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Faction: Latino World Order
Members: Eddie Guerrero
Juventud Guerrera
Rey Misterio Jr.
Silver King
Hector Garza
El Dandy
La Parka
Villano IV
Villano V
Notable Feuds:

  • Eddie Guerrero formed the group because he hated Eric Bischoff, who was running the nWo and pushing the luchadores aside..
  • Rey Mysterio was heavily recruited by Guerrero, but was reluctant to join--Rey lost a match to Juvi and was forced to join the group..
  • The group broke up when the newly reformed nWo threatened to basically kick their asses if they didnt take of the lWo t-shirts..
  • Everybody did so, except Rey Mysterio, which lead to Rey defeating Kevin Nash in a one on one contest!
  • It also lead to the Rey Mysterio & Konnan vs The Outsiders match in which Rey lost his mask..