Wrestler: Len Rossi
Real Name: Len Rositano
Hometown: Nolensville, Tennessee
Marital Status: Married to Jeannie
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Debut: 1958
Previous Gimmicks: "The Drop Kick Specialist"
Finishing Move: The Boston Crab
The Sleeper
Favorite Moves: Drop Kick
Notable Feuds: Don Kent
The Von Brauners
Steve Kyle
Bill Monroe
Taru Sakuro
Gypsy Joe
The Masked Marvels
Lanny Poffo
Angelo Poffo
The Infernos
The Mighty Yankees
Eddie Sullivan
Ron Garfield
Chuck Grant
Gorgeous George Grant
Sputnik Monroe

  • NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Title (9);
  • NWA (Mid America) Heavyweight Title;
  • NWA (Tennessee/Alabama) Tag Team Titles (13);
  • NWA (Mid Atlantic) Tag Team Titles (3);
  • NWA (Mid Atlantic) Southern Tag Team Titles (14);

  • Len Rossi was regularly found around the Tennessee Wrestling circuit..
  • August 22, 1961: Tex Riley & Len Rossi beat Great Mephisto (Lou Papneau) & Dante (Hans Steiner) for the Southern Tag Team titles..
  • Len Rossi formed a masked babyface tag team with Jesse James known as "the Crusaders" in Florida..
  • 1974: Len Rossi helped manage and train Percy and Woodrow Bass in Paduka Kentucky.
  • September 2003: Sad news of Joey Rossi (son of Len Rossi) has fallen very ill from cancer and related problems..
  • November 29, 2003: Joe Rositano aka Joey Rossi, who did a father & son team with Len Rossi during the 70s passes away..
  • Len Rossi now operates a health food facility in Brentwood, Tennessee..