Wrestler: Jay Youngblood
Real Name: Steve Romero
Birthday: 1955?
Marital Status: 6'0 - 240lbs
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Previous Gimmicks: Renegade (JCP)
Finishing Move: The Flying Tomahawk
Favorite Moves: Flying Ax Handle
Standing Tomahawk chop
Notable Feuds:

  • Canadian Television title defeating The Destroyer (June 27, 1982);
  • NWA (Mid-Atlantic) World Tag Team titles w/Ricky Steamboat ();

  • Wrestling:
  • Jay, Mark & Chris Youngblood are Steve, Mark & Chris Romero and are the sons of Ricky Romero..
  • June 27, 1982: Jay Youngblood defeated The Destroyer in the finals of a Tournament for the Canadian TV title..
  • October 17, 1982: Pvt. Jim Nelson defeated Jay Youngblood to capture the Canadian Television title..
  • Jay Youngblood went under the persona of the "Renegade" during his final months in JCP, often teaming with his brother Mark..
  • Early 1985: Jay Youngblood competed in the AWA, Florida & Memphis areas..

    The Death of Jay Youngblood:
  • September 1, 1985: Jay Youngblood dies tragically while touring the South Pacific..
  • ~~~Unconfirmed reports say that Jay suffered the ruptured spleen in a tag match with Mark against The Sheepherders..
  • ~~~After he was helped backstage, he suffered a series of heart attacks..
  • ~~~Jay was 30 years old..