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Wrestler: Junk Yard Dog (1953-98)
Real Name: Sylvester Ritter
Birthday: December 13, 1953
Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 6'3" - 280 lbs
Trained by: Sonny King
Debut: 1978
Previous Gimmicks: Leroy Rochester
"Big Daddy" Ritter
Finishing Move: The Thump (powerslam)
Favorite Moves: Doggy Headbutts
Notable Feuds:
Ernie Ladd
Ted DiBiase
Leroy Brown
Jim Duggan
Butch Reed
One Man Gang
Paul Orndorff
Tully Blanchard
The Freebirds
Mr. Wrestling II
Bobby Eaton
Roddy Piper
Terry Fink
Hoss Funk
Jimmy Jack Funk
Adrian Adonis
Harley Race
Roddy Piper
Greg Valentine
"Outlaw" Ron Bass
Dino Bravo
Ric Flair
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In The Beginning
  • Sylvester Ritter was a 2-time honorable mention All-American on the gridiron at North Carolina's Fayetteville State University..
  • 1975: Sylvester Ritter graduated with a degree in political science and a minor in geography..
  • Sylvester Ritter was selected as a small-college All-American and later spent time in the Green Bay Packers organization..
  • ~~~He eventually had surgery on his knee and back, which put an end to his pro football career..
  • Sylvester Ritter found a new profession.... Professional Wrestling!

    Tennessee - Leroy Rochester
  • 1977: Sylvester Ritter debuted in the wrestling business for promoter Jerry Jarrett in Tennessee..
  • 1977: Sylvester Ritter honed his skills in Tennessee and eventually began wrestling as "Leroy Rochester" for promoter Nick Gulas..
  • 1978: Sylvester Ritter left the Tennessee area is briefly toured Germany..

    Stampede Wrestling - Big Daddy Ritter
  • 1978: Sylvester Ritter then joined Stu Hart's Stampede Wrestling in Calgary..
  • 1979: Sylvester Ritter, wrestling as "Big Daddy" Ritter, won the North American championship..

    Mid-South Wrestling - The Junk Yard Dog
  • Oklahoma-based promoter Cowboy Bill Watts gave Ritter the name (and gimmick), The Junk Yard Dog..
  • ~~~JYD's name came from a line in a Jim Croece song from the early '70s - "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown..
  • ~~~JYD also enjoyed big-money feuds in Mid-South with such stars as Jim Duggan, Butch Reed, Tully Blanchard & One Man Gang..
  • 1980: While feuding with The Fabulous Freebirds, JYD was "blinded" by the hair removal cream
  • 1984: David von Erich Memorial "Parade of Champions" at Texas Stadium: JYD defeated The Missing Link by DQ..

    World Wrestling Federation - The Junk Yard Dog
  • Mid-80s: Junk Yard Dog signed with the Vince McMahon Jr and the expanding World Wrestling Federation..
  • Junk Yard Dog became one of many Monster face's who never made it to the Main Event because of Hulk Hogan..
  • Junk Yard Dog was one of the first to enter the ring with his own theme music, that being "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen..
  • Junk Yard Dog even came up with his own song in 1986, called "Grab Them Cakes" with himself on lead vocals..
  • March 31, 1985 - Wrestlemania I: Junk Yard Dog defeated Intercontinental Champion Greg Valentine via COUNT OUT..
  • November 7, 1985 - Wrestling Classic: Junk Yard Dog defeated Randy Savage in the finals to win the Wrestling Classic tournament..
  • January 4, 1986 - SNME: Junk Yard Dog & Ricky Steamboat defeated Mr. Fuji & Don Muraco..
  • February 15, 1986 - SNME: Junk Yard Dog defeated Adrian Adonis..
  • April 2, 1986 - Wrestlemania II: Junk Yard Dog & Tito Santana were defeated by Hoss (Dory Jr) & Terry Funk..
  • May 3, 1986 - SNME: Hulk Hogan & Junk Yard Dog defeated The Funk Brothers (Dory Jr. & Terry)
  • January 3, 1987 - SNME: Junk Yard Dog defeated Harley Race via DQ..
  • March 27, 1987 - Wrestlemania III: Junk Yard Dog was defeated by King Harley Race and was order to bow to the King..
  • ~~~JYD instead curtsied and then nailed the King with a chair!
  • Junk Yard Dog formed a short-lived tag team with George "The Animal" Steele..
  • Summerslam 1988: Junk Yard Dog was defeated by Ravishing Rick Rude by DQ when Jake Roberts interfered..
  • August 1988: Junk Yard Dog left the World Wrestling Federation due to some personal problems..

    National Wrestling Alliance - The Junk Yard Dog
  • Junk Yard Dog resurfaced later in the National Wrestling Alliance..
  • Junk Yard Dog scored several non-title victories over NWA world champion Ric Flair..
  • June 13, 1990 - "Coastal Crunch" Clash of Champions: Junkyard Dog defeated Ric Flair by DQ..
  • May 1989: Junk Yard Dog was fired for no-showing a major live appearance and later a pay-per-view..

    World Championship Wrestling - The Junk Yard Dog
  • 1992: Bill Watts took over WCW and brought his old friend (Ritter) back in for one last run..
  • Junk Yard Dog was put in a group called "Dudes With Attitudes" along with Sting, Lex Luger & Paul Orndorff..

    Retirement - The Junk Yard Dog
  • May 1998 - ECW Wrestlepalooza: JYD made an appearance along with Bob Armstrong, Dick Slater and Masked Superstar..
  • ~~~Junk Yard Dog was honored as a "hardcore legend," and got the biggest pop of the night, to the thunderous cheers of "JYD!"
  • June 2, 1998: Sylvester Ritter was the victim of a fatal one-car accident..
  • ~~~Ritter was killed about 11:40 a.m. on Interstate 20 near Forest, Mississippi..
  • ~~~Ritter was returning home from his daughter's high school graduation in Wadesboro, N.C..
  • ~~~Ritter was 45-years old at the time of his death..
  • Famous Quote: "I'm sure enough in living colour!"
  • March 13, 2004 - WWE: Junk Yard Dog is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame during a ceremony in New York City!
  • ~~~Junk Yard Dog's daughter (Latoya Ritter) was on hand to accept the honor in place of her father..
  • March 14, 2004 - Wrestlemania XX: Junk Yard Dog is honored with all the other Hall of Fame inductees during the Pay Per View..