Team: Kronic
Members: Brian Adams
Bryan Clarke
Titles: WCW Tag Team Titles
Previous Identities: Brian Adams = Original KISS Demon,Crush
Bryan Clarke = Wrath,Adam Bomb
Finishing Move: High Times (Double Chokeslam)
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Vince Russo
Natural Born Thrillers
The Undertaker (WWF)

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World Championship Wrestling:
  • Kronik's catch phase was "We're all about Cashin Checks & Breakin' Backs!"

    World Wrestling Federation:
  • September 2001: KroniK signed with the WWFe and show up on Smackdown aligning with Steven Richards.
  • September 23, 2001 - Unforgiven - In a horribly worked match, KroniK loses to the Brothers of Destruction.
  • October 2001: KroniK is released. (Rumor has it that Adams & Clarke were asked to go to OVW to sharpen their skills, and refused)..
  • KroniK no-shows an AJPW event and are stripped of the Real World Tag League titles..