Wrestler: Kenji Shibuya
Real Name: Robert Shibuya
Hometown: Born in Utah
Relocated to Hayward, California
Claimed to be Japanese
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Debut: 1952
Previous Gimmicks: Sato Keomuka
Kinji Shibuya (Australia)
Finishing Move: Judo Chop to Throat
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds:
Joe Scarpa
Jim Hady
Victor Rivera
Red Bastein
Buddy Moreno
Art Dominguez
Pat Barrett
Gorilla Monsoon
Pat patterson
Buddy Moreno
Notable Feuds:
Pedro Morales
Great Goliath
Black Gordman
Earl Maynard
Dory Dixon
Bearcat Wright
Dan Miller
Ray Stevens
Red Bastein
Haystacks Calhoun

  • Kenji Shibuya claimed to be Japanese but the only time he was ever in japan was in changing planes en route to Australia..
  • Kenji Shibuya teamed with Masa Saito in Roy Shire's San Fransisco and Lebelle's Los Angeles and they were billed as cousins..
  • Kenji Shibuya also had a lot of success as a tag team with Mitsu Arakawa..
  • Kenji Shibuya lives in Hayward, CA, and takes care of the koi fish at the local Japanese Buddhist Temple ..