Wrestler: Marek Brave
Real Name:
Hometown: Davenport, Iowa
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by: Danny Daniels
Previous Gimmicks: Nick "The Product" Stonewall
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Tyler Black

  • SCW (Scott County Wrestling) Heavyweight Title defeating Tyler Black (August 25, 2006);
  • AAW (All-American Wrestling) Heavyweight Title defeating Tyler Black (???);

  • Marek Brave formed a very successful tag team with Tyler Black known as "The Black & The Brave" in IWA: Mid South..
  • June 3, 2006--NWA No Limits: Marek Brave defeated Chandler McClure...
  • June 16, 2006--IWA Mid South: Marek Brave defeated Chuck Taylor....
  • June 17, 2006--IWA Mid South: Ricochet defeated Marek Brave....
  • August 11, 2006--IWA Mid South: Gran Akuma & Icarus & Shiima Xion beat Brandon Thomaselli & Marek Brave & Darin Corbin
  • August 25, 2006: Marek Brave beat Tyler Black in a brutal Ladder match to win the SCW (Scott County Wrestling) Heavyweight Title!
  • September 9, 2006--AAW: Nigel McGuiness defeated Marek Brave....
  • September 30, 2006--3XWrestling: Marek Brave defeated Mike Maxim and Krotch in a 3-WAY....
  • October 28, 2006--3XWrestling: Marek Brave defeated Jaysin Strife...
  • November 4, 2006--AAW: Marek Brave defeated Danny Daniels..
  • November 11, 2006--NWA Midwest: Marek Brave beat Brandon Thomaselli and Jason Dukes and Billy Roc in a 4-WAY
  • November 25, 2006--AAW: Mark Brave defeated Tyler Black in a No Rope Barbed Wire match
  • December 16, 2006--AAW: Marek Brave defeated Jerry Lynn in Berwyn, Illinois..
  • January 20, 2007--AAW: Marek Brave defeated Chandler McClure in Berwyn, Illinois..
  • February 2, 2007--NWA No Limits: Shane Hollister defeated Marek Brave in Fairfield, Iowa..
  • February 19, 2007--All American Wrestling: Marek Brave defeated "Iron" Matt Cross in Berwyn, Illinois....