Wrestler: Mario Milano
Real Name: Mario Bulfone
Hometown: Born in Triest, Italy
Moved to Venezuala
Lived in Nashville, TENN
Retired to Australia
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 6'5" - 265lbs
Trained by: Ciccliano
Previous Gimmicks: Black Diablo -masked-
Mario Bulfone
Finishing Move: The Atomic Drop
The Abdominal Stretch
Favorite Moves: The Headbutt
Notable Feuds:

[Mario Milano Gallery]

  • IWA Heavyweight title (4);
  • IWA Tag Team titles w/Red Bastien (3);
  • IWA Tag Team titles w/Billy White Wolf;
  • IWA Tag Team titles w/Tony Parisi;
  • IWA Tag Team titles w/Dominic DeNucci;
  • IWA Tag Team titles w/The Spoiler;
  • IWA Tag Team titles w/Waldo Von Erich;
  • IWA Tag Team titles w/Spiros Arion;
  • IWA Tag Team titles w/Mark Lewin;
  • Austra-Asian Heavyweight title;
  • Austra-Asian Tag Team titles w/Bugsy McGraw;
  • Austra-Asian Tag Team titles w/Larry O'Dea;
  • Austra-Asian Brass Knucks title (5);

  • Mario Milano got his start wrestling in Caracas, Venezuela at the age of 17..
  • Mario Milano wrestled over in the USA in the South as a regular tag team partner of Len Rossi..
  • 1967: Mario Milano toured Australia for James Barnett's promotion and decided to stay & settled in Melbourne where he still lives..
  • Mario Milano used the Atomic Drop as a finisher and once did an angle where he tried it on 400lbs Prince Iaukea (pre King Curtis)..
  • ~~~In storyline, Milano's knee gave away and Iaukea scored the pinfall..