[Jazz Gallery]
Wrestler: Jazz
Real Name: Carlene Moore Begnaud
Birthday: August 27, 1976
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Marital Status: Married to Rodney Begnaud
Height & Weight: 5'4" - 140 lbs.
Trained by: Rod Price
Debut: 1998
Previous Gimmicks: Jasamine
Finishing Move: The Bitchlock
Favorite Moves: Jazz Stinger
Jazz Stretch
Bitch Clamp
Fisherman Buster
Running Splash
Sitout Over Shoulder Powerslam
Notable Feuds: Jason
Trish Stratus

  • WWF Woman's title ();
  • NWA Cyberspace Woman's title defeating April Hunter (June 24, 2005);

  • In The Beginning
  • Carlene Moore was attending college on a basketball scholarship when she dropped out to get a job and earn money..
  • Carlene Moore was approached about training to become a wrestler and went to a wrestling school in Louisiana run by Rod Price..
  • Carlene Moore had her first wrestling match against Jacqueline..
  • Carlene Moore was just six-months into her training with Rod Price when she got a job with Extreme Championship Wrestling..

    Extreme Championship Wrestling
  • Heatwave 1999: Jazz pinned the "World's Sexiest Man" Jason after hitting the Jazz Stinger on a steel chair..
  • Anarchy Rulz 1999: Jazz beat Tom Marquez via disqualification in Villa Park, IL.
  • Guilty as Charged 1999: Jazz, Chris Chetti & Nova defeated Simon Diamond, Danny Doring & Road Kill..
  • Harcore Heaven 2000: Jazz answered Lou E. Dangerously and the Dangerous Alliance's open challenge..
  • ~~~Jazz was attacked by the Dangerous Alliance but Kid Kash eventually saved her from the onslaught..
  • Heatwave 2000: Jazz was in Tommy Dreamer's corner when he faced Justin Credible for the ECW title..
  • July 28, 2000 - ECW on TNN: Jazz attacked Lou E. Dangerously, Blue Boy and gave Jasmine St. Claire a powerbomb!

    World Wrestling Federation
  • September 2001: Jazz signed a two-year contract with the WWF..
  • November 10, 2001 - WWF House Show: Jazz debuted against Lita, in a losing effort..
  • ~~~After the match, Alliance Commissioner William Regal announces to the crowd that Jazz is the newest member of the Alliance..
  • Survivor Series 2001: Jazz made her official debut as the mystery opponent in the WWF Women's title match..
  • January 7, 2002 - RAW: Jazz sneak attacked Trish Stratus on TV setting up a WWF Womans title match..
  • January 14, 2002 - RAW: Jazz defeated Jacqueline to earn a WWF Women's title shot at Royal Rumble..
  • January 28, 2002 - RAW: Jazz, Chuck Palumbo & Billy Gunn defeated the APA & Trish Stratus in a mixed tag match..
  • February 4, 2002 - RAW: Jazz defeats Trish Stratus for the WWF Womans Title..
  • February 25, 2002 - RAW: Jazz defeated Molly Holly to retain the title..
  • February 28, 2002 - Smackdown!: Jazz & the Dudley Boyz defeated Lita & the Hardy Boyz..
  • March 11, 2002 - RAW: Jazz & Stacy Keibler defeated Trish Stratus & Lita..
  • March 21, 2002 - Smackdown!: Lita & Trish Stratus defeat Ivory & Jazz..
  • Wrestlemania X-8 - Toronto Skydome: Jazz defeats Trish Stratus & Lita in a Triple Threat match for the WWF Womans Title..
  • April 2, 2002 - Smackdown!: Jazz defeated Ivory to retain the title..
  • April 21, 2002 - Backlash: Jazz defeats Trish Stratus to retain her Womans Title..
  • April 22, 2002 - RAW: Jazz & Molly Holly defeated Trish Stratus & Jacqueline..
  • April 29, 2002 - RAW: Jazz faced Bubba Ray Dudley for the WWF Hardcore title but ended up leaving with Steven Richards..
  • May 1, 2002: Jazz defeated Jacqueline with the STF submission hold in Cologne, Germany..
  • May 6, 2002 - RAW: Jazz defeated Trish Stratus in a no disqualification match with help from Steven Richards..
  • Shortly after, Jazz suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in her left knee..
  • May 13, 2002 - RAW: Jazz is defeated by Trish Stratus for the Womans Title..
  • ~~~After the match, Jazz is then powerbombed through a table by Bubba Dudley to explain her upcoming "absense"..
  • May 15, 2002: Jazz has anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery and the doctor is happy with the procedure..
  • Jazz attacked Trish Stratus at the WWE Divas Undressed special with her crutch, knocking Trish out of the competition..

    World Wrestling Entertainment
  • January 27, 2003 - RAW: Jazz returns to the WWE, and wastes no time attacking her former enemy, Trish Stratus..
  • Febuary 3, 2003 - RAW: Jazz makes another appearance and beats the hell out of Molly, then engaging in a staredown with Victoria..
  • February 5, 2003 - OVW Taping: Jazz & Linda Miles defeated Nikita & Jackie Gayda..
  • February 10, 2003 - RAW: Jazz defeats Molly Holly with the STF..
  • Febuary 17, 2003 - RAW: Jazz & Victoria defeats Molly & Jaqueline - Afterwards, Jazz & Victoria slap eachother while grinning..
  • March 10, 2003 - RAW: Trish Stratus & Jazz face off in a #1 Contenders match, but Victoria attacks both divas 20 seconds in..
  • March 30, 2003 - Wrestlemania 19: Trish Stratus defeats Victoria & Jazz in a triple threat to capture her 4th Woman's title!
  • April 7, 2003 - RAW: Trish Stratus defeats Jazz to retain, but Jazz's foot was on the ropes during the pinfall..
  • ~~~Jazz later joins Teddy Long's group, consisting of Jazz's real life husband, Rodney Mack..
  • April 14, 2003 - RAW: Victoria & Jazz defeat Trish Stratus & Ivory when Jazz pinned Trish..
  • April 27, 2003 - Backlash: Jazz defeated Trish Stratus to win the WWE Woman's title!
  • May 18, 2003 - Judgment Day: Jazz defeats Jacky, Trish Stratus & Victoria in a 4way to retain the Womans title..
  • June 2, 2003 - RAW: Trish Stratus, Ivory & Jacky defeated Jazz, Victoria & Molly after Ivory pinned Jazz!
  • June 9, 2003 - RAW: Ivory & Trish Stratus defeated Jazz & Victoria when Ivory pins Jazz again!
  • June 16, 2003 - RAW: The Dudley Boyz & Ivory defeated Rodney Mack/Chris Nowinski/Jazz when Ivory pinned Jazz!!
  • June 30, 2003 - RAW: Jazz loses the Woman's title in a battle royal as an easy way to get the title off her due to injury..
  • Janaury 12, 2003 - RAW: Jazz & Molly beat Trish & Lita; Jazz attacks Trish; Jericho makes the save! Mark Henry attacks Jericho!
  • February 16, 2003 - RAW: Victoria & Trish Stratus defeated Jazz & Molly Holly when Victoria pinned Molly!
  • February 23, 2003 - RAW: Victoria defeated Molly Holly, Lita & Jazz in a 4-way elimination to capture the Womans championship!
  • March 15, 2004 - RAW: Victoria & Lita defeated Molly Holly & Jazz after Molly had her wig ripped off and she ran away!
  • May 10, 2004 - RAW: Victoria & Nidia & Stacy Keibler vs Molly Holly & Gail Kim & Jazz (Gail made Victoria tap out)..
  • August 9, 2004 - RAW: Stacy Keibler & Nidia & Victoria defeated Molly Holly & Gail Kim & Jazz..
  • October 19, 2004 - Taboo Tuesday: Jazz participated in a "School Girl" Divas Battle Royal (Won by Trish Stratus)..
  • November 4, 2004: Jazz is officially released from her World Wrestling Entertainment contract, which was a total shock..

    Independent Circuit
  • January 16, 2005--NAWA in Arlington, Texas: Jazz was at the show and gave wrestler Robert Evans a stinger..
  • February 5, 2005--NWA Cyberspace: Tracy Brooks beat Cindy Rogers (Jazz and April Hunter did run-ins)..
  • April 23, 2005--PCW (Texas): Claudia vs Jazz ended in a NO CONTEST | Claudia & Jazz beat Robert Evans & J.T. LaMotta..
  • April 30, 2005--NWA Cyberspace: Jazz & Cindy Rogers defeated Tracy Brooks & April Hunter..
  • June 10, 2005 - Hardcore Homecoming: Jerry Lynn defeated Justin Credible w/Jason (Jazz stopped Jason from interfering)..
  • June 24, 2005--NWA Cyberspace: Jazz defeated April Hunter to win the Women's title....
  • July 30, 2005--NWA Cyberspace: Jazz defeated Nikki Roxx...
  • August 21, 2005--NWA Cyberspace: Jazz defeated Tracy Brooks in a woman's match..
  • ~~~Later on: Rodney Mack beat Slyck Wagner Brown in a Street Fight when Jazz hit Brown with her car..

    Dirtysouth Championship Wrestling:
  • Late 2005: Rodney Mack and Jazz open up Dirtysouth Championship Wrestling in their native Louisiana..
  • December 16, 2005--Vince Russo's Ring of Glory: Rain defeated Jazz..
  • December 17, 2005--DCW Holiday Havoc: Jazz defeated Hank in an intergender match.
  • January 21, 2006--NWA Cyberspace: ODB & Jazz & Cindy Rogers beat Aerial & Tracy Brooks & Talia in an Elimination match..
  • February 25, 2006--Downsouth Championship Wrestling: Jazz defeated Nick Bondage in an intergender match
  • March 3, 2006--UWF: Mark Jindrak & Jackie Gayda defeated Rodney Mack & Jazz..
  • March 24, 2006--Downsouth Championship Wrestling: Nick Bondage & Mustang Mike defeated Retro Thibodeaux & Jazz by DQ..
  • April 6, 2006--Women's Extreme Wrestling PPV: Jazz defeated Lacey | Jazz defeated Passion...
  • April 22, 2006--Downsouth Championship Wrestling: Jazz defeated Roxy w/Austin Rhodes. ...
  • May 11, 2006---DCW: Jazz defeated "Outlaw" Andrew Dalton
  • May 20, 2006---DCW: Jazz defeated Roxy w/Austin Rhodes
  • June 3, 2006---DCW The Fight Is On: Jazz defeated Nick Bondage to win the brand new DCW Louisiana State title.
  • June 4, 2006---DCW Knock Down Drag Out: Jazz defeated Tony Vega to retain the DCW Louisiana State Title..
  • ~~~This was her last DCW match before returning to ECW. She has promised to come back to her home in DCW.

    World Wrestling Entertainment - ECW's Resurrection:
  • June 7, 2006 - WWE vs ECW: Mickie James defeated ECW's Jazz to retain the Women's championship..
  • June 24, 2006--APW Chick Fight 5: Jazz defeated Simply Luscious (1st Round) | Jazz defeated MsChif (2nd Round)..
  • ~~~~NIGHT TIME SHOW: Cheerleader Melissa defeated Jazz in the Finals to win the Chick Fight 5 Tournament..
  • July 1 & 2, 2006--ECW House Shows: Kelly came out for a strip tease. Jazz attacked her. Mike Knox made the save!
  • July 29 & 30, 2006--WWE/ECW House Shows: Francine beat Kelly Kelly in a Bikini Contest (Jazz attacked both Vixens after the match)..
  • September 23, 2006--DCW: Jazz & "Pitbull" Rodney Mack defeated Mercury & Passion in a mixed tag team match...
  • October 7 & 8, 2006--WWE/ECW House Show: Jazz defeated Trinity...
  • January 18, 2007: Rodney Mack & Jazz were released (along with a lot of others) from their WWE contracts..