Wrestler: Jonathan Boyd
Real Name: Jonathan Barry Boyle
Birthday: October 21, 1944
Hometown: Originally from Sydney, Australia
Moved to Portland, Oregon (1987)
Marital Status: Divorced three times
Height & Weight:
Trained by: Al Morgan
Debut: 1966
Previous Gimmicks: "Pretty Boy" Johnny Boyd
"Wild Colonial Boy" Johnny Boyd
Maniac Jonathan Boyd
Finishing Move: The Neck Breaker
Favorite Moves: The Iron Claw
Notable Feuds: Bobby Jaggers
Roddy Piper
Dutch Savage

  • NWA (Pacific Northwest) Tag Team titles (7 Times);
  • NWA (Pacific Northwest) Heavyweight title (3 Times);
  • Stampede International Tag Team titles ();
  • NWA Georgia Television title ();
  • NWA Southeastern Tag Team title ();
  • Southern Tag Team titles (7 Times);
  • SCW (San Antonio) Southwest Tag Team titles ();
  • NWA Alabama title ();
  • Texas All-Star USA 6-Man Tag Team titles ();
  • ICW/IWCCW Heavyweight title ();

  • The Royal Kangaroos:
  • Jonathan Boyd was a member of the famous "Royal Kangaroos" tag team with partner Norman Frederick Charles III..

    The New Zealand Sheepherders:
  • Jonathan Boyd would become a member of, and later the manager of, The Sheepherders (Luke Williams & Butch Miller)..
  • ~~~The team of Jonathan Boyd & Luke Williams started out as the "Kiwi Sheephearders" and then the "New Zealand Sheepherders"..
  • ~~~Jonathan Boyd had an accident and was replaced by Butch Miller, and the team was then known as "The Sheephearders"..
  • Jonathan Boyd had three different partners as The Sheepherders - Big Foot, Luke Williams, Rip Morgan...

    The Sheepherders (Southeastern Wrestling):
  • Late 1981: The Sheepherders (Jonathan Boyd & Luke Williams) first entered Southeastern Wrestling in Alabama..
  • ~~~The Sheepherders were managed by Billy Golden, who was said to be the father of Jimmy Golden..
  • ~~~When they turned on Billy Golden, Jimmy Golden joined Robert & Ron Fuller feuding with the Sheepherders..
  • ~~~This is how the famous feud between The Sheepherders and the Welch family all started.
  • Early 1982: Ox Baker briefly managed The Sheepherders (Jonathan Boyd & Luke Williams) in Birmingham, Alabama..

    Boyd's Commonwealth Army (Southwest Championship Wrestling):
  • Jonathan Boyd was the manager of a group called "Boyd's Commonwealth Army" in Southwest Championship Wrestling..
  • ~~~The group consisted of Adrian Street and his valet Linda, The Sheepherders (Luke Williams & Butch Miller) & Eric Embry..

    Jonathan Boyd (Portland Wrestling):
  • 1987: Jonathan Boyd moved from Memphis to Oregon..
  • Jonathan Boyd was also famous for beating up his opponents with a Boomerang!
  • December 25, 1989: Jonathan Boyd (in his final match) defeated Rex King in Portland, Oregon..

  • http://www.wrestlingclassics.com/fe/fe-jonathanboyd.php - The Strange Life & Times of Jonathan Boyd..