Wrestler: Lee Wong from Hong Kong
Real Name:
Hometown: Hong Kong
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Previous Gimmicks:
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Ernie Ladd
George Steele
Prof. Toru Tanaka

  • Early 1970s: Lee Wong from Hong Kong competed in the World Wide Wrestling Federation for Vince McMahon Sr...
  • October 26, 1970: Lee Wong & Mr Saito wrestled Jack & Roy Lee Welch in Orlando, Florida..
  • November 17 1970: Lee Wong wrestled James Wolfe in Tampa, Florida..
  • 1971: Dick Steinborn & Jerry Oates defeated Lee Wong & Oki Shikina (heels) in Florida..
  • 1970-1971--Philadelphia TV: Lee Wong lost matches to Toru Tanaka, Crusher Verdu, Blackjack Mulligan & Ivan Koloff
  • 1971--Philadelphia TV: Lee Wong had an interesting if slow scientific match with Tony Marino..
  • ~~~Both guys kept slowing it down taping in handshakes after the breaks..
  • ~~~Marino won rolling Wong into a small package off the ropes going into it like a cradle..
  • 1980s: Lee Wong returned to WWF TV (exclusively TV) losing again to Blackjack Mulligan among others.
  • Lee Wong from Hong Kong was the worst wrestler ever according to Stu Saks of Pro Wrestling Illustrated..
  • ~~~Saks said Lee Wong's karate chops weren't strong enough to even break eggs..

    Robert Louis Howell wrote: 1970 - Philadelphia TV. Lee Wong lost to Bulldog Brower when Brower hit him between the eyes with a double set of metal folding chairs. One was tempted to ask what it took to get DQed in Philadelphia! In 1971 on Philidelphia TV, Lee Wong returned to the WWWF and took a rough house match straight to Pedro Morales. Morales won with a flying body press and stomped and knee dropped Wong into the mat after Wong jumped him leaving the ring. Wong returned to a face from then on.

    1972: June 16 in North Attleboro Mass. and 17 in Springfield Mass Lee Wong beat Nikita Mulkovitch. This is a real pair of highlights as I never knew Wong to win and two nights running he beat a real veteran. Bravo Wong.