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Team: J.O.B. Squad
Members: Al Snow
Bob Holly
Blue Meanie
Debut: 1998
Titles: WWF Light Heavyweight Title
WWF Hardcore Title
Previous Identities: Sparky Plugg (Holly)
Flash Funk (Too Cold)
Lief Cassidy (Snow)
Avatar (Snow)
Shinobi (Snow)
Bluedust (Meanie)
Notable Feuds: Too Much
The Brood

  • November 8, 1998: Bob Holly & Scorpio defeated Too Much..
  • November 15, 1998 - Sunday Night Heat: Bob Holly & Scorpio defeated L.O.D. 2000..
  • November 21, 1998 - Sunday Night Heat: The J.O.B. Squad defeated Too Much..
  • November 22, 1998 - RAW: The J.O.B. Squad help Mankind defeat Ken Shamrock & Big Bossman in a triple threat match..
  • ~~~Later on in the show new J.O.B. Squad member Duane Gill defeats Christian for the Light Heavyweight title..
  • ~~~Later, the J.O.B. Squad defeats the New Age Outlaws after Bossman, Shamrock, Mankind other JOB Squad members interfer..
  • November 29, 1998 - Sunday Night Heat: Duane Gill vs Christian ends in a double DQ after the Blue Meanie interfers..
  • November 30, 1998 - RAW: Duane Gill defeats Marc Maro, who said he would retire if he lost the match..
  • December 28, 1998 - RAW: Al Snow goes whacko and beats up HEAD who now has no hair a missing eye and tape over its mouth..
  • ~~~Al Snow is DQed when he starts to beat the crap out of Edge with HEAD..
  • ~~~The Brood runs in, the J.O.B. Squad runs in, and Al whacks Duane with HEAD and runs away!!
  • Rock Bottom 1998: Duane Gill defeats Matt Hardy -- The Brood defeated Al Snow / Scorpio / Bob Holly..
  • The J.O.B. Squad folded when Scorpio was let go by the WWF, Gillberg was AWOL..
  • There was a set up where Al Snow had a match with himself, Bob Holly came down to the ring to stop Al from hurting himself..
  • This led to a Hardcore feud between Al Snow & Bob Holly over the Hardcore title..