Wrestler: Johnny Powers
Real Name: Dennis Waters
Birthday: March 23, 1943
Hometown: Originally Hamilton, Ontario
Moved to Toronto, Ontario
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 6'4" - 265 lbs
Trained by:
Debut: 1963
Previous Gimmicks: The Golden Adonis
Lord Anthony Landsdown
The Blonde Bomber
Finishing Move: Powerlock (Figure Four)
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: The Love Brothers
The Gallagher Brothers
Eric The Red
Waldo Von Erich
JB Psycho
Moose Cholak
Killer Karl Krupp
Ernie Ladd
Crusher Verdue
Johnny valentine

  • NWF World title (Buffalo-Cleveland) 1970-73 (2);
  • NWF World Tag Team titles w/Jacques Rougeau 1973;
  • NWF North American title 1971-73 (5);

  • Johnny Powers first got involved in pro wrestling at age 17 in Michigan..
  • 1963: Johnny Powers (age 20) formally turned pro in Detroit and wrestled Ivan Kalmikoff..
  • 1965: Johnny Powers briefly turned heel and was managed by Bobby Davis, who once managed Buddy Rogers..
  • Johnny Powers dyed his hair blond and wrestled as Johnny Powers, the Golden Adonis..
  • Early 70s: Johnny Powers was the NWF World champion in the Buffalo-Cleveland territory..
  • Johnny Powers turned heel, betraying The Cat Ernie Ladd..
  • Johnny Powers became well-known in Japan after being brought in by Antonio Inoki in the mid-1970s..
  • 1973: Johnny Powers & Pat Patterson were billed as NWA North American tag champs for the tour of Japan..
  • 1973: Johnny Powers was defeated by Antonio Inoki for the NWF World title on this tour..
  • Late 70s: Johnny Powers wrestled as North American champion in the New Japan promotion..
  • 1982: Johnny Powers retired from wrestling, but returned a year later for a series of matches with the proceeds donated to charity..
  • Johnny Powers' fighting career included 5,007 fights in 27 countries in which he won over 3,000 of those fights..
  • Johnny Powers is now a businessman in Ontario and heads a media and technology solutions company in Toronto..