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Valet: Kimberly Page
Real Name: Kimberly Falkinburg
Birthday: January 1, 1970
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois (originally)
Atlanta, Georgia (resided)
Hollywood, California (Current)
Marital Status: Seperated from Diamond Dallas Page
Height & Weight: 5'10" - 120 lbs.
Trained by: DDP
Debut: 1998
Previous Gimmicks: The Diamond Doll
The Booty Babe
Notable Feuds: Miss Hancock
Diamond Dallas Page
Official Website:

Real Life
  • Kimberly is married to Diamond Dallas Page (real name Page Falkenburg)..

    The Diamond Doll
  • Kimberly debuted in WCW as Diamond Dallas Page's valet, known as "Diamond Doll"..
  • ~~~Dallas Page lost a match to Dave Sullivan, who was awarded a date with the Diamond Doll..
  • ~~~Dallas Page lost a match to Johnny B. Badd, freeing the Diamond Doll from DDP's "ownership"..
  • ~~~The Diamond Doll managed Johnny B. Badd for a while before dissappearing from WCW TV..

    The Booty Babe
  • Kimberly redebuted in WCW as the valet of The Booty Man, known as "The Booty Babe"..

    The Nitro Girls
  • July 14, 1997 - WCW Monday Nitro debuts the Nitro Girls led by Kimberly Page..
  • November 1, 1999 - Nitro: Spice announces she is the new leader of the Nitro Girls after Kimberly Page announces she quit the group..
  • ~~~This starts a feud between Spice and A.C. Jazz and the rest of the Nitro Girls..

    New Blood
  • Kimberly turned on Dallas Page and joined Eric Bischoff and The New Blood..
  • Kimberly quit WCW after Vince Russo asked her to flash her bare breasts in front of the fans and she rejected it..

  • Hollywood
  • Kimberly Page made her Film debut in the movie "Rat Race" but her scenes were only shown in the DVD "deleted scenes"..
  • Kimberly Page has a small role in the beginning of the horse racing movie Seabiscuit..
  • ~~~Kim plays the part of a Mexican prostitute that seduces one of the jockeys..
  • June 30, 2004: DDP announces on his website that he has seperated from Kimberly under mutual terms with "no bad blood at all"..
  • Kimberly Page will be appearing in Universal Pictures comedy "A 40 Year-Old Virgin," which stars Steve Carell..
  • Kimberly Page is currently in an infomercial for a Body by Jake product called the "cardio cruiser"..
  • Kimberly Page plays the lead villain role of Dragonfly in the upcoming independent movie "Monarch of the Moon"..