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Al Bold Eagle
Allan Iron Eagle
Alere Little Feather
Aztec Joe
Billy Jack Strong
Billy Red Cloud
Billy Rolling Thunder
Billy Two Eagles
Billy Two Rivers
Billy White Wolf
Bobby Bold Eagle (1)
Bobby Bold Eagle (2)
Bobby Red Cloud
Bobby White Feathers
Buddy Silver Wolf
Bull Ramos
Charlie Norris
Cherokee Warrior
Chief Big Heart
Chief Black Eagle
Chief Crazy Horse
Chief Chewacki (1)
Chief Chewacki (2)
Chief Don Big Kettle
Chief Kit Fox
Chief Little Eagle
Chief Little Wolf
Chief Thunderbird
Chief Thundercloud
Chief Thunder Mountain
Chief War Cloud
Chief White Cloud
Chief White Eagle
Chief White Owl
Chief War Eagle
Chief Saunooke
Chris Youngblood
Dalip Singh
Dances with Dudley
Danny Little Bear
Don Eagle
Don Red Cloud
Don Running Bear
Frank Hill
Giant Singh
The Great Khali
Indio Guajardo
Jerry Brisco
Jack Brisco
Joe Lightfoot
Jean War Eagle
Jay Strongbow
Jay Strongbow Jr.
Jay Youngblood
Joe Lightfoot
Joe War Eagle
Jules Strongbow (1)
Jules Strongbow (2)
Little Beaver
Mark Youngblood
Melanie Little Deer
The Navajo Kid
Navajo Warrior
Princess Little Cloud
Princess Little Dove
Princess Torah Tomah
Ray Littleturtle
Ricky Romero
Sandy Partlow
Steve Gatorwolf
Steven Little Bear
Suni War Cloud
Wahoo McDaniel
Winona Little Heart
Woody Strode

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