Wrestler: Johnny Rich
Real Name: Rod Wilsford
Birthday: November 21, 1958
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Marital Status: Single
Height & Weight: 6'1" - 245 lbs
Trained by: Tojo Yamamoto
Debut: 1978
Previous Gimmicks: Roy Rogers (Tennessee)
The Intern -masked-
Johnny Richardson?
Johnny "Crash" Rich
Finishing Move: The Flying Elbow
Favorite Moves: The Oklahoma Roll
The Sunset Flip
Notable Feuds: Pat Rose
Randy Rose
The Nightmares
Robert Fuller
Jimmy Golden
Tom Pritchard
Jerry Stubbs
Dirty White Boy

  • Johnny Rich is the legitimate cousin of Tommy Rich..
  • Johnny Rich started out in Tennessee under the name "Roy Rogers"..
  • Johnny Rich had pretty good runs in Georgia and Southeastern/Continental territory..
  • Late 1985: Johnny Rich formed a tag team with Scott Armstrong & Steve Armstrong & The Tonga Kid called The R.A.T. Patrol..
  • Early 1986: Johnny Rich formed a tag team with his cousin Tommy Rich and feuded with The Nightmares (Ken Wayne/Danny Davis)..
  • ~~~The Nightmares poured Kayo Syrup on Johnny, dumped feathers on him and dubbed him "The Birmingham Bird"!
  • Johnny Rich lost a "loser-leaves-town" to Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden, but came back under a mask as "The Intern"..
  • Summer 1986: The Intern, Tommy Rich & Steve Armstrong feuded with Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden & Dr. Tom Prichard..
  • September 1986: Both Tommy & Johnny Rich left the Alabama wrestling circuit..
  • Johnny Rich showed up in the AWA for a while, then came back to Continental in mid 1987..
  • 1988: Johnny Rich & David Haskins formed the "Party Patrol" and were the primary team in Ron Fuller's USA Wrestling in Knoxville..
  • ~~Continental bought USA Wrestling, changed it's name to CWF, Johnny & David feuded with Jerry Stubbs & Dirty White Boy..
  • October 27, 1991 - WCW Halloween Havoc: Big Josh & PN News defeated The Creatures (Joey Maggs & Johnny Rich)..
  • Early-Mid 1990s: Johnny Rich made several appearances on WCW Saturday Night..