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Broadcaster: Jim Ross
Real Name: James Ross
Hometown: Oaklahoma
Marital Status: Married to Jan w/Kids
Notable Feuds: Triple H
Steve Austin
Vince McMahon
Eric Bischoff
The Coach
Muhammad Hassan
Khosrow Daivari

In The Beginning:
  • 1975: Jim Ross graduated from Bill Kinnamon's Umpire School..
  • Jim Ross worked as a referee for the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Conference..
  • Jim Ross later became a commentator for college football..
  • 1982: Jim Ross spent one year as a color commentator for the Atlanta Falcons and was co-host of the Jerry Glanville Show..
  • Jim Ross worked his way up the ladder of success, scoring a job with the Mid-South, UWF & NWA..

    Getting into the Business:
  • Jim Ross started in the NWA territory as a ring announcer and interviewer..
  • ~~~His primary duties where to say, "Welcome everyone, here's Cowboy Bill Watt's"..
  • 1986: Jim Ross became head play-by-play man and called his first World's title Match between Ric Flair & Ted DiBiase..
  • Jim Ross continued to hone his skills and build his legacy until his falling out with the NWA..

    World Wrestling Federation:
  • Jim Ross made his first World Wrestling Federation appearance at WrestleMania 9 -- dressed in a Toga!
  • 1993: Jim Ross joined Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler on WWF Monday Night RAW and PPV events..
  • October 1996: Jim Ross became an on-air heel character and introduced a "Fake" version of Razor Ramon & Deisel..
  • ~~~Jim Ross had a War-of-words with WWF President Gorilla Monsoon. Ross was suspended but lawyers got him reinstated..
  • Late 1997: Jim Ross became the head play-by-play man when Vince McMahon became a heel character..
  • Jim Ross is the Senior Vice President of Talent Relations win the WWE..
  • ~~~Job description: signing, releasing, scouting, and advising WWF superstars young and old..
  • December 1998: Jim Ross suffered a tragedy in his life when his mother passed away..
  • December 1998: Jim Ross suffered a second bout of bells palsy, which is a form of facial paralysis, and is replaced by Michael Cole..
  • March 1, 1999 - RAW: Jim Ross returned to RAW and confronted Bart Gunn about knocking out Steve Williams in the Brawl4All..
  • ~~~Jim Ross claimed Bart Gunn was responsible for his bells palsy and ordered Steve Williams to attack Bart Gunn!
  • March 8, 1999 - RAW: Jim Ross confronted Michael Cole and kicked him in the crotch and rejoined the commentary position..
  • ~~~Terry Taylor was ordered by Vince McMahon to get rid of Jim Ross and sit in on commentary for the night..
  • ~~~Jim Ross called Terry Taylor the "Red Rooster", a glorified mid-carder with a poor win-loss record!
  • March 15, 1999 - RAW: Jim Ross had his own little announce table constructed at ringside so he could do commentary on RAW..
  • October 11, 1999 - RAW: Steve Austin & Jim Ross vs Triple H & Chyna ended in a No Contest after a brawl!
  • Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler are the full-time Broadcast Announcers on WWF/E television..
  • Jim Ross is best known as play-by-play announcer for WWF RAW and Pay-Per-View..
  • Jim Ross makes his own world famous BBQ Sauce..

    World Wrestling Entertainment:
  • November 26, 2001 - RAW: Vince McMahon tried to force Steve Austin to be the next member of the "Kiss My Ass Club"..
  • ~~~Steve Austin attacked Vince McMahon until Kurt Angle made the save and brawled with Austin threw the crowd..
  • ~~~Vince McMahon saw Jim Ross laughing and called him into the ring to be the next to join the Kiss My Ass Club..
  • ~~~The Undertaker came to Jim Ross' rescue, but turned heel and forced JR's face against Vince's ass!
  • December 23, 2002 - RAW: Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross def William Regal & Lance Storm with help from the Dudleyz and some brass knux!
  • February 10, 2003 - RAW: Jim Ross is fired by Eric Bischoff but is rehired by Vince McMahon later in the show..
  • February 17, 2003 - RAW: Eric Bischoff beat Jim Ross after Chief Morely interfered, and Bischoff smashed a cinder block on JR's face..
  • March 31, 2003 - RAW: Eric Bischoff fires Steve Austin, Jim Ross makes some aggressive comments towards Bischoff's leadership..
  • April 7, 2003 - RAW: Eric Bischoff confronts Jim Ross about some comments he made last week, and JR gets pissed off and QUITS!
  • May 5, 2003 - RAW: Jim Ross gets his job back, thanks to Jerry Lawler, who had to defeat Sean Morely to get JR his job back!
  • July 14, 2003 - RAW: Kane snaps during an interview and douses Jim Ross in Gasoline and lights him on fire!!!
  • August 11, 2003 - RAW: Jim Ross returns to his announce position on RAW, unceremoneously kicking The Coach out of the spot!
  • September 15, 2003 - RAW: Jonathan Coachman & Al Snow took over RAW for one match to show how much better they are..
  • ~~~Jerry Lawler challanged Al Snow to a match, and defeated him, and The Coach cheapshotted Jim Ross afterwards!
  • September 21, 2003 - Unforgiven: The Coach & Al Snow beat JR & Jerry Lawler to win the right to announce RAW on Mondays!
  • September 29, 2003 - RAW: Jim Ross beat The Coach in a "country whippin" match to reclaim the announce position with The King!
  • November 24, 2003 - RAW ROULETTE: Jim Ross was the inadvertant winner of the "Capture the Midget" contest..
  • April 9, 2004: John Laurinatis officially replaces Jim Ross as the Vice President of WWE Talent Relations..
  • ~~~JR's internal position is now as Executive Vice President, Business Strategies -- working more closely to Vince McMahon..
  • June 14, 2004 - RAW: Jim Ross tries to initiate a handshake between Triple H & Shawn Michaels after their Hell in a Cell match..
  • ~~~Kane showed up and attacked Shawn Michaels (HHH ran away) and put HBK's head between a folding chair and stomped it!
  • ~~~A bloodied HBK was stretchered out as is out of action with a "crushed larynx" (storyline)..
  • December 27, 2004 - RAW: Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari accuse Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler of broadcasting propaganda!
  • January 3, 2005 - RAW: Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari attacked Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler during a political debate!
  • January 9, 2005 - New Year's Revolution: Muhammad Hassan w/Khosrow Daivari defeated Jerry "The King" Lawler w/Jim Ross..
  • January 24, 2005: Today was declared Jim Ross Day in the state of Oklahoma by Governor Brad Henry..
  • January 24, 2005 - RAW: Jim Ross is honored with Jim Ross Day and a special appearance by the Legendary Danny Hodge..
  • ~~~Of course, Triple H & Ric Flair interrupted and assaulted Danny Hodge and Stacy Keibler until Randy Orton made the save..
  • April 18, 2005 - RAW: Jim Ross defeated Triple H in a NO DQ match when Batista knocked HHH out and placed JR's arm on his chest!
  • ~~~Jim Ross took a hellacious beating during this match and ended up with a crimson mask and a black eye..
  • October 10, 2005 - RAW: Vince, Linda & Stephanie McMahon collectively fired Jim Ross and Linda kicked him between the legs!
  • October 14, 2005: Jim Ross underwent a medical procedure to his colon in hopes of alleviating pain he has been enduring for weeks..
  • ~~~They found something massive in his intestines that will need to be extracted through surgery next week in Oklahoma..
  • October 17, 2005 - RAW: Steve Austin called out Vince McMahon to confront him about Jim Ross getting fired the week before..
  • ~~~Stephanie McMahon came out instead and set up a match between Austin & The Coach on PPV for JR's remployment..
  • October 18, 2005: Jim Ross underwent surgery to remove part of his colon...................
  • October 24, 2005 - RAW: Vince McMahon stooped to new lows, airing a skit featuring himself performing surgury on JR's butt..
  • ~~~Vince McMahon (Dr. Hiney) and his assistant (Nurse Slobberknockers) pulled object after object out of JR's posterior..
  • ~~~The final punchline came after Vince pulled a bust of JR's head out and said "JR, you had your head up your ass!".
  • March 18, 2006 - SNME: Jim Ross returns for one night as commentator along with SD!'s Tazz and RAW's Jerry Lawler..
  • March 2006: Jim Ross returned as the host of a WWE 24/7 program featuring round-table discussions with various wrestling legends..
  • March 26, 2006--Live Event (SD! crew): Jim Ross interviewed Steve "Dr. Death" Williams (interrupted by Mr. Ken Kennedy)...
  • April 2, 2006 - WrestleMania 22: Jim Ross returned to the announce booth calling RAW matches along with Jerry "The King" Lawler..
  • April 17, 2006 - RAW: Jim Ross Interviewed Chavo Guerrero about his decision to QUIT WWE and he stood by his choice..
  • May 8, 2006 - RAW: Jerry "The King" Lawler welcomes "Good Ol'" Jim Ross back to the job to resume his announcing duties..
  • June 7, 2006 - WWE vs ECW: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler (for WWE) and Joey Styles & Tazz (for ECW) bickered all night long..
  • September 25, 2006 - RAW in Oklahoma: Jim Ross thanked the fans for coming only to have the male stripper from ECW interrupt..
  • ~~~Wearing an Oregon shirt to offer his condolences for beating Oklahoma-U, he did a striptease until JR bashed him with the mic!
  • September 26, 2006--ECW on Sci Fi: Jim Ross made an appearance on ECW to endorse The Sandman and share some beers with him!
  • Jim Ross won the Best Announcer Award in the 2006 Awards...
  • March 26, 2007 - RAW: They announced Jim Ross would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame (huge standing ovation)..
  • March 31, 2007 - Hall of Fame: Good Ol' Jim Ross was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Stone Cold Steve Austin..
  • April 1, 2007 - WrestleMania 23: Jim Ross and the other HOF inductees were introduced to the audience at Fords Field in Detroit..