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Wrestler: John Kronus
Real Name: George Caiazo
Hometown: Boston, MASS
Marital Status: Married w/Kids
Height & Weight: 6'3" - 273 lbs.
Trained by: Walter "Killer" Kowalski
Debut: 1989
Previous Gimmicks: Kronus
Finishing Move: Flying 450 Splash
Favorite Moves:
Kronus Krunch (Flying Somersault Leg Drop)
Hurricane Kronus (Handspring Double Elbow Smash)
Skytwister Press
Space Flying Kronus Drop
Release Dragon Suplex
Corner Slingshot Corkscrew Somersault Senton.
Notable Feuds: The Dudley Boyz
The Gangstas

  • ECW Tag Team titles w/Perry Saturn (3);
  • ECW Tag Team titles w/New Jack (1);
  • USWA Tag Team titles;

  • John Kronus is best known for teaming with Perry Saturn as The Eliminators in ECW..
  • John Kronus also teamed with New Jack as The Gangstinators after Perry Saturn left ECW for WCW..
  • John Kronus jumped to XPW in mid-1999 and worked for them from then until late 2000..
  • December 1, 2002--Assault Championship Wrestling: The Prowlers beat Ron Zombie & John Kronus..
  • June 10, 2005 - Hardcore Homecoming: The Gangstinators (New Jack & Kronus) had a bloody brawl with The Bad Breed (Axl & Ian)..
  • ~~~This was not an official match, just pure unadulturated violence!!!!! | New Jack cut his usual promo after the match...
  • November 4, 2005 - Hardcore Homecoming: Balls Mahoney defeated John Kronus..