Wrestler: Mariko Yoshida
Real Name:
Birthday: February 15, 1970
Hometown: Hiroshima, Japan
Marital Status: Married on November 22, 1998
Height & Weight: 5' 4" - 140 lbs
Trained by:
Debut: October 10, 1988
Previous Gimmicks:
Finishing Move: Air Raid Crush
Favorite Moves: Mariko Sleeper
La Magistral
Notable Feuds: Lady Apache
Aja Kong

  • All Japan Womens Tag Team titles w/Takako Inoue defeating Esther & Cynthia Moreno (August 2, 1991);
  • All Japan Womens Tag Team titles w/Takako Inoue defeating Debbie Malenko & Sakie Hasegawa (April, 25 1992);
  • All Japan Women Singles title defeating Takako Inoue (April 29, 1992);
  • All Japan Women Tag Team titles w/Rie Tamada defeating Michiko Ohmukai & Carol Midori (March 17, 1995);
  • CMLL World title defeating Lady Apache (February 6, 1997);
  • Queen of ARSION defeating Candy Okutsu (December 18, 1998);
  • Twin Star of ARSION w/Aja Kong defeating Ayako Hamada & AKINO (February 18, 2000);
  • Twin Star of ARSION w/Lioness Asuka defeating Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita (July 29, 2001);
  • Queen of ARSION by winning a Tournament (April 29, 2003);

  • In The Beginning:
  • Mariko Yoshida had a background in Basketball and Gymnastics before entering professional wrestling..

    All Japan Women (1988-1997):
  • 1993: Mariko Yoshida worked as an referee for All Japan Women while she was out with an injury..

    Arsion (1998-present):
  • 1998: Mariko Yoshida signed with Aja Kong's Arsion promotion and eventually became a trainer for the company..
  • August 1998: Mariko Yoshida won a Tournament to earn a match with Candy Okutsu for the Queen of Arsion title..
  • ~~~Mariko Yoshida defeated Candy Okutsu to officially be crowd the first ever Queen of Arsion..
  • May 13-14, 2005--All Pro Wrestling: Mariko Yoshida was a special guest participant in the Chick Fight II Tournament..
  • ~~~Mariko Yoshida defeated Nene Kimura (a trainee of Yoshida) in the first round to advance..
  • ~~~Mariko Yoshida defeated Princess Sugeithin a 20:00 mat-based match to advance to the finals..
  • ~~~Mariko Yoshida defeated Cheerleader Melissa in the Finals to win the Chick Fight II Tourmament..
  • October 28, 2005--All Pro Wrestling - ChickFight III: Mariko Yoshida beat Rain (Round #1) | Mariko Yoshida beat Rebecca Knox (#2)..
  • October 29, 2005--All Pro Wrestling - ChickFight III: Mariko Yoshida defeated Mickie Knuckles to win the ChickFight Tournament..