Team: The Lumberjacks
Members: Lumberjack #1 & Lumberjack #2
Real Names: Russ Walters & David Walters
Hometown: Claimed to be from Oregon
Actually from Youngstown, Ohio
Marital Status: Both Divorced with Children
Height & Weight: LJ#1: 5'10" - 280 lbs
LJ#2: 6'1" - 270 lbs
Trained by: Boston Paul
Debut: 1977 (Phoenix)
Previous Names:
Finishing Move: Manager Interferance
The Big Splash
Illegal Ax Handle
Favorite Moves: Power Slam
Foreign Objects
Choke Hold
Wlbow Smash
Notable Feuds:
David Rose
Jody Arnold
Eddie Sullivan
Mike Contreras
John Ringer
Billy Anderson
The Black Mamba
Pedro El Grande
Eli Hernandez
Tony Hernandez
Cherokee Willy
Louie Spicolli
Billy Anderson
Notable Feuds:
Thrillseeker Terry Zeller
CC Starr
Tito Montez
Eddie Lopez
Ed Blair
Danny Snyder
Cowboy Bob Yuma
Bil ly The Kid
Section 8
Danny Medina
Benny Mendeblis
Chuck Hondo
Jimmy Taylor

  • (Phoenix) Southwestern States Tag Team titles (Late 1970s);
  • (Phoenix) Western States Tag Team titles (1980s);
  • (Phoenix) Western States Heavyweight title -Lumberjack #1- (Early 1980s);

  • The Lumberjacks were managed by Mad Dog Marcal Bovee/The Time Traveler for most of their careers..
  • Both held the Indy versions of the Western States Tag Team titles and the Western States Singles title..
  • The Lumberjacks were effective as a tag team and in single bouts.