Kendo Nagasaki w/ manager "Gorgeous" George Gillette.
Wrestler: Kendo Nagasaki
(The ORIGINAL British Version)
Real Name: Peter Thornley
Birthday: October 19
Hometown: Stoke on Trent, UK
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 6'2" - 15 - 18 stones
Trained by:
Debut: November 1964
Previous Gimmicks:
Finishing Move: Kamakazie Crash
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds:

Article: A Column About British Wrestling


  • Kendo Nagasaki was one of the biggest draws of all time in British Wrestling, especially in the mid 70's to mid 80's period..

  • November 1964: Kendo Nagasaki's first professional contest against "Jumping" Jim Hussey at Willenhall Baths..
  • March 1966: Kendo Nagasaki defeated and unmasked Count Bartelli at the Victoria Hall, Hanley..
  • July 1971: Sensational TV contest with Billy Howes, the mask comes off in the heat of the battle causing confusion all around..
  • December 1971: Kendo Nagasaki appeared for the first time with manager George Gillett at Dumfries..
  • 1972: Kendo Nagasaki toured Canada and North America working for Stu Hart..
  • December 1975: Kendo Nagasaki was unmasked on television by Big Daddy..
  • November 1977: Kendo Nagasaki plays the role of Death Angel in Brian Glover's TV play "The Wild Bunch" for Granada Television..
  • Deceember 1977: Ceremonial unmasking ceremony at the Civic Hall Wolverhampton..
  • April 1978: Kendo Nagasaki appears as an unmasked wrestler for the first time in a contest at Croydon against Bronco Wells..
  • September 1978: Kendo Nagasaki retires on doctors orders from the ring and begins a new career in rock management..
  • March 1979: Kendo Nagasaki appears as guest on Big Daddy's This Is Your Life..
  • 1981-82 Kendo Nagasaki does a few appearances for Brian Dixon..
  • December 1986: Kendo Nagasaki makes a return to the ring at the London Hippodrome in a ladder match with Clive Myers..
  • September 1987: Kendo Nagasaki defeated Wayne Bridges at Bradford to become the WWA World Heavyweight Champion..
  • 1990: George Gillett dies and Lloyd Ryan officially becomes Kendo Nagasaki 's new manager..
  • October 1991: Kendo Nagasaki is robbed of the CWA World crown by Giant Haystacks..
  • ~~The giant deliberately pulls off the mask forcing Kendo to abandon the match..
  • January 1992: BBC2 acclaimed Masters Of The Canvas documentary on Peter Blake's desire to paint Kendo's portrait..
  • 1993: Kendo Nagasaki retires once more to concentrate on his role in commerce..
  • 1998: Kendo appears on the Granada documentary "Everything Stopped At 4 O'Clock" and in Paul Yates video "Images of Nagasaki"..
  • May 2000: Kendo Nagasaki accepts the Wrestler Of The Millennium trophy at Croydon, Hanley and Bristol..
  • March 2001: Kendo Nagasaki partners Vic Powers to victory in a charity tag ladder match against James Mason & Darren Walsh..
  • 2002: Kendo Nagasaki works on his autobiography..
  • November 2003: British legend Kendo Nagasaki is currently looking for a young wrestler to pass his 'powers' on to..