Name: Jack Tunney
Real Name: John (Jack) Tunney
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Lindsay, Ontario
Marital Status: Married to Ann (Deseased)
Partner: Patricia Zownir

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  • Jack Tunney is the nephew of long-time Toronto Promotor Frank Tunney..
  • 1983: Jack Tunney took over the Toronto Promotion, and cut ties with Jim Crockett and aligned with Vince McMahon's WWF..
  • 1984: Jack Tunney sold control of the Toronto Booking office to Vince McMahon Jr, and became a member of Vince's administration..
  • September 1984: Jack Tunney became the on-air "President" of the WWF, but he was actually the WWF Promotor for Canadian tours..
  • ~~~This is the position that is currently taken by Carl Demarco..
  • July 12, 1995: WWF President Jack Tunney resigns and retires..
  • Janaury 24, 2004: Jack Tunney passes away at the age of 68 in Lindsay, Ontario..