Wrestler: "Manaic" Mark Lewin
Real Name: Mark Lewin
Hometown: Buffalo, New York
Possibly living in Japan
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Previous Gimmicks: Purple Haze (Florida)
Finishing Move: Sleeper Hold
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds:

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  • (Detroit) United States title ();

  • Mark Lewin is the legitimate brother of wrestler Donn Lewin and wrestler/author/illustrator Ted Lewin..
  • Mark Lewin held Detroit's version of the United States title until the Sheik defeated him for that belt..

    Greg Kelly wrote: I found a bit online about Dick Beyer & Mark Lewin's bad blood which resulted in The Destroyer's tour here (Australia) being cancelled by Barnett & Doyle, Lewin'd dislike of Beyer went back to 67 in LA when Beyer wouldn't job for the WWA champion Lewin, Beyer told Verne Gagne that he was planning a world tour but had a hole in his schedule from Jan to March 71 so Gagne said that Barnett had been bugging him for talent for ages so Gagne rang Barnett in front of Beyer & offered Barnett the choice of either Destroyer or Dr X & that Beyer would work for $650 a week, Barnett said that he'd like the Destroyer but when Beyer was working in Samoa he rang Australia & found out out that it had been cancelled, he found out that Lewin who was a big star here went to Barnett & had it cancelled, he'd told Barnett that it was him or Beyer, Lewin was doing big business here so Beyer was cancelled, Dick went to New Zealand for Steve Rickard instead initially as himself & then as Destroyer & did sell out business there so then Barnett wanted him again but Dick said no he'd had his chance, Beyer did an interview at the office of a New Zealand newspaper as himself & then returned a week later with the mask on & nobody at the newspaper recognised that it was the same guy. (I went looking for that article where I found the info about their heat & it was by Steve Yohe, he'd be better off with the credit than me.)

    Here are Mark Lewin's Sydney results for 60s 2/20/65- Lewin d Buddy Austin 2/27/65- Lewin drew Mongolian Stomper 3/5/65- Lewin drew Mongolian Stomper 3/7/65- Lewin d Austin DQ 3/12/65- Lewin drew Killer Kowalski -- 3/19/65- Lewin/Tex McKenzie d Ray Stevens/Mongolian Stomper 3/26/65- Lewin d Mongolian Stomper 2-1 -- 4/3/65- Lewin d Stevens DQ 4/10/65- Lewin d Stevens 2-1 4/24/65- Mitsu Arakawa d Lewin -- 5/1/65- Lewin/Domenic DeNucci d Stevens/Arakawa DQ 5/8/65- Lewin/DeNucci d Arakawa/Stevens 2-1 -- 5/15/65- Arakawa d Lewin 2-1 (Lewin stretchered) 10/9/65- Lewin d Alaskan (Jay York) 10/16/65- Lewin d Cyclone Negro 10/23/65- tournament 1st round Lewin d Hunter Shaw 2nd round Red Bastien d Lewin 10/30/65- Lewin d Skull Murphy 2-1 11/6/65- Lewin/Spiros Arion/Red Bastien d Murphy/Negro/Roy Heffernan 2-1 11/13/65- Lewin drew Bastien 11/20/65- Lewin/Arion vs Murphy/Curtis Iaukea, Curtis injured early in match so Lewin took on Murphy solo & Murphy was DQd 11/27/65- Lewin d Murphy DQ 12/4/65- Lewin d Murphy in cage with no ref 12/11/65- Lewin d Murphy, Lewin not allowed to use sleeper & wore a helmet to prevent Murphy's head butts -- 6/3/66- Lewin d Arakawa 6/10/66- Lewin/DeNucci d Arakawa/Prof Tanaka 2-0 6/17/66- Lewin/DeNucci/Kowalski d Arakawa/Tanaka/Harley Race 2-1 6/24/66- Lewin/Kowalski d Race/LarryHennig DQ 7/2/66- Lewin/DeNucci d Hennig/Race 2-1 7/8/66- Lewin/DeNucci d Arakawa/Tanaka 2-1 7/15/66- Murphy/Brute Bernard d Lewin/DeNucci 2-1 -- 7/22/66- Lewin/Bearcat Wright d Murphy/Bernard 2-1 7/29/66- Lewin/Wright d Murphy/Bernard 2-1 -- 8/5/66- Lewin d Murphy DQ 8/12/66- Lewin d Tanaka 2-1 8/19/66- Lewin drew Bernard 8/26/66- Wright d Lewin 2-1 -- 9/22/67- Lewin d Alaskan 9/29/67- Lewin d Kowalski 10/6/67- Lewin d Curtis Iaukea DQ 10/13/67- Lewin d Iaukea 2-1 10/20/67- Lewin d Murphy 2-0 10/27/67- Lewin d Kowalski 11/3/67- Lewin d Killer Karl Kox DQ -- 11/10/67- Kox d Lewin 2-1 11/17/67- Lewin/Bastien d Ripper Collins/Beauregarde 11/24/67- Kox/Bull Curry d Lewin/Milano 3-2 -- 9/28/68- Tanaka d Lewin DQ 10/4/68- Tanaka d Lewin 2-1 10/11/68- Lewin/Mario Milano vs Murphy/Tanaka DDQ -- 10/18/68- Lewin/Milano d Murphy/Tanaka 2-1 10/25/68- Lewin d Murphy DQ 11/1/68- Lewin d Negro -- 11/8/68- Lewin d Murphy reverse decision 11/15/68- Lewin/Milano d Murphy/Negro DQ 11/22/68- Lewin/Milano/Tex McKenzie d Murphy/Tanaka/Negro 2-1, Lewin was also a regular visitor between 1970 & 74

    Irwin wrote: Just as an update to an excellent site, Mark Lewin worked the L.A. market as a face in the sixties feuding with Freddie Blassie and Maddog Vachon. He also teamed with Bobo Brazil quite a bit. He went “bad” just before I remember him leaving the L.A. market. ( although at the age of 10 I don’t think I had a clue about market…..