAW: John Cena defeated Muhammad Hassan in less than two minutes to retain the WWE championship!

    World Wrestling Entertainment - Muhammad Hassan Smackdown!:
  • June 23, 2005 - Smackdown!: Muhammad Hassan w/Daivari (both drafted to SD!) defeated The Big Show by using a chair!
  • June 30, 2005 - Smackdown!: JBL beat Christian and Undertaker and Booker T and Chris Benoit and Muhammad Hassan in a 6-WAY..
  • ~~~General Manager Theodore Long showed up and revealed that JBL had actually won #1 Contendership to Batista's World title!
  • ~~~~~During the match, The Undertaker got specifically involved with Muhammad Hassan -- perhaps setting up a future match..
  • July 7, 2005 - Smackdown!: The Undertaker defeated Khosrow Daivari (Muhammad Hassan had convinced Daivari to be a sacrifice)..
  • ~~~After the match, five unidentified masked terrorists hit the ring and attacked The Undertaker with piano wire around the neck!
  • ~~~The five masked terrorists then lifted the unconcious Daivari above their heads and carried him out as if he were a martre..
  • ~~~Contraversy immediately broke out, because the day of this airing, there had been terrorist bombings in London, England..
  • ~~~The tape sent out to the United Kingdom had this particular segment edited out, but it played everywhere else......
  • July 14, 2005 - Smackdown!: UPN made the decision to ban Muhammad Hassan from appearing due to last week's storyline..
  • ~~~Instead, Hassans "attorny" read a prepared statement from Hassan, but he was chokeslammed & tombstoned by Undertaker!
  • July 21, 2005: UPN ordered WWE to remove the Muhammad Hassan character permanently from WWE Smackdown!....
  • July 24, 2005 - Great American Bash: The Undertaker defeated Muhammad Hassan w/Masked Terrorists..
  • ~~~The Undertaker powerbombed Muhammad Hassan through a hole in the stage all the way down to the concrete floor..
  • ~~~The last we see of Hassan was him laying in a pool of blood - thus "killing off" the Hassan character..
  • September 21, 2005: Mark Copani was released from his WWE contract on good terms to "pursue a career in Hollywood"..
  • ~~~The Observer reported that Mark Copani was trying to get fired so he could proceed with a wrongful termination lawsuit..
  • December 25, 2005: Muhammad Hassan won the "Most Contraversial" Award on the 2005 OWW.com Awards..