[Jimmy Golden Gallery]
Wrestler: Jimmy Golden
Bunkhouse Buck (WCW)
Real Name: James Golden
Hometown: Bucksnort, TN
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Debut: 1968
Previous Gimmicks:
Finishing Move: The Piledriver
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Dusty Rhodes
Dustin Rhodes
Nasty Boys
Harlem Heat

  • (Tennessee/Alabama) World Tag Team titles w/Robert Fuller;
  • NWA Florida Tag Team titles;
  • (Alabama) Continental Tag Team titles w/Robert Fuller (2);
  • CWF (Alabama) Tag Team titles (2);
  • ASCW (Tennessee) Heavyweight title (4);
  • NWA (Alabama/Tennessee) Southeastern Heavyweight title (8);
  • NWA (Alabama/Tennessee) Southeastern Tag Team titles (6);
  • CWA Memphis Tag Team titles (2);
  • Southern (Knoxville) Tag Team titles;
  • ASCW (Tennessee) Tag Team titles (2);
  • SCW (Tennessee) Southern Heavyweight title;
  • SSW (Tennessee) eavyweight title;
  • WCWA (World Class Wrestling Association) World Tag Team titles w/Robert Fuller;
  • WCW (World Championship Wrestling) World Tag Team titles w/Dick Slater;
  • TMW (Tennessee Mountain Wrestling) Heavyweight title;
  • IRW (Tennessee) Tag Team title;
  • NWA (Morganton) Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight title;
  • HWA (Heartland Wrestling Association) Barroom-Brawler title;
  • SSW (Tennessee) Young Guns Television title;
  • NWA Rocky Top Heavyweight title defeating Tom Prichard (August 19, 2005);

  • Jimmy Golden is the cousin of Robert Fuller (aka Col Robert Parker)..
  • Jimmy Golden first wrestled for his father, promoter Billy Golden, out of Montgomery, Alabama in the early 70's..
  • Jimmy Golden wrestled in the Tennessee area and teamed with Dennis Hall and Ricky Gibson a lot..
  • Jimmy Golden & Robert Fuller then formed one of the longest-running teams of all-time in Alabama..
  • Bunkhouse Buck teamed with Dick Slater in WCW..
  • 2000: Jimmy Golden won the revived Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight title..
  • July 3, 2004--Premier Championship Wrestling: Bunkhouse Buck (original) defeated Angelo Young..
  • July 17, 2004--Iron Ring Wrestling: Bunkhouse Buck defeated The Big Bossman..
  • August 7, 2004--Continental Championship Wrestling Reunion: Jimmy Golden & Steve Armstrong defeated Brad & Scott Armstrong..
  • November 26, 2004--Unknown Promotion: Jimmy Golden defeated The Bullet (Bob Armstrong)..
  • November 27, 2004--Continental Championship Wrestling: The Bullet & Nightmare (Ted Allen) NC Steve Armstrong & Jimmy Golden..
  • January 18, 2005--Big Orange Pro Wrestling: Thunder Valley Express/Jimmy Golden beat Tony Pritchard/Mike Ogle/Dusty Sharp-DQ..
  • January 27, 2005--United Wrestling Association: Jimmy Golden & Tony Prichard defeated The Boss & Alex Hutton..
  • March 11, 2005--UCW/ECB Championship Wrestling: Jimmy Golden defeated Dr. Tom Prichard for the Texas Heavyweight Title..
  • March 12, 2005--UCW/ECB Championship Wrestling: Dr. Tom Prichard defeated Jimmy Golden for the Texas Heavyweighttitle..
  • March 26, 2005--Southern Wrestling Alliance: The Barbarian defeated Bunkhouse Buck by Disqualification..
  • April 8, 2005--A Nostalgia Show: Bob & Scott Armstrong beat Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden to win the NWA National Tag titles
  • April 15, 2005--Superstars Of Wrestling: Demolition Ax defeated Bunkhouse Buck..
  • May 13, 2005--Wrestle Birmingham: Wendell Cooley defeated Jimmy Golden by Disqualification..
  • June 11, 2005--NWA Wrestle Birmingham: Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden beat Bullet & Scott Armstrong to win the Tag Titles..
  • July 17, 2005--Iron Ring Wrestling: Eddie & Jimmy Golden defeated Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton by DQ..
  • August 12, 2005--Wrestle Inc.: Bob & Brad & Scott Armstrong beat Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden & Elix Skipper..
  • August 19, 2005--NWA Rocky Top: Jimmy Golden defeated Tom Prichard to win the Heavyweight title..
  • November 6, 2005--Iron Ring Wrestling: Larry Zbyszko vs Jimmy Golden ended in Double DQ..
  • February 3, 2006--NWA Wrestle Birmingham: Jimmy Golden (as Bunkhouse Buck) defeated McNasty by DQ..
  • April 7, 2006--NWA Wrestle-Birmingham: Jimmy Powell & McNasty defeated Bullet Bob Armstrong & Jimmy Golden
  • September 2, 2006--Big Time Wrestling: Jimmy Golden defeated Dr. Tom Prichard....