Manager/Promoter: Jim Cornette
Real Name:
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Marital Status:
Trained by:
Notable Fueds: Rock N Roll Express
Lex Luger
Shawn Michaels
Combat Zone Wrestling
Jeff Jarrett (TNA)
Homicide (ROH)

Article: Manager's Corner: Jim Cornette

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Wrestlers who Jim Cornette has Managed:
Midnight Express
Bobby Eaton
Stan Lane
Big Bubba Rogers
The Fantastics
Dynamic Dudes
Rock N Roll Express
Heavenly Bodies
Tom Prichard
Jimmy Del Ray
Al Snow
Jeff Jarrett
New Midnight Express
Salvatore Sincere
Owen Hart
British Bulldog
Ron Powers
The Briscoe Brothers
Matt Morgan

Mid-South Wrestling
  • 1984: Jim Cornette debuted in Mid-South Wrestling as the manager of The Galaxians (Ken Wayne & Danny Davis)..
  • Jim Cornette managed the Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey)..
  • Jim Cornette and The Midnight Express went after Magnum TA & Mr Wrestling II (reigning Mid-South Tag Team Champions)..
  • ~~~They even resorted to the tasteless insult of tarring and feathering Magnum on TV!
  • Spring 1984: The Midnight Express defeated Magnum TA & Mr Wrestling II to win the Mid-South Tag Team titles..
  • ~~~The Rock n Roll Express spoiled the celebration party by smashing the cake in Cornette’s face..
  • ~~~Bill Watts reran the incident repeatedly on Mid-South Television, which enraged Jim Cornette!
  • ~~~Bill Watts ended up slugging Jim Cornette!
  • ~~~Jim Cornette and the Midnight’s gained revenge by attacking Watts the following week..
  • ~~~This led to a series of Bill Watts/Junkyard Dog vs Jim Cornette/Midnight Express matches..
  • The Midnight Express were defeated by Mr Wrestling II & III (masked RockNRoll Express) for the Mid-South tag team titles..
  • ~~~This officially ignited one of the longest running feuds in the history of wrestling..
  • ~~~They traded the belts back and forth and eventually engaged in a series of scaffold matches..
  • Jim Cornette hired Hercules Hernandez as his bodyguard for protection from Hacksaw Jim Duggan..
  • October 1984: Hercules defeated Jim Duggan faced off at the Superdome in a hair vs. hair match..
  • ~~~But Jim Cornette was the one who wound up bald after all the babyfaces in the arena shaved his head!
  • Jim Cornette began wearing a mask on Mid-South Television to hide his bald head..
  • The Midnight Express absolutely demolished The Fantastics with steel chairs during a contract signing..

    World Class Championship Wrestling
  • December 1984: Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express moved to World Class Championship Wrestling..
  • The Midnight Express defeated the Fantastics to win the World Class Tag Team titles..

    National Wrestling Alliance
  • February 2, 1986: Jim Cornette led the Midnight Express (Eaton/Condrey) past the RockNRoll Express for the NWA World Tag titles..
  • Great American Bash 1986 Tour: Jim Cornette faced Baby Doll in a series of matches..
  • Jim Cornette hired Big Bubba Rogers as his personal security..
  • May 16, 1987: Jim Cornette's new Midnight Express (Lane & Eaton) captured the NWA US Tag Team title, in a 6-team tournament..
  • September 10, 1988: The Midnight Express defeated Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson for the NWA World Tag Team title..
  • Dec 1988: Paul E. Dangerously brought in the Original Midnight Express (Rose/Condrey) to feud with Cornette's Midnight Express..
  • Starrcade 1988: Jim Cornette's Midnight Express defeated Dangerously's Midnight Express..
  • Chi-town Rumble 1989: Jim Cornette's Midnight Express defeated Dangerously's Midnight Express (Jack Victory & Rose)..
  • Clash of the Champions IX: Jim Cornette's Midnight Express defeated the Dynamic Dudes (Shane Douglas and Johnny Ace)..
  • Great American Bash 1989: Jim Cornette defeated Paul E. Dangerously in a "tuxedo street fight"..
  • May 19, 1990 - Capitol Combat: The Midnight Express defeated Tom Zenk & Brian Pillman to win their 3rd U.S. Tag Team title..
  • Jim Cornette left WCW shortly after -- he would jokingly sent a black wreath to WCW president Jim Herd..

    Smokey Mountain Wrestling
  • 1991: Jim Cornette left WCW to formed his own wrestling group, Smoky Mountain Wrestling..
  • Jim Cornette managed the Heavenly Bodies --- (Stan Lane and Tom Prichard)..
  • April 1992 - January 1993: Jim Cornette guided the Heavenly Bodies to five Smokey Mountain Tag Team titles..
  • ~~~Stane Lane & Tom Prichard feuded with the Fantastics (Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton) and the Rock'n'Roll Express..
  • ~~~When Stan Lane retired and left Smoky Mountain Wrestling, Jim Cornette replaced him with Jimmy Del Ray..

    World Wrestling Federation
  • 1993: Jim Cornette, still running his Smoky Mountain promotion, excepted a job with the World Wrestling Federation..
  • Survivor Series 1993: Jim Cornette signed a deal with the WWF to showcase Smokey Mountain Wrestling on the PPV..
  • ~~~The Heavenly Bodies defeated The RockNRoll Express to win the Smokey Mountain Tag Team titles..
  • Jim Cornette co-managed (with Mr. Fuji) the federation's champion, the late Yokozuna..
  • Royal Rumble 1994: Yokozuna (w/Jim Cornette & Fuji) successfully defended the WWF title against the Undertaker in a casket match..
  • Wrestlemania XI: Jim Cornette led Yokozuna & Owen Hart to captured the WWF World Tag Team title from Sunny's Smokin' Gunns..
  • April 8, 1995: Jim Cornette led Buddy Landell to the Smokey Mountain Heavywieght title defeating Bobby Blaze..
  • In Your House II: Yokozuna & Owen Hart defeated Lex Luger & Davey Boy Smith to retain..
  • Late 1995: Jim Cornette started managing Davey Boy Smith..
  • December 1995: Jim Cornette folded his Smoky Mountain Wrestling promotion, then agreed to work full time with the WWF..
  • Wrestlemania XII: Jim Cornette guided Owen, Davey & Vader to defeat Ahmed Johnson, Jake "The Snake" Roberts & Yokozuna..
  • In Your House III: Jim Cornette guided Vader to a victory over Razor Ramon (Scott Hall)..
  • 1997: Jim Cornette was instrumental in introducing a NWA angle, a movement towards more traditional wrestling..
  • Unforgiven 1998: Jim Cornette's new Midnight Express (Bart Gunn & Bob Holly) defeated the Rock 'n' Roll Express..
  • July 3, 2000: Jim Cornette had surgury for a hernia..

    GO JIM!
  • June 1, 2002 - An incident at Bert Prentice's USA Wrestling show in Nashville backstage involving Jim Cornette & Ed Ferrara..
  • ~~~Ed Ferrara went to shake Jim Cornette's hand..
  • ~~~Jim Cornette started telling him off about insulting his friend Jim Ross with the "Oklahoma" gimmick..
  • ~~~Jim Cornette spit in Ed Ferrara's eye before the altercation was broken up backstage..
  • ~~~Ed Ferrara asked what was that for, and Jim Cornette said, that it was for JR!

    Ohio Valley Wrestling and Ring of Honor
  • Jim Cornette helped create Ohio Valley Wrestling, which would be used as a developmental system for the WWF/E..
  • July 26, 2002: Jim Cornette's mother, Thelma, passed away at the age of 68 after a long battle with Cancer -- RIP..
  • August 9, 2003 - ROH: Jim Cornette made an appearance in Ring of Honor and recieved an amazing response from the crowd!
  • ~~~Jim Cornette was named the newest member of The Prophecy (an Anti-ROH faction) by Chris Daniels..
  • ~~~~~AJ Styles & Homicide w/Julius Smokes defeated Chris Daniels & Danny Maff w/Jim Cornette & Allison Danger..
  • ~~~~~After the match, Jim Cornette shook hands with Styles & Homicide so the Prophecy attacked Cornette!
  • ~~~~~~Somoa Joe & Amazing Red ran out to make the save | Jim Cornette then cut a promo praising Ring of Honor..
  • ~~~The story was that Jim Cornette began not respecting the ROH product, but changed his mind by the end of the night!
  • ~~~Jim Cornette finished the night off by leading a thunderous "ROH! ROH! ROH" chant..
  • November 1, 2003 - ROH: Jim Cornette made his 2nd appearance at ROH, managing The Briscoe Brothers to Tag Team gold!
  • ~~~Jim Cornette was paid a whopping $1500 for this appearance in which took place in Elizabeth, New Jersey..
  • May 2004: Jim Cornette is suffering from an enlarged voice box, caused by his years screaming as a manager and commentator..
  • October 2, 2004 - ROH: Jim Cornette & The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton, Dennis Condrey & Stan Lane) three hour Q&A..
  • December 4, 2004 - ROH: Jim Cornette faced off with Bobby "The Brain" Heenan in the "Great Managerial Debate"..
  • ~~~Jim Cornette praised Bobby Heenan, before turning heel and telling Heenan to DIE and let him be #1 for a change!
  • ~~~TAG MATCH: Colt Cabana & Jimmy Jacobs w/Bobby Heenan defeated Roderick Strong & Jack Evans w/Jim Cornette..
  • ~~~~~~The match was rightfully over-shadowed by the Jim Cornette vs Bobby Heenan antics outside of the ring..
  • January 8, 2005--Carolina Championship Wrestling: RnR Express b Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton w/Jim Cornette in a Cage match..
  • January 29, 2005 - WrestleReunion: The RnR Express & The Fantastics beat The Midnight Express (Condrey/Eaton/Lane/Cornette)..
  • February 26, 2005 - ROH: Colt Cabana & Nigel McGuinness w/Bobby Heenan defeated Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer w/Jim Cornette..
  • May 10, 2005: Jim Cornette was given a "leave of absense" from his duties at OVW - Tommy Dreamer and Lance Storm will fill in..
  • May 17, 2005--OVW TV Taping: Jim Cornette explained he would not be back until he had full control of Ohio Valley Wrestling..
  • June 14, 2005--OVW TV Taping: Jim Cornette said he was back and revealed that it was Kenny Bolin who tried to get him fired..
  • July 2005: Jim Cornette reportedly slapped a wrestler backstage after laughing during an "serious" angle on Television..
  • July 1, 2005--OVW Six Flags: Team OVW w/Jim Cornette defeated Team Bolin w/Kenny Bolin..
  • ~~~Team OVW (Nick Dinsmore/Elijah Burke/Brent Albright) defeated Team Bolin (Mike Mondo/Ken Doane/Blaster Lashley)..
  • July 8, 2005: WWE decided to release Jim Cornette from his contract and relieve him of his OVW duties..
  • ~~~It should be noted that Jim Cornette remember apart of OVW, but was removed from his creative roll (replaced by Paul Heyman)..
  • August 20, 2005--NWA Legends Convention: The RNR Express beat Midnight Express w/Cornette with Tommy Young as referee..

    Ring of Honor
  • October 2, 2005 - ROH: Jim Cornette was announced as the NEW Authority Figure in Ring of Honor..
  • October 15, 2005--Christian Wrestling Entertainment: Matt Morgan (managed by Jim Cornette) squashed Timmy J and Jet Asher..
  • November 19, 2005--Tribute to Starrcade: Brad Armstrong/Jeff Hardy/Jerry Lawler beat Dennis Condrey/Bobby Eaton/Jim Cornette..
  • January 2006: Jim Cornette suffered a back injury when he fell down the stairs and had to cancel his ROH appearance..
  • March 5, 2006--Legends PPV: Bob & Scott & Brad Armstrong w/Bobby Heenan beat The Midnight Express w/Jim Cornette..
  • April 22, 2006 - ROH: ROH's Jim Cornette & CZW's John Zandig had a debate which ended in a big Interpromotional match..
  • ~~~Team CZW (Chris Hero & Necro Butcher & Super Dragon) defeated Team ROH (Samoa Joe & B.J. Whitmer & Adam Pearce)..
  • April 28, 2006 - ROH: Jim Cornette cut a promo on CZW and wanted to call them chickens, but didn't want to insult the chickens..
  • April 29, 2006 - ROH: Jim Cornette announced that he needed knee surgery and appointed Adam Pearce as Deputy Commissioner..

    Total Nonstop Action - The Public Face of TNA Management
  • June 18, 2006 - TNA Slammiversary: Jim Cornette debuted as the Public Face of TNA Management vowing to clean up TNA..
  • ~~~In the main event: A 5-WAY King of the Mountain Match ended in controversy and Cornette ended up holding up the World Title!
  • June 22, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Jim Cornette came out and declared the NWA World title vacant and would make a decision next week..
  • July 15, 2006 - Ring of Honor: Jim Cornette cut a severely anti-Vince McMahon promo and trashed the new ECW on Sci-FI..
  • ~~~Jim Cornette was heavily involved in the ROH vs CZW Cage of the Death match and issued a whipping to Homicide afterwards..
  • August 3, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Jim Cornette held a "Team Meeting" and booked some matches for the Hard Justice PPV and next week..
  • August 31, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Jeff Jarrett led a horrible in-ring segment with Jim Cornette ordering a Lie Detector Test next week..
  • September 7, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Jeff Jarrett failed the Lie Detector Test and found out he'd face Samoa Joe at No Surrender..
  • September 14, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Jim Cornette held a town meeting with the ring surrounded by fans who wanted revenge on Jarrett..
  • September 16, 2006 - Ring of Honor: Jim Cornette has turned into a heel Commissioner and is hell-bent on destroying Homicide..
  • September 22, 2006--NWA Wrestle Birmingham: Dennis Condrey w/Jim Cornette beat Jeff Jarrett w/Ronnie P. Gossett by DQ
  • September 24, 2006 - TNA No Surrender: Jim Cornette announced a new prime time for TNA on SpikeTV and the signing of Kurt Angle!!
  • November 4, 2006 - Ring of Honor: Jim Cornette fired Homicide -- but insteaded ended up getting himself fired by the end of the night!
  • November 16, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Jim Cornette interviewed the MLB World Series MVP from the Louisville Slugger Museum...
  • November 23, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Jim Cornette wanted to strip LAX of their Tag Team titles but they had a lawyer that prevented it!
  • December 11, 2006 - TNA Turning Point: Jim Cornette did an in ring segment with World Series MVP David Eskstein for publicity..
  • December 14, 2006 - TNA iMPACT: Jim Cornette replaced Don West on commentary for one night after Kurt Angle took out West..
  • March 15, 2007 - TNA iMPACT: Jim Cornette announced the captains for the Lethal Lockdown match at the Lockdown PPV..