[Killer Kowalski Gallery]
Wrestler/Trainer: Killer Kawolski
Real Name: Wladek Kowalski
Birthday: October 13, 1926
Hometown: Born in Windsor, Ontario
Billed from Hamtramack, Michigan
Lives in Salem, Massachusetts
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 6'7" - 290lbs
Trained by: Lou Thesz
Debut: 1947
Previous Gimmicks: Tarzan Kowalski (St Louis)
The Masked Executioner
The Masked Destroyer
Finishing Move: The Claw
Favorite Moves: Flying Knee Drop
Notable Feuds: Whipper Watson
Yukon Eric
Bruno Sammartino
John Tolos
Mad Dog Vachon
Don Arnold
Pepper Gomez
Pedro Morales

Wrestlers who Killer Kowalski Trained:
Big John Studd
Mike Shaw
Misty Blu Simmes
Triple H
Perry Saturn
Slyk Wagner Brown
April Hunter
Chris Nowinski
Jonah Adelman

  • NWA Texas Heavyweight title defeating Buddy Rogers (1950);
  • NWA Texas Tag Team titles -by himself- (1950);
  • NWA Pacific Coast Tag Team titles w/Hans Herman (1951);
  • NWA Central States Heavyweight title defeating "Whipper" Billy Watson (1951);
  • Montreal International title (8 times 1952-62);
  • NWA (San Francisco) Pacific Coast Heavywieght title (1958);
  • (Vancouver) Pacific Coast Tag Team titles (1961,62);
  • WWWF United States Tag Team titles w/Gorilla Monsoon (1963);
  • IWA (Australia) World title (6 times 1964-67);
  • (Hawaii) United States Heavywieght title (1965);
  • IWA (Australia) World Tag titles (4 times 1967-71);
  • NWA (Los Angeles) Americas title defeating John Tolos (1972);
  • NWA (Los Angeles) Americas Tag Team titles w/Kinji Shibuya (1972);
  • (Montreal) Grand Prix Heavyweight title (1972);
  • NWA (Florida) Southern Heavyweight title (1975);
  • WWWF World Tag Team titles w/John Studd -as the Executioners- (1976);

  • In The Beginning:
  • Wladek Kowalski was born in Windsor, Ontario, and is the son of Polish immigrants..
  • Wladek Kowalski worked at an automobile factory with his father before getting into professional wrestling..

    Getting into the Business:
  • 1947: Wladek Kowalski debuted in the St. Louis territory as "Tarzan Kowalski"..
  • August 22, 1950: Wladek Kowalski defeated Buddy Rogers to win the NWA Texas Heavyweight title in Dallas, TX..
  • ~~~Wladek Kawolski also won the Texas Tag Team titles later the same year..
  • 1951: Wladek Kowalski defeated "Whipper" Billy Watson to win the Central States Heavyweight title..
  • Wladek Kowalski formed an almost undefeatable tag team with the german powerhouse Hans Herman..
  • ~~~1951: Wladek Kowalski & Hans Herman won the NWA Pacific Coast Tag Team titles in San Fransisco..
  • January 14, 1953: Wladek Kowalski wrestled Yukon Eric in the first pro wrestling match to be televised in Canada at the Montreal Forum..

    KILLER Kowalski:
  • 1954: Wladek Kowalski once again faced Yukon Eric at the Montreal Forum -- where he would earn the name "Killer" Kowalski..
  • ~~~During the match, Wladek Kowalski nailed Yukon Eric with flying knee drop, severing Eric's ear!
  • Killer Kowalski won the AWA/IWA (Montreal) World Heavyweight title a total of 8 times between 1952-1962..
  • Killer Kowalski travelled to New York City to be a part of the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF)..
  • ~~~Killer Kowalski established himself as a top heel on the east coast, and feuded with World Champion Bruno Sammartino..
  • 1963: Killer Kowalski teamed with a heel Gorilla Monsoon and won the WWWF United States Tag Team titles..
  • 1965: Killer Kowalski travelled to the NWA's Hawaiian territory and won the promotion's version of the U.S. Heavyweight title..
  • 1970: Killer Kowalski won the Texas Brass Knuckles title..
  • January 31, 1972: Killer Kowalski travelled to Los Angeles and beat John Tolos for the NWA America's Heavyweight title..
  • ~~~Killer Kowalski & Kinji Shibuya won the NWA America's Tag Team titles..

    Part Time Wrestler / Part Time Trainer:
  • Mid-1970s: Killer Kowalski began to direct more attention at training young up-and-comers..
  • May 11, 1976: Killer Kowalski teamed with one of his students, Big John Studd, under masks, calling themselves The Executioners..
  • ~~~The Executioners defeated Louis Cerdan & Tony Parisi to capture the WWWF Tag Team titles..
  • ~~~October 26, 1976: A third Executioner (Nikolai Volkoff) joined the group and the Executiners were stipped of the titles!
  • 1977: Killer Kowalski retired from professional wrestling, after nearly three decades and over 6000 matches..

    Killer Kowalski Institute of Professional Wrestling:
  • 1978: Killer Kowalski moved to Salem, Massachusetts (near Boston) and opened his own wrestling school..
  • Killer Kowalski has trained Perry Saturn, Triple H, and Chyna (Amung others)..
  • November 1987: Killer Kowalski appeared in the WWF old-timers battle royal which was won by Lou Thesz..
  • 1996: Killer Kowalski was inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame..
  • February 2002: Killer Kowalski was awarded with the Mike Mazurki Award, the Cauliflower Ally Club's top honor..
  • September 2003: Killer Kowalski closes down his Massachusetts-based wrestling school..
  • The name Killer Kowalski's Pro Wrestling School has been acquired by the Chaotic Training Center in North Andover, MA..
  • February 2004: Killer Kowalski sells his ring (the one Triple H, Chyna and others trained in) on EBay..
  • April 15, 2006--Big Time Wrestling: Killer Kowalski was honored by the promotions and all the wrestlers and gave a speech..