Wrestler: "Lethal" Larry Cameron
Real Name:
Birthday: 1952
Hometown: Illinois
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 6'1" - 280lbs
Trained by: Stu Hart
Previous Gimmicks: The Butcher (AWA)
Finishing Move: The Powerslam
Favorite Moves: Jumping Clothesline
Notable Feuds: Davey Boy Smith
Paul Orndorff (IWA)

  • Larry Cameron trained with Stu Hart along side Chris Benoit, Brian Pillman and others..
  • Larry Cameron is a former champion in Stu Hart's Stampede organization in Calgary during the mid-80s..
  • 1990: Larry Cameron had an extremely brief stint with World Championship Wrestling, managed by Teddy Long..
  • 1991: Larry Cameron worked an Australian tour with the IWA (Rob Russen promotion) and he was their champion..
  • 1993: Larry suffers a heart attack while wrestling in the ring for Otto Wanz's CWA promotion in Bremen, Germany at the age of 41..